Matchday 13: FC Sankt Pauli – VfL Bochum 1-1

Posted: November 13, 2012 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2012-13
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Shit! (source:

There’s a Greek proverb saying “το έξυπνο  πουλί από τη μύτη πιάνεται”… Literaly this is translated as “You can always grab the smart bird from the nose” but this doesn’t seem to make any fucking sense 🙂 The actual meaning (more or less) is that when you feel over-confident about yourself  in certain situations, you ‘ll probably end up screwed up. This seems quite the case regarding yesterday’s mini-blunder vs VfL Bochum, a supposed 3-pointer that ended up as a slightly painful draw… The Scum says “no problem” – this squad learned somehow to play football – getting smart in the field is the next step – sooner or later we’ll get there 🙂


Monday game, handy for us since Monday means sure Pay-TV game broadcast here, different case for the USP though who unfolded a “Montag ist Kotze” (Monday is puke!) big banner protesting for Monday scheduled games (guys, next game is 3rd consecutive Monday – we’re exepecting something SPECTACULAR in Berlin 🙂 ). Cool atmosphere at the venue, a pensioner sailor describing his past experiences from the Reeperbahn Sex shops (terrified!) and the arrogant (due to the consecutive good results) Scum enjoying the situation, discussing anything than the forthcoming game –  a sure 3-0 win, according to my sorry ass 🙂

Game on, with FCSP in slight control but first good opprtunity for the guests – 6 mins into the game, right flank (left for us!) free kick, just outside the box (like a close corner but some 5m inside the pitch) from Iasvili almost caught everyone by surprise, ending just by the far post. 6′ later, our first BIG moment: (ex-Bochumer) Ginczeck dribbled everyone that got on his way before aiming at the left post in front of Heerwagen (ex-Paulianer for 6 months that didn’t made a single game – ask AS). Another good occasion with Buchtmann on 12′ and on 16′ Ginczeck succeeded where he had failed 4′ ago! He got the ball for Kringe, took his time entering the box OBSERVED by 2 VfL Bochum defenders and as soon as he got in, fired a right-foot missile to Heerwagen’s left corner for the opening goal! (He actually didn’t celebrated it as a sign of respect towards his former club).  1-0 for FCSP – everybody up!!! Game on and…nothing much until 32′ when, following a Tasaka’s left deep cross, Scheidhauer missed with the header 5m in front of Tschauner, wasting a good opprotunity for the guests who started pushing a little harder, creating a few minor situations until the end of the half with FCSP waiting somehow backwards… No worries for the Scum though, with FCSP ahead on the score and a good combination of whisky, tsipouro, beer on the table, sailing unaware in a sea of blissfulness 🙂

Thorandt executing his opponent with a fine “Tollyo Ahp Cha Ki” move (seems unintentional BUT how the fuck we missed this?) . He escaped the (yellow or red?) card, managed though to get another for dissent (5th – NO Berlin). Chill out a little Marcus 🙂 (source:

Second half resumed with FCSP somehow recovering from the claustrophobic syndrome of the 1st half and sharing control with Bochum – all this until 55’… Free kick by Iasvili (similar to the 6th minute occasion but somehwere between the box and the sideline), cross to the 1st post this time and goal…by Dabrowski’s back!!! Shit! 1-1 but with plenty of time on the clock… FCSP moved directly forward an took only 4′ until our first (after OUR goal) BIG opportunity. Sweet high deep cross from the left edge of the box by Bartels and a Ginczeck header that if was 1m lower and to the left, would be the 2nd… 17m Buchtmann shot on 64′ but with Heerwagen in full control of the situation. BIG one on 65′ with Ginczeck passing a very smart one to Bartels (just before the penalty spot) who shot directly under pressure only to send the ball straight into Heerwagen’s arms… 73 mins in the game – AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! Ginczeck, accepting an excellent gift from Chaftar dribbled even Heerwagen but ended far away and with a tight angle to the net, giving time to Eyjolfsson (1st goal Observer) to get between Ginczeck and the line… FCSP continued pushing but our guests weren’t about to throw away their 55′ lucky present… Next opportunity (not a real one actually) again by Ginczeck (worked extremely hard in the game, probably MVP but he needs lots of work on finishing chances ) on 80′ was actually the last one. For the remaining minutes of the game FCSP pressed hard but got nothing more than a few mini-panic-situations in the guest box without serious consequences…

Schachten, not quite pleased with the final outcome (source: (c) Getty images)

Not much to say this time – the “juicy stuff” has been written within the foreword 🙂 It’s a pitty though, losing games like this, especially when our place in Liga 2 is still far than secured. Anyway, as repeatedly has been written here, shit happens – heads up now because the next one is indeed a suicidal mission 🙂 We’re paying a visit to Hertha BSC, a well respected and friendly (for a variety of reasons) Club  but all this outside the pitch. Inside the pitch they are expected to be anything but friendly since, after a somehow slow start, they are moving locomotive-pace back to the first league and they don’t seem willing to stop voluntarely for noone… If you don’t believe the Scum, you can always ask SV Sandhausen – they collected 6 at home for the weekend 🙂

Fortunately, even if Hertha is 11 points above and a better team according to the facts, this is not the September FCSP squad. The odds are of course against us, but (Scum says) we may leave berlin defeated but in no way humiliated – and sometimes, games like these hide the most beautiful surprises – VORAN FC SANKT PAULI!!!

Match goals:

1:0 Ginczek (16′, Right shot, Assist: Kringe)

1:1 Dabrowski (55′, Back (YES, with the bloody back!), Assist: Iashvili)

 Spectators: 20788

Sankt Pauli cards: Kalla, Thorandt (misses next match)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:


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