Matchday 12: 1860 München – FC Sankt Pauli 0-2!

Posted: November 4, 2012 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2012-13
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Back to Life, Back in business! 


It’s getting more and more evident, week by week, that something has changed here… The Scum is not in a position to tell  (yet!) if this is the work of Michael Frontzeck or just a result of  a mass “psychological” change following the release of his predecessor… What Scum is sure about is that 3 consecutive group performances and a constant improvement these 3 weeks (Hold your horses, Wednesday does NOT count!) just can’t be a product of coincidences… Yesterday, after the match, The General (one of the Scum best kept secrets!!!) started talking something about…promotion. I told him to shut the fuck up 🙂


Oh man, that has been really missed during the last 1-2 months… Greek Pay TV (Scheiß OTE!) broadcasting the game and a good percentage of Scum gathered together (recently ended up being more in the studio than at the games 😦 ) warming up for the match in our familiar environment and listening to the (same) commentator defining (for the -nth time!) FC Sankt Pauli as one of the most important footbal clubs on the Globe (!!!) with the Sun burning outside in Summer mode 🙂  This seemed tooo good to be screwed up by ourselves (the Boys in our case) and fortunately this time Scum didn’t had to swallow his tung 🙂

Game kick-off and ALMOST the opening goal for FCSP on 3′! Buchtmann found himself in front of Kiraly outside the penalty area (the old fox had already foreseen and managed to move quick) but instead of pretending and finishing (Kiraly had to watch for Gogia as well) preferred passing to the  left, giving time to Kiraly to heroically save Gogia’s shot! Opening minutes passed with FCSP still looking more aggressive than the Lions, something not quite excepted by the Scum 🙂 New opportunity on 10′ with Schachten getting the ball (result of a good cooperation between Buchtmann and Kringe on our left wing), entering the box from the left but the final shot ending up 2-3m off Kiraly’s far post… Corner for FCSP on 19′, ball ended up to Ginczeck who tried a volley from the opposite side that Kringe had tried earlier only to find the outside of the net… Payoff didn’t took long though – 27 mins in the game, new corner, ball initially thrown away by 1860 München defense only to end up at Schindler’s feet on our right wing. Deep cross by Schindler, header-assist by Ginczeck, immediate shot and GOALLLLLL by Bollllllllllllllllllll!!!! 0-1 with only FCSP existing in the field during the first half-hour of the game, into one of the most traditionally difficult to us stadiums…Hell yeah, this is how a fine weekend should be like! New chance on 34′ with ex-Paulianer Moritz Voltz saving to a corner on the very last moment a grab-and-score pass from Schachten, destined for Ginczeck. A Kringe 30m shot on 43′ without worrying Kiraly was the last notable moment of a more than satisfactory first half.

Booooooooooooolllllllll!!! (source:

Half time, relaxed stories about St. John’s growing appetite accompanied with live testimonies from Kleine Pause, some serious arguments on the issue ( 🙂 ) and 2nd half on the way! After the relaxing opening 5 minutes, our hosts almost equalized with their first up to then (and only as proven) chance of the game: Deep cross from the right by Bierofka, KILLING header by Lauth and goal saved by Phil “The München Birthday Boy” Tschauner who (on his 27th birthday yesterday) deflected the ball (probably with a little help from the crossbar?) to a corner with a marvelous effort 🙂 Just 2′ later though, game “locked up” by FCSP: following a Voltz erroneous header after an FCSP throw-in, Schindler got the ball, ran the entire right wing, hunted from distance by a few 1860 München (reminded me OUR defense – not yesterday though!) before entering the box to serve Ginczeck for the 0-2! A 2nd goal in a very decisive timing – that should do it 🙂 Kiraly saved the 3rd, on 57′, deflecting Ginczeck’s 1-to-1 finishing shot and actually getting the rebound – no further signs of life from the Lions within the field. No high pace football or big chances for the remaining minutes but an incredibly relaxed (and so badly missed!) feeling on our tables…having already secured the away win and just talking bullshit with FCSP taking care of business in the pitch 🙂 Actually next big chance was again for FCSP on 79′ with a double Kiraly (even though our fashion director strongly disapproves his “pyjamas”, you have already figured out that WE REALLY LIKE him, right?) save, first stopping Ginczeck (grrrrr!) and then blocking Kringe’s shot! A semi-chance for the hosts on 82′ with a Maier shot after a somehow messy situation in our box just off Tscahuni’s right post (with the keeper looking in control though) and full time whistle accepted in a general state of euphoria 🙂

Ginczeck after the 2nd (source:

This squad is looking just better and better. This time there was an additional add-on. Some relatively serious defending… Team was not only in control all along but didn’t gave any right with it’s defensive behavior to the opponent to create out-of-nowhere situations like the ones we have experienced a lot this season… But, as Harvey Keitel has already told back in 1994, “Let’s not start sucking each other’s dicks quite yet” 🙂 🙂 🙂 Yes, FCSP looked like Iron yesterday, but 1860 München on the other side was almost absent from the pitch… Maybe this has to do with our good performance at a certain level but seriously we expected a lot more pressure from a team that is usually very strong at home…this team (FCSP!) has still some work to do…

OK, we are not over- excited but we are generally excited!!! Squad seems moving on a good path, a few deep breaths have been taken away from the relegation zone, we heard even some rumors about the police station moving away from the new Gegengerade as result of the protests 🙂 In this good spirit and mood, we’re expecting VfL Bochum in 8 days from now – next Monday. These guys are not looking good, they’re well into the relegation zone, and actually at the time this is written, they are losing 0-1 to Enegie Cottbus at home (36′)…normally, we are not expecting problems but “normal” is something very relative within the Viertel… 🙂

To begin with, judging by Greek Pay TV’s habbits, Monday smells transmission – transmission means again our known venue – let’s hope that we will just resume the party right where we left it yesterday 🙂 Forza Sankt Pauli!!!

Match goals:

0:1 Boll (26′, Right shot, Assist: Ginczek)

0:2 Ginczek (53′, Left shot, Assist:  Schindler)

Spectators: 31500

Sankt Pauli cards: Buchtmann, Schindler

For full match coverage (in German) visit:



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