Matchday 5: 1. FC Köln – FC Sankt Pauli 0-0

Posted: September 18, 2012 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2012-13
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Thank you Philipp…


The Boys in Brown managed to grab somehow a point at Köln. Quite unfair result for the hosts (lost BIG chances), quite lucky for us, thanks to the excellent night of Philipp Tschauner. If we want something some additional positive staff to keep from the game, let’s suit ourselves with the fact that, with our mediocre-to-bad performance, we gave some (probably precious) time to Stani


Game started with the familiar scenario: first 5′ FCSP looking in control (actually there was a 20m attempt from Daube on 2′) and then…TERROR! First opportunity for FC Köln on 6′ with a Bigalke 25m shot deflected by Tschauner. 7′: An FC Köln attack that made our defensive line looking like the National Greek team one on USA ’94 World Cup (!?!?!?!) ended again at the legs of Bigalke right in front of Tschauner but the Keeper, extending the left arm, managed to save the upcoming goal!!! Again Tschauni was there 2mins later to save a 30m shot from Bröker. FCSP somehow managed to survive these 5 minutes of artillery fire and the next 5-10 mins of constant besiege and with 20 minutes on the clock started balancing the game a little. Actually on 28′ we made our first serious visit to the opposite side of the pitch with Saglik finding Ebbers (250 Liga 2 games!) but our forward unable to finish. Nothing really remarkable until the end of the half except an off-side situation for the host on 35′ (correct) and a half chance by Boll on 37’…

Nice one (probably after a Köln chance): Stani simply can’t believe what he just witnessed while Schubert on the background looks quite cool – probably pleased by our performance or THINKING – who knows? 🙂 (source:

The first serious incident of the 2nd half wasn’t a chance for one of the squads but Fabian Boll’s injury (no opponent involved) on 49′. At the moment this is written, his condition is not known – Captain get well (very) soon! 53′: Counter-attack for the hosts – last recipient Chihi on the left side of the big box but again nooo problem for the Keeper 🙂 Good chance for FCSP on 56′ with Bartels trying a really good 20m shot ending just outside (well guarded one way or another) Horn’s corner. He actually tried again from within the box some 3′ later but this time was easy stuff for Horn…  Hosts started gaining again control and possession with FCSP lookin’ quite happy with the draw. New chance for the hosts on 62′ with Bröker shooting just over the crossbar after some surfing inside our penalty area… FC Köln continued pushing and creating minor situations with FCSP  playing a pathetic role in the game… until 73′ when the “impossible” (talking yesterday!) almost happened when Bartels with a brilliant pass found Saglik ready to strike, right into the killing zone but his attempt for a direct shot ended with the ball bouncing smoothly into Horn’s arms… Into the last 10 minutes of the game, the hosts pushed with everything they had but Tschauner was always present to clean up the laundry with one exception, on 83rd minute, when he was beaten from close distance by Bröker but last standing man Florian Mohr saved the point right on the line… this was actually the only dead serious occasion occurred. No further red alert situations until the end and game finished with the slightly deceptive 0-0…

We finally survived the Wrath of the Goat 🙂 (source:

Are we happy with the result? The way the matched turned out, at least  Scum is happy. FC Köln was a better team in the field and seems (judging by the game) that sooner or later will leave the danger zone – 1pt adds the sum to 6 and puts us somewhere under the middle of the table – not bad comparing to the 2 pts that our opponents have…

The tricky thing is that our next opponents, FSV Frankfurt have neither a shiny name nor a Goat…but they have 11 points already and seems that this season they bite bad… After Monday, directly Friday and with the Captain uncertain, this seems like an even more dangerous mission. At least 1 point required, in order to stabilize our position somewhere in the middle and secure our place in Liga 2 because…seems that we expecting good (H$V) company next year 🙂

Match goals:


Spectators: 45200

Sankt Pauli cards: N/A (3rd or 4th time this season – thumbs up!)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:


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