Newcomer… Soeren Gonther

Posted: October 24, 2012 by St. John in FCSP Players
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Newcomers are here to stay!!!

Third newcomer this year for St. Pauli is the defender (right-back) Soeren Gonther. Soeren was born in Schrecksbach on 15/12/1986 and started playing football in the youth team of Jahn Treysa.


Pretty soon he moved to VfB Schrecksbach and after a stop in KSV Hessen Kassel he ended up in KSV Baunatal at the age of 18. After three years and many appearances in Hessenliga, Soeren moved to Paderborn to join the local team in the second division championship (Zweite Liga). His first appearance in the starting lineup with Paderborn, that actually turned him into a regular, was on 03/02/2008 on a match against Kickers Offenbach.

On 2008/2009 season he only appeared in 2 matches due to some injury problems but for the last two seasons he found his place back in the starting lineup. After 91 appearances, 13 yellow cards and five goals with Paderborn, he signed a two-year contract with St. Pauli on 23/03/2012.

Due to the huge defensive problems that the boys in brown are up against, hopefully he will help things turn better, if the new coach is willing to give him a chance.

Best of luck for Soeren


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