Matchday 4: FC Sankt Pauli – SV Sandhausen 2-1

Posted: September 2, 2012 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2012-13
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Finally victory (and good football 🙂 )…

yesterday (source:

2 weeks ago (source:

The contrast between the two pictures above says pretty much the whole story. Maybe the Boys In Brown were awake after last week’s fiasco, maybe the opponent’s level allowed us to perform better, maybe a little of both. What matters is that yesterday finally FCSP managed to get the first win of the season again SV Sandhausen (on  Captain Fabio Morena’s return) and not only did this but practiced some attractive football as well 🙂


First images from Millerntor with Scum people slightly numb but sharing a slight belief that “what the hell, something’s gotta give today…”, teams entering the pitch with the USP coreo (birthday coming up!) covering the entire Südkurve as background, glasses full and game on the way… Both teams started with some pace and SV Sandhausen being the ones having the first chance of the game on 6′, with Löning missing (unguarded) following a corner-kick and ball ending up by Tschauner’s left junction. NO PENALTY 2 mins later on Daube’s dramatic collapse (shame on you boy 🙂 ) inside the guest box. Apparently Dennis figured it out for himself and decided to try football instead – on 12′ he tried our first good shot, from the left flank by the box and facing the net with a quite difficult angle. Another attempt by Kalla without causing much worries to the opponent but generally an FCSP squad pushing and trying for something in quite a contrast with the Cottbus demise… Almost the shock on 20′ when a quick SV Sandhausen counter attack had Fießer as final recipient who tried a direct volley right in the heart of the box but Tschaunerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr was there and prevented what could have changed the flow of the match! From this point until the end of the half, pitch started leaning towards the guest side…  13m Bruns shot just over the bar on 25′, another try from Bartels on 27′, another one from Mohr (42′) and pressure escalating, something that turned SV Sandhausen’s into a holocaust-zone towards the last minutes of the half… 44′: Corner by Daube, 5m unguarded header from the goal-box by Thorandt and keeper Ischdonat intervened just enough to deviate the ball towards the cross bar!!! On the rebound, new shot from Bruns outside the box, Ischdonat again to a corner – AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! Fortunately half-time whistle came in time to restore some of our vital life support systems back in normal condition 🙂

HT activities not quite about FCSP 🙂 (Source:

All the expectations occured during half time based on the last minutes of the first half were fully rewarded, as the second started in the same manner: 47th minute – HELL ON EARTH! Boll shot, Ischdonat deflects the ball at the very last moment in front of Ebbers, Bartels brings the ball back in parallel to the line just to end (after an undefined to the Scum deflection) again into Ischdonat’s grasp! Scenes of terror at the store also with people reaching their bald heads in vein for hair to pull, whispering unintelligible stuff 🙂 Kalla shot (after some skill exhibition within the box actually!) on 54′ again stopped by Ischdonat! Corner on 55′ passing in front of EVERYBODY 1m from the line! Guests, having already survived these 15 minutes of horror, regrouped somehow and the following quarter progressively turn to a more “equal” game with SV Sandhausen earning some space on the field and some half-chances for both sides until…71′. Corner deflected to Fin Bartels (just into the penalty area) who lifted up the head, aimed and fired for the goal at Ischdonat’s right corner!!! 1-0!!! The joy almost turned to grief 3 mins later, when a quite organized SV Sandhausen attempt resulting to a goal (Klotz) was called of by the referee due to offside (a right desicion after taking a look at the replay). Counter-attack for FCSP 2 mins later – Saglik, to the right to Bartels, back in the center to Ebbers and, just like downtown, 2-0 with color on Scum people faces restored 🙂 Not for long though since after 7 minutes, lots of substitutions and another chance (Funk 82′), visitors scored with Pischorn (unguarded as usual) nailing easily FCSP defence for the 2-1. The remaining 10 (including injury time) agonizing minutes were played almost entirely on our side of the field but without the guests being able to create any real threat. Relief arrived in the form of full-time whistle – first win and (after a while) lots of what football is (also) about – thrill 🙂

Source:, Foto: dpa, Christian Charisius

OK, let’s not get overjoyed here… YES, finally a win but not an easy one and against an opponent just up from Liga 3, YES, some creative football but still problems on defense… The really good news is the confidence that this result will bring back into the team in view of the real test coming up in 2 weeks: the trip to Köln (B-a-a-a-a-a-a-a!!!). These guys, supposed to be a favorite for promotion, seem to be in a very very BAD condition. A win vs FCSP is something desperately needed not only for the points but for “prestige” reasons as well and, if happens, it’s expected to low down a lot the high pressure that both squad and trainer (Sorry Stani 😦 ) are currently under. Remains to be seen if we’re going to do them the favor or we’re going in 2 weeks, play football and (IF possible) give a KICK-ASS lesson to our (not so hospitable!) hosts 🙂

Fabio Morena:

After Ralph Gunesch, another FCSP beloved hero returned home… Talking of course, about Captain Fabio Morena returning as an “opponent” to the place where he flourished for 9 years. Nothing more to tell that haven’t already been told on Fabio and the reasons behind his (and not only) departure from the club. I suppose that what all of us will keep from yesterday (including the Captain himself), are his pictures after the match, making with the family the round of the field under standing ovation, pictures that we unfortunately lost due to end of TV coverage but found today at the Kiezkieker. Stay tuned for more FCSP heroes returning to Millerntor…

Match goals:

1:0 Bartels (71′, Right shot)

2:0 Ebbers (76′, Right shot, Assist: Bartels)

2:1 Pischorn (83′, Header, Assist: Schauerte)

Spectators: 21045

Sankt Pauli cards: N/A (good work once more!)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:


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