Matchday 10: SC Paderborn 07 – FC Sankt Pauli 1-1

Posted: October 22, 2012 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2012-13
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Squad Status: Online


Eventhough FCSP “failed” to leave with the 3-pointer from Paderborn, the first Frontzeck-era test should be considered as a success. Yesterday, we watched FCSP being finally a proper team in  the field against an opponent that for sure would kick our ass in majestic way 2 weeks ago and claiming the victory instead of trying to steal it. Yes, the overall result is good – we deserved win here – even beloved Deniz Naki’s equalizer will be kept as a sweet and (very) sentimantal moment to remember…


A lot of anticipation before the match. The reason was natural curiosity about the “new” face of FC Sankt Pauli squad in the field along with the high criticality of the game. Autumn rain in Athens but a Spring-like majestic Sun at Paderborn with a nice Football atmosphere and FCSP fans on the guest block holding posters with drawings of  Deniz Naki on the front and the number 23 on the back. Very good vibes to begin with and not in vain as game kick-off followed by the most impressive FCSP strating 5 minutes that we have witnessed this season! 2 minutes in the game Bartels onslaught from the left flank, pass to Schindler in the middle and the ball just over the crossbar. New run by Bartels, on the right this site, low cross into the Paderborn, PANIC inside, ball somehow to Ginczeck, shot to the post and out – AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! Scene repeated on 5′ with Bartels this time starting from the axis and ball, after some chaos again, ending just over the crossbar by Ginczeck this time wi9th a header. Interesting local highlight the arrival of the rest of the Scum crew (all together, all delayed!) on 6′ and their puzzled look trying to explaind the madness in my face 🙂 Game on, with FCSP besieging the hosts – new opprtunity on 15′ with Lukas Kruse (Paderborn MVP) clearing to corner a Kringe shot and another on 24′ with (OUR MVP) Bartels trying the same thing with the same outcome… consecutive corners, consecutive besieging, no goals though, and with half an hour in the game, hosts started somehow controlling the pace… FCSP though had again the final word on the first half with a 25m Ginczeck deflecting on the wall and passing JUST over the crossbar with Kruse watching still… Clean sheet first half but a very good footbal spectacle to watch!

We DON’T forget… (source:

Second half on the way – 48′ minutes into the game, Kringe onslaught from the right flank, beatiful deep cross right in the heart of Paderborn’s defence to find Ginczeck who killed Kruse with an equally beatiful header! Fuck me! GOOOOAAAAAAL!!!! 0-1 for FCSP and everything starts looking sunny despite the gloomy weather here 🙂 The squad looked unstoppable while the hosts, dazed and confused ( 🙂 ), were just trying to hold their ground. INCREDIBLE save from Kruse on 52′ responding to a well tuned Ginczeck curvy shot! FCSP went on pressing and seemed to us that this time finally something had to give – not because of the score but because of the FCSP simply staggering performance uup to this point… Crazy Deniz Naki’s entrance on 61′ signaled the beginning of the hosts efforts to get back into the game. SC Paderborn progressively gained ground and start pushing a little. Two consecutive crosses deflected by Tschauner didn’t worry anyone (at least at our table 🙂 ) but one minute later arrived the shock: Naki played twice the 1-2 combination, to end up all alone and simply execute Tschauner for one of the best tactical goals of the season. A goal that was immediately followed by a very warm applause from the FCSP fans while Deniz (who of course didn’t celebrate the goal) was lookin quite touched inside the field (more on this after match report)… Still, after this moment of sentimental puzzlement (at least for us), we were still coninced that we can (and we would) regain the lead… FCSP started gaining ground again but the next opportunity was again for the hosts on 79′ when Tschauner, successfully responded to Hofmann’s shot by saving to a corner just by his right post. Closing minutes of the game, FCSP in full attack Paderborn in full retreat – 2 mins into injury time, apocalypse scenes in the host defensive area, ball ending up to Daube right outside the penalty area facing directly the net, shot saved to corner with an impressive Kruze effort. Last corner, ball succesfully thrown away by the Paderborn defense, ball ended up to Bartels who tried from 30m but (guess who!) Kruze was there again saving his team from a last second shock. Whistle immediatelly followed for the final 1-1…

As they say, one picture can say more than a thousand words… Deniz Naki after the equalizer… (source:

Are we happy? “Normally”, we shouldn’t – squad lost a dozen of goals and lost victory after the one out of two only opportunities that the hosts created… Fuck Normal – we’re FCSP fans and WE ARE happy! Yes, we lost 2 extremely valuable points but the team played REAL FOOTBALL (do you hear that Mr. Schubert?). As long as there is a squad trying hard in the pitch and feeling the responsibility to wear the FCSP shirt inside the field, we will be there supporting, and if we’re going to fall playing such football, let it be 🙂

Was yesterday’s performance a product of work or luck (naahh…)? We will have the chance to discover, next Sunday where we are playing Dynamo Dresden at home. Oh yes, this definitely a derby – tough team, just 1pt above us on the table and a game that we MUST win (as we ought to yesterday 🙂 )… If we play like this… forget about it… Dresden doesn’t stand a single chance 🙂

Match goals:

0:1 Ginczek (48′, Header, Assist: Kringe)

1:1 Naki (71′, Right shot, Assist: P. Hofmann)

Spectators: 15000

Sankt Pauli cards: Ginczeck, Daube

For full match coverage (in German) visit:


Deniz Naki…

Deniz Naki today gave his answer to the Club who disprespected him (along with a long list of commited FCSP heros – we all know who they are) in order to provide coverage to a guy called…Andre Schubert for reasons already discussed along the way here… But for a guy like Deniz things seem that feel quite different. His moment, right after scoring while been applaused by the entire stadium, seemed to the Scum more like a scene from an Ancient Greek Tragedy than a payback scene… and if there were any doubts left to anyone, his spectacle talking to the press zone after the match with eyes wet, wiped them all out… We are feeling lucky and privileged that a guy like Deniz has been part of the FCSP Magic, not because of his football skills (adequate anyway) but because of his BIG FCSP Heart! We will not say for him what we said for our other FCSP heroes just for a plain and simple and reason… He is not a part of FCSP history yet because his story with FCSP is just not over – he’s quite young so we are just longing for the day that he will wear the brown and white shirt again and enter Millerntor under the sound of “Hell’s Bells” and we will be there, somewhere in the Südkurve,  shouting 🙂

Some “Sicheres Stadionerlebnis” update 🙂

We were quite pleased today reading 2 things:

  • the latest Hertha BSC announcement regarding the issue
  • the FCSR announcement for the official FCSP fan clubs – there is an automatic translated version below:

“Dear fan,

We have asked you to forward the following event announcement of ticks salon.


Information and Action meetings for DFL position paper “Secure stadium experience”
10.26.2012 / 20 clock Fanladen St. Pauli (Brigittenstraße 3)

Nice that the Ze­cken­sa­lon is back, even if the occasion not pleased. In general what is going wrong when the Ze­cken­sa­lon so is not afraid to fundamental criticism, argues for the supposedly lesser evil. But sometimes it’s like that, even if the critics of the system in my pet peeve.

Currently any case, even the crappy status quo is once again at risk and that the DFL with the kind help of our cheap Dr Stenger, a board member of the magic FC. This has the audacity to act together with other intellectual low-flying aircraft to bring a paper in the pipeline, which is capable of choking the last spark alive and active fan culture to be done. A fundamental criticism of this Shiszl already made the rounds, see eg here:

This paper endangers all that we hold dear, and it is at stake, what fills the FC St. Pauli and football in general with life. It is an attack on the people, for the football and Fandasein is more than entertainment, shallow distraction from the dull everyday robots and a money-making machine.

With populist security, control and fantasies of omnipotence are critical and active fan groups are destroyed, so the Football final on soulless, easily consumable product. Who fosters such developments may be my enmity at least be certain, even if personalized criticism is actually ass frn and the capitalist machinery behind such developments is, the focus of criticism.

What it is actually in the new security paper of the DFL is and what can we do, to be discussed at the next Ze­cken­sa­lon. Take back your club and your fucking life! DFB Fuck you!”

Oh yeah, things are getting really hot here and looks like the 26/11 AGM is going to be a milestone. We have a 2-front struggle currently going on here: first front against the outside “enemy” DFB/DFL, second against the “enemy from within”, unfortunately OUR OWN club administration which has truly embraced and actively supported so far the DFB/DFL initiative through Dr. Stenger’s active participation in the procedures. We probably can’t  do much on our own regarding the first front but there are plenty of things to be done towards the second. 26/11 AGM could be the perfect start…

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