Scum shit! Secret Friendly: FC Sankt Pauli – Athletic Bilbao 1-0!!!

Posted: October 12, 2012 by Zouz in Scum funny / jerky stuff

Top performance at the secret Athens friendly!

Most people think that this week is only about national team football… well they’re terribly unsuspected and unaware… The few Athens fans aware though, were lucky enough yesterday to participate to the most triumphant International FCSP win ever! FC Sankt Pauli 1 – Athletic Bilbao 0 after a game not for the faint-hearted… 🙂

Of course, the presence of a German football team in Greek soil, even for a friendly game, raised enormous questions regarding security… As result of this, no TV or Press coverage was allowed… ONLY THE MIGHTY Scum correspondent made it through the inconceivable Security measures and got the ONE and only historic shot before the kick-off… 🙂

The Boys In brown, wearing the 2nd white 2009-10 outfit, looked the Mighty opponent right in the eyes and forced him into a run-and-gun game, something that paid off, towards the end of the first half , where the only goal of the game was achieved… Tactics went off during the second half, anybody could win it, but the strong man-to-man defense made finally the difference for FCSP. Triumphant win, celebrated gloriously by the fans with a Huge Weed-Pyro coreo after full time 🙂

Oh man, it’s so fuckin’ fun, especially when you don’t do it often 🙂 Respect to the St. Pauli Athens Club San Fransisco crew(!!!) for the initial idea 🙂

…and a bonus shot from the FC Milan – Blackpool FC double elimination massacre (Blackpool 1-2 on aggregate!) that took place earlier 🙂

  1. Azzz says:

    Crazy motherfuckers!!

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