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Posted: August 27, 2012 by St. John in 2012-13
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DFB Pokal Logo

Finally, after three years I think, we made it to the next round of the DFB cup. As you all know thinks are not running pretty smooth for St. Pauli and this is obvious after our first appearances. The boys in brown will have to give a lot of rough fights in the field this year in order to keep the team in the second league (lets be realistic, we need a BIG miracle in order to get promoted).
The good news is that we easily won the first round and broke a three year tradition that wanted us out of the DFB cup.

For those that are not familiar on how things work in the DFB cup competition here are some facts…

The German football cup was founded in 1935 (Tschammer-Pokal) and in 1952 changed its name to DFB-Pokal. DFB format changed a lot through the years. The current status is that 64 teams are participating. All 36 teams from both Bundesliga and Zweite Liga along with the first four teams from the 3rd League are qualified automatically. The remaining slots are given to the regional cup winners.

DFB Pokal Trophy

The teams split in two pots of 32 teams each. The first pot contains all amateur teams along with the teams that just promoted to the 2nd league. The second pot contains the remaining teams from the two professional leagues. This way each amateur team plays a professional team at home for the first round.
On the second round the winning teams are divided again in two pots. This time the two pots do not have to be of equal size. All amateur teams are paired with professional teams for a home match. The pairing of the remaining teams is random with the first drawn team playing at home.
For the remaining rounds, the pairing is random and the final match is always held at the Olympic stadium in Berlin.

The DFB-Pokal cup winner is automatically qualified to the UEFA Europa League competition. If the winner is already qualified for the UEFA Champions League via Bundesliga, then the losing finalist gets the spot to the Europa League.

Unfortunately, St. Pauli never won this competition (fucking Hamburg won this shit three times) but I personally do not give a fuck about it. Maybe this is our year J…

A post will follow with all the kinky details about our next opponent for the DFB-Pokal, Stuttgart. Until then… cheers and best of luck for the boys in brown.

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