Matchday 9: FC Sankt Pauli – 1. FC Union Berlin 2-2

Posted: October 6, 2012 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2012-13
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Black clouds over Millerntor…

(OK, overall things are not so grim but the provocative title fits perfect with the cool picture 🙂 )


This actually wasn’t a bad game at all. Actually it was probably the second time this year (maybe the first was at Frankfurt), that FC Sankt Pauli was (at least during certain periods of the game) really fun to watch. On the other hand we had the respected club of 1. FC Union Berlin that really helped towards a quiet entertaining game for everybody to watch! So, what the fuck is the problem? The only problem is that Sunday afternoon will probably find us, for the first time this season, well into the relegation zone…


Third consecutive FCSP Friday (Scheiß DFB &!!! ΓΑΜΩ ΤΗΝ OTE TV!!!) found the Scum correspondant taking this time alone the somehow long way to the München bar. The usual outdoor accomodation, the usual football chat with the local people, a “be ready to witness ANYTHING” feeling, the usual impressive Südkurve coreo (this time with the Pirate ship sailing and sinking some bad guys!) and kick-off with FCSP actually quite in mood, besieging the opponents box during the opening minutes but without creating any serious opportunities. First visit towards our site on 10′ with a 20m shot by Nemec ending up some 2-3m over the crossbar. As soon as our guests spread themselves a little in the field, opprtunity arised: 14 minutes into the game, quick counter attack, perfect ball from Schachten to Saglik all alone in front of Haas and shot to their left post – AAAAAAARRRGHHH!!! Right on the next minute, new (long this time) shot by enraged Saglik, well saved by Haas to a corner… As usual, our guests proved themselves more effective… New warning shot for Union (clearly oriented towards artillery tactics) by their captain (and 88mm weapon) Mattuschka deflected to corner on 19′ – he was far more lucky on 21′ when, after making a move outside the box guarded by two pairs of FCSP eyes, fired a rocket that poor Philipp didn’t have a snowball-in-hell chance saving for the opening goal… 0-1 – can’t be – this is plain Hell… This must came quite as a shock to the team as well… The clock had to point on 38′ in order to see something coming up by the Boys in Brown – this was a counter attack with the ball going from Saglik to Schachten this time but the ball ending ungloriously quite over the crossbar…another long  Saglik attempt on 40′ without causing much worries for the guests was the last remarkable moment of the first half…

Oh yeah!!! (source:

Game resumed in style – GOAL for FCSP by Mohr (2nd this season after matchday 2) with a fine header (again) between two Union defenders after a Kringe corner kick!!! Exciting game for the next 20 minutes. Not very big opprtunities (except one good counter attack for the guests with Nemec wasting the ball over the crossbar) but quite a pace. How do you define good pace on a football game? Simple, when the pace has reached a level that DOES NOT ALLOW YOU to visit the visible toilet and get rid of the beer no matter how bad you want to do it… Held myself, waiting in vain for a substitution but on 68′ became obvious that my time is out…As soon as I returned, one minute later (69′), the first thing I watched, was the replay of Bartels’ goal on a screen, and the first thing I heard was the voice of the FCSP-fiendly-coleague-at-work that had joined me in the meantime, saying “Greg, get back in the fuckin’ toilet!”  Coooool 🙂 Quite a mood developed at the bar aided by a litltle Union mess-up in the field and a good chance on 76′ when Haas screwed up and passed to Bartels but the shot ended wide over… And right at the point that we started believing that a win finally is almost at grasp here, came the shock on 83’… after a Thorandt clearance on a Terodde shot, ball ended up to… (oh, no!) Mattuschka (you guessed right). This time the guy tried a direct volley that poor Philipp (for real this time!) barely had time to see even if tried, with the ball going bullet-speed for the equalizer – what a Kill… A few low-danger-shots from both sides was the only remaining action in the game…

Squad celebratin 2-1 (source:

Oooh man… we needed this game and we actually deserved it the way we played. OF COURSE there were weaknesses, of course the team (which came cery close getting dissolved) has a long way to go but yesterday FCSP reminded for the first time the squad of previous seasons, the squad that sometimes does not even give you the time to pee 🙂 Yes, I think impressions were overall quite good. On the other hand, these were 2 points that were much needed. The reason is simple: This result combined with tomorrow’s ones (Erzgebirge Aue vs Jahn Regensburg and SV Sandhausen vs VfR Aalen) may well position us between 15th and 17th (!!!) place… Yes, we have a new coach and yes, it’s probably too early to really worry – the 2 month winter break can fix A LOT of things – all these well respected but still… which was the last time that we got ourselves in such a position?

Next game is Sunday for a change and FCSP is visiting SC Paderborn 07! This is going to be TOUGH! It’s definitely not a 3-pointer in the season-planning notebook but we don’t have the luxury of missing them light-hearted. This time actually there’s an additional motive: PUNISHMENT!!! Yes, punishment for getting rid of Andre Schubert and passing him to us with the known to everybody disastrous consequences!!! Is this not enough??? Go get ’em you Boys in Brown!!!

A wonderful weekend to everybody (yes, even Schubert!) 🙂

Match goals:

0:1 Mattuschka (21′, Ground missile, Assist: Terodde)

1:1 Mohr (48′, Header, Assist: Kringe)

2:1 Bartels (69′, Right shot, Assist:  Ginczek)

2:2 Mattuschka (84′, Air-to-air missile)

 Spectators: 20000 (too round to seem right…)

Sankt Pauli cards: SchachtenGinczek

For full match coverage (in German) visit:


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