DFB Pokal, Round 2: VfB Stuttgart 3 – FC Sankt Pauli 0

Posted: November 1, 2012 by Zouz in 2012-13
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Fans can do a lot but (unfortunately) can’t do it all…

Hmmm… we may encounter a “slight” problem with this 🙂 (source: ultras.ws)

Yeps… the USP along with all the other FCSP allied fan forces had a quite easy evening yesterday at the Mercedes Benz Arena. About 3000 people were sounding, all along the game, louder than the entire VfB Stuttgart curve, we enjoyed the whole repertoire of FCSP Glorious chants loud and clear, we even had some spectacular highlights like the pyro above (which is expected though to create some “minor headaches”).  To make it even better, the boys were dressed in the lucky ( 🙂 ) and Glorious 2005-6 outfit! Well, seems that all this additional help was not enough against a really serious opponent that is at least one level above us anyway… VfB Stuttgart kicked our asses Bundesliga-style in the first half, ran on “maintenance mode” during the second and ended the match with a comfortable 3-0 that easily could be worse. However, that wasn’t in any case problem for the fans that didn’t stop partying even on the way home… Well, fans can’t do it all but with a crowd like this and a LITTLE help from the team, the season can be easily secured 🙂


Bad day for the Scum, absolutely no TV coverage at all and a funny network of isolated, spread around people watching football and shout on mobile phones 🙂 Good streaming secured, laptop plugged to the TV (the Jolly Roger Celtic style!) and kick off with FCSP actually controlling (wow!) the pace during the opening minutes. Very soon though was clear that this period was only the host team warm-up. Very soon VfB Stuttgart got full control of the game and play moved towards our penalty area. They actually got really close on 13′ when, following a Traoré corner kick, Rüdiger got the perfect header BUT Philipp “Leopard” Tschauner stretched all the way down to his left corner to save the ball, a save that was completed by Kalla. Hosts claimed a penalty on 18′ when Ibisevic shamelessly (“Asamoah style”…) dived in the box but ref correctly awarded him with the yellow card instead of a penalty. 3 minutes later though, the Leopard caught fully by surprise by Traoré who “hang” him (completely unguarded as usual) with a 30-35 m inspiration for the opening goal of the game… Took another 3 mins to VfB Stuttgart  to secure the game – Molinaro onslaught from the left flank (our right), deep cross, air challenge between Okazaki and Thorandt with ball ending to the feet of Ibisevic 5m in in front of Tschauner, to the right – he just aimed and fired for the 2-0… As many jokes as we shared about our clever tactics giving the opponent a 2-goal advantage and then taking him by surprise, we all knew that this was about over… A few more semi chances for the hosts and game was declared officially over on 41′ with a 3rd goal almost exact copy of the 2nd… Gentner made the onslaught, no intermediate stop,  Hajnal executed… First half score 3-0…

22 minutes into the game, 2-0… (source: sports.yahoo.com)

During second half our polite hosts clearly lift their foot of the pedal but this didn’t made them less dangerous. A very good opportunity with a Kuzmanovic free kick just over the crossbar on 54′, ALMOST the 4th with a double chance on 63′: First, Tschauner save by the left leg, responding to a Traoré finish, and Ibisevic missing from 2m but from a VERY tight angle… Our one and only moment on glory was on 69′ when after a tricky Ebbers high pass, Bartels majestically just pinched the ball, leaving Ulreich watching in agony and pain (!!!), but Guardian Angel Rüdiger saved the day right on the line… New opportunity for the hosts on 82′ when Molinaro (marching from the known to all side) was stopped (corner) by Tschauner and one of the same in the next minute with Kuzmanovic taking the shot and Tschauner deflecting to corner again but on the other side…Finally Hajnal aimed Tschauner instead of the net on 89′ and game concluded with a good looking 3-0…

For those who didn’t have enough 🙂 (source: news.yahoo.com)

Discussed about the fans, let’s talk a little about the team: FCSP simply did not existed yesterday and 3-0 is a good score taking under consideration what happened in the field. But before start moaning or making Halloween jokes at the boys’ expense, we should consider a few things:

  • this (at least to the Scum) is a brand new squad, trying to recover from a period that almost led to chaos…
  • this squad has already produced quite encouraging results in a very short period.
  • the sweet late 2010 times are over – we were facing a Bundesliga team, meaning a much better team, something that was clearly visible to anyone watched the game…

Yes, there are weaknesses on our right defensive wing even for the blind to see and the boys could approach the game a little more seriously but… shit happens 🙂 The short and sweet DFB Pokal 2012-13 trip is over one way or another and the real challenges are lying ahead. Visit to beautiful but slightly hillbilly redneck ( 🙂 ) Munich for a very difficult mission vs 1860 München. At last, an FCSP game covered by (Brain dead) OTE TV, hence a chance of return to our bizarre and beloved neighborhood venue! Hope that what we will see on Saturday will pay off for what we suffered yesterday 🙂

Match goals:

1:0 Traoré (21′, Left (looong) shot, Assist: Kvist)

2:0 Ibisevic (22′, Right shot, Assist: Molinaro)

3:0 Hajnal (41′, Right shot, Assist: Gentner)

Spectators: 26100

Sankt Pauli cards: Kalla

For full match coverage (in German) visit: http://www.kicker.de/news/fussball/dfbpokal/spielrunde/dfb-pokal/2012-13/2/1828628/spielbericht_vfb-stuttgart-11_fc-st-pauli-18.html


About a friend…

At the time this is written, Mike is flying (hopefully towards a new life) to San Fransisco. Mike, a member of  St. Pauli Athens Club (and not only!) has been (at least for the past 2 years) one of the most valuable colleagues on the common FCSP front. Not only one of the brightest guys in his club but one of the brightest young guys I’ve met throughout the entire scene during the last years. This may sound like the usual boring bye-bye chit chat, but the local FCSP fan scene won’t be the same without Mike and, when we say it, we fuckin’ mean it 1910%…

Well, local FCSP scene loses an invaluable comrade here but earns a brand new branch at the West Coast! We hope that everything will go well and as planned, and it will be a REALLY long time before we see him again in flesh 🙂



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