News: “Secure Stadium Experience”…

Posted: October 10, 2012 by Zouz in News
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The big attention towards the Gegengerade Police station probably hasn’t allowed our proper focus on another story going on these days. The “Secure Stadium Experience” DFB/DFL project…


Probably, most of you have already heard about the latest DFB/DFL initiatives, towards a new football the way THEY imagine it… Project Kick-off (took place July 17th) produced this draft document that will be used as a base during later “development” phases. It was signed by all Bundesliga and Liga 2 clubs, with the bright exception of  1. FC Union Berlin… A lot can be said on the issue but instead of, more or less, repeating what’s already (and probably better) been told and repeat the usual revolutionary Scum stuff ( 🙂 ), we prefer to redirect you to a piece at Magischer FC blog, which actually was one of the reasons that the issue got again our attention.

The other one, was the distribution of the full document to all the FCSP fan clubs by the Fanladen. For anybody, interested to study it in full detail (we can’t 🙂 ), and haven’t already noticed the first link above, it’s available here.

This is getting somehow serious… Not only because of the usual DFB/DFL efforts to further commercialize German football but because of the active involvement of OUR administration in this story and particularly FCSP Vice President, Dr. Gernot Stenger as well… As very wisely the guys from Magischer FC noted, the forthcoming Annual General Meeting comes at a very good timing…


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