News: Secure Stadium Experience 2.0…Hey! Wait! Where is Dr. Stenger?!?

Posted: November 15, 2012 by Zouz in News
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THEY ARE BACK!!! The DBF/DFL stroke back today with a renovated version of the known supposed-to improve-football-but-we-don’t-buy-it document! This looks like some quite interesting reading considering the forthcoming AGM 🙂


OK, if you ‘re not by mistake here, you already know the story. This is fresh stuff, published in view of their 12/12/12 (!!!) GM where there are supposed to take the next step towards the noble cause of cleaning modern football… haven’t read it yet. We prefer to get it directly out for everyone to see, just as our source Magischer FC did… Just for our collection, we copied and upload the entire document here! Doesn’t look very different with a first look but there is at least one thing that directly catches attention – check for yourselves!

This is really interesting, considering also Dr. Stenger’s LATEST allegations on the issue expressed already on the FCSP Web Site as well as the forthcoming AGM where there’s a request to be discussed regarding his dismissal… Hmmmm… turbulent times are coming – in the meantime, we have some reading to do and a match on Monday to play!


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