Newcomer… Robin Himmelmann

Posted: October 3, 2012 by St. John in FCSP Players
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Newcomers are here to stay!!!

There are not many things I could find about Robin since he is too young to have a “big” name yet, but here are some clues about his football career so far…


Robin is one of the newcomers for St. Pauli. He was born in Moers on 05/02/1989 and at a young age he joined his hometown team SV Scherpenberg and started his career as a goalkeeper. In the summer of 2004 (after a crossover from TV Asberg) he joined SV Straelen for one year and then VfL Repelen until 2006. Without breaking his habbit (changing team every year), he joined FC Union Solingenuntil 2007 when he made his first serious steps in Rot-Weiss Essen. After three years in a row, he moved to Schalke 04 until July of 2012 when he joined the boys in brown with one year contract.

Except his appearances on the field (very few according to recent history) he also appeared on a sport documentary called “Mainly football – young professionals on the way to the game” (not sure if this is the exact translationJ). The plot of the documentary is about the everyday life of young soccer players and the effort they have to put in order to become successive.

Having P. Tschauner and B. Pliquett on the roster it is difficult for Robin to get a chance for showing what he is made of. Hopefully, sooner or later, he will find his way to success.



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