Newcomer… Florian Mohr

Posted: November 8, 2012 by St. John in FCSP Players
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Newcomers are here to stay!!!

Another newcomer this year is the defender Florian Mohr. Florian was born in Hamburg on 25/08/1984 and started playing football for SC Eilbek Hamburg until 1994.


His next stop was Concordia Hamburg where he managed to take the MVP crown for the year 2003. After 10 years he moved to Werder Bremen. In the next 4 years he never got a chance to prove that he deserved a spot in the senior team so he moved to SC Paderborn 07 where he found his place in the center of the defensive line. For the next four seasons he appeared 118 times as a regular and he scored 11 times.

In the summer of 2012, Florian moved back to his hometown Hamburg and joined St. Pauli by signing a 1 year contract which proved to be a clever move for St. Pauli. Florian found his place as a regular in the defensive line and apart from that, he found his way to the nets twice so far.
Until now, Florian is in good shape and he is helping the team any way he can. Maybe he deserves a spot for the next season although it is too early for the coach to make such decisions.

Best of luck for Florian


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