Matchday 11: FC Sankt Pauli – Dynamo Dresden 3-2!

Posted: October 29, 2012 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2012-13
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Just like good old times 🙂

Boys in brown with the Totenkopf after the 3rd (source:

Seems that we actually have a new team and coach after all… Second consecutive good game, AT LAST 3 points, no high class football this time but tremendous effectiveness and most of all a “never give up” attitude that turned the game upside down and reminded me my very first (and very emotional) Friday evening in Millerntor, some years ago, with a tremendous turnaround 3-2 from 0-2 vs fuckin’ Hansa Rostock, back at a time when Fin Bartels was still wearing the (horrible!) white and blue outfit 🙂


Trip again towards the North (DIE OTE TV, DIE!), fortunately with a couple of Athens Club guys, a total of 5 people, all sharing positive vibes but no one prepared for what was about to follow… Dynamo Dresden got slightly more determined into the pitch during the opening minutes of the game but without causing any major upset. Actually, the first major upset of the game was their opening goal on 18′ by Quali, after a fast played 1-2 from their right flank, getting in the box by the left, having already left Kalla behind and beating Tschauner in the finish. Said “ooops”, looked at the clock, decided that is still too early and comfortably continued watching… On 26′ though, Schuppan almost gave us the creeps, missing from a tight angle after a messy situation in our box, following a corner… What was missed by Schuppan , was achieved 2′ later by Poté who perfectly utilized Jänicke’s low poisonous cross and executed Philipp from 5m in holiday football mode for the 0-2… 32 mins gone in the game, Quali bypassed again Kalla like he wasn’t there at all, tried out of the box but this time Tschauner had the answer…and right at the point when things were looking really gloomy, FCSP decided to wake up! First shot to Heaven by Kringe on 37′ but at least a try… Things got somehow a little more serious (and we somehow awake from the defeat slumber) 2 mins later when Kringe (again – this time with a header) sent the ball again well over Kirsten’s crossbar… The REAL wake up call finally happened in the best possible timing – on 45′! Cross from the left by Gogia, ball to Fabian “Fuck The Police” Boll (?!? 🙂 ) into the box left to the penalty spot, perfect 180 degree turn-around (pivot-basketball-move), shot and goal for the 1-2!!! It’s too early to tell but this may be proven along the way one of the most valuable goals of the season…

Boller running back after the goal (source:

Boller’s finish created a lot of expectations during half time, and man what a pay-off this was! 49 mins into the game, corner from the right by Kringe and SUPERB header by Avevor for the equalizer!!! MADNESS followed by acquiescent smiles from the nearby tables 🙂 And before we even have the chance to realize the situation, 55th minute, onslaught along the axis by Boll and the perfect assist to Ginczeck for the 3-2!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! That was it! 3 goals in 12′ seems that there were just too much for Dynamo Dresden to handle…They tried to stabilize the situation, balanced the field, and tried to push forward towards the end of the game but without any serious result – the only notable occasion actually was a (correctly 100% – off side) called off goal by Daube, something that no one challenged anyway 🙂 Game ended in great relief not because of the Dynamo pressure (wasn’t hard) but because of the so-long-awaited win that finally arrived!

Frontzeck (followed by Azzuzi wearing a success look 🙂 ) relieved and applauded after final whistle (source:

Football wise, this was a poor but thrilling game! Not much football during the first half, even less during the second but it was one of the days that almost everything tried goes success, something that resulted to one of the most exciting FCSP afternoons of the last 2 (at least) seasons, a real “To Hell And Back” situation 🙂 FCSP wise, ooooh that was sooo needed! A very deep breath during a very critical phase of the tournament along with a (supposed to be at least) psychological push for the boys! It’s not only the “jump” to 13th from 17th place (is only 3 points after all) but the (natural) raise of confidence after overcoming such a situation…

What needed now is to calm down and get concentrated so we can further “capitalize” on what was built during the past 2 weeks – this is not overall a highly experienced team and sudden “arrogance” could suggest a great pitfall – hopefully a few old shoes have survived Schubert’s era and hopefully can keep things in place 🙂

Wednesday, we have an extra-bonus stage! Trip to Stuttgart awarded for our first after some seasons DFB Pokal Round 1 qualification! No great expectations except the obvious ones for a dignified appearance and some fighting spirit in the field. Whatever else the boys will bring back home it will considered an extra 🙂

And let’s not forget! Saturday, we ‘re going München! Strong squad, 6 pts ahead of us, theoretically still in the promotion chase and coming from a defeat at Cottbus – this seems like an explosive recipe… too early to tell though – many things can change in the meantime… One way or another, one thing is sure: this is going to be a FULL FCSP week 🙂

Match goals:

0:1 Ouali (18′, Right shot, Assist: Jungwirth)

0:2 Poté (28′, Right shot, Assist: Jänicke)

1:2 Boll (45., Rechtsschuss, Gogia)

2:2 Avevor (49′, Rocket header, Assist: Kringe)

3:2 Ginczek (55′, Right shot, Assist: Boll)

Spectators: 21045

Sankt Pauli cards: Thorandt

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

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