Matchday 7: FC Sankt Pauli – VfR Aalen 0-1…

Posted: September 25, 2012 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2012-13
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Picture above (taken from Clockwork Orange of course) is the only one able to describe Scum feelings watching (we have said it before but this time is for fuckin’ real…) the worst FCSP since 2005 being HUMILIATED in the field by VfR Aalen… Forget kinky stuff about H$V coming to town next year…we have to secure Liga 2 first…


We were prepared for all posible outcome but noone could even imagine that we were about to watch an FCSP SOOO fucked up… (especially in front of a RED-HOT Millerntor but…) First half? Just an Ebbers 25m shot on 7′ answered by a  Reichwein similar situation on 14’…ABSOLUTELY NOTHING until injury time and the usual fucked-up-defense-after-a-corner-kick goal by Hübner

You know what is this, right? (source:

Second half? Guess what… a squad looking like a dead person cardiogram until the closing 10 minutes… The only exceptions to a football insulting game, came up by our guests… A shot by Barth JUST over the crossbar on 61′ and (YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS) an incredible opportunity on 75′ with Tschauner saving the second in front of Klauß – what’s unique? Tschauner running for the rebound and getting it from Klauß, with our 2 defenders in the box, watching STILL… Saglik’s entrance on 77′ came like a fresh breath, and the guy created our first opportunity after 77′ (!!!) minutes, forcing Fejzic to a brilliant save on 84′ and repeated the effort one minute later, this time by a free kick, with a similar outcome… Comma situation until injury time (93′) when VfR Aalen got (as expected by the game flow) a penalty (Bartels – correct)… Valentini missed, sending the ball on the crossbar and on the counter attack Ginczek missed after a personal onslaught – fuck it, after all we didn’t deserve it…

Run Andre, run…

Adore him… We’re not football experts, we’re just football fans – kept our opinions for ourselves until last May, when shocking facts about what was happening behind the spotlights came to life. We stated our clear opinion back then and we repeated it one week later, upon Morena’s departure. Twice is enough though (we’re FCSP fans after all – and it’s more about dealing with life attitude than dealing with failed coaches – even if they are… fuckin’ forget it…) and, as season started we embraced the (almost unknown to us) new team. Seven matchdays later, these are the team results: A supposed “Coach” on his second year (after getting the credit using Stani’s team and losing play-offs on the goal difference, and dissolving the team later due to the “need for adjustments”) unable not only to win once-upon-a-time suitable opponents but unable at the same time to show a team just playing PLAIN & SIMPLE FOOTBALL… Probably it wouldn’t matter anyway, if (since today) the Liga 3 nightmare (financially wise at least)  wasn’t (even theoretically) visible at the end of the tunnel… Fellow FCSP fan, before you start laughing, you should probably consider how many teams worse than today’s FCSP you have watched this season so far…

To the administration: SCREW YOUR FUCKIN’ EGOS AND PERSONAL POWERTRIP AFFAIRS, it’s not a joke anymore, do you need another relegation to get it???

Away DERBY with Jahn Regensburg coming up on Friday…

Match goals:

0:1 B. Hübner (45+1′, Right Shoulder (YES!), Assist:  Aydemir)

Spectators: 20932

Sankt Pauli cards: Ginczek, Bartels

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

  1. evoulino says:

    και λίγα του είπες

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