Matchday 14: Hertha BSC – FC Sankt Pauli 1-0

Posted: November 20, 2012 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2012-13
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Tough luck and a bitter (still 100% fair) defeat…


We got REALLY close but we didn’t make it… FCSP stood its ground for 85 minutes against an “enraged” Hertha Berlin and came THIIIIIIIS CLOSE snatching the draw in the dying moments of the game… All these were done though against a far better team (at least as proven during the 2nd half) and the final result shouldn’t be considered an unlucky one… On the other hand, the overall team performance against an obviously superior opponent along with the impressive support from the more than 7000 FCSP fans leave, at the end, a sweet taste out of  a bitter defeat 🙂


Third consecutive week in our local venue (yes we know, Scheiß SPORT1 🙂 ) along with some local pensioner support (!) and 1-2 faces not seen for sometime… Extra cool mood but this time having completely understood the difficulty level of the mission and prepared even for a disaster, smiling at the face of Death 🙂  Kick off (after a very touching moment of silence in memory of Alex Alves respected by the entire stadium crowd), within a BEAUTIFUL footbal atmosphere (amazing Berlin crowd!) and FCSP looking actually in control of the game during the opening minutes  – first chance of the game on 6′ for us: left flank cross from Gogia, header in the heart of the penalty area by oncoming Bartels and block by Hertha keeper Kraft. Hosts responded, regaining progressively control of the game – after 15′ the game started look even – after 20′ they started enforcing their order to the game… First near-death-experience on 25! Ndjeng shot out of the box and slightly to the right, ball deflected on Schachten changing course, only to be stopped by Philipp “LEOPARD FROM HELL” Tschauner (BLOODY MVP once more!) before deflecting to our far post to a corner! Silence of the lambs into the venue… 🙂 Constant pace increase by Hertha and a, more like a breath than an opportunity, “chance” with a 20m Kringe on 31′ causing no real worries to the keeper. Hosts in control and FCSP trying, when possible, to create situations, something that almost paid off on 40′! Following, a looong, deeeep, left free kick by Funk, Schachten jumped higher than anyone among a good crowd for a header that forced Kraft to a BIG save! Hosts on the foreground again: 43′ into the game, excellent left cross by Holland, 5m Ramos header for the opening goal and a COLOSSAL save by Tschauner something that repeated one minute later in a very similar occasion again vs Ramos! Half  time whistle accepted with general relief mixed with a belief that maybe we can steal something here 🙂

Jimmy Jump once more…this time Santa…if this was funny or had a meaning once, it’s not anymore…Strictly personal opinion: if you don’t get any money out of this (that’s NOT cool either…), go and get yourself a real life… (source:

Silly chat, new rounds of drinks, rehearshal scheduling, sticker distribution, tension down, ready for 2nd half! Kick-off again and, before 3′ pass (48′), new Hertha opprtunity: great teamwork from the left with the ball ending up to Kluge, assist to Ndjeng and another <write what you want here> save by Tschauner, this time with the right leg! Ongoing press by the hosts, lots of corners, more or less the ball practically in our half for the following minutes. Corner for Hertha again on 62′, Niemeyer, with a 5m header in front of the net, beat Tschauner this time but forgot Gogia who saved with his head another almost certain goal right on the line! After the first 20′ of Horror, the hosts started seem a slightly tired from the over-efforrt, substitutions occured and, with the expeption of a few not so dangerous visits, pace started calming down to our great delight. Hertha started playing less orthodox football, trying a lot with deep balls without any serious result while FCSP seemed like had already quit any 3pt ambitions… As the clock was ticking towards the final stage of the game, the known bunch of idiots (US!) started expressing true marbles of bullshit-wisdom like “there’s no way we will lose the match if they keep playing this way” or “it’s the appliance of the known law – they have missed so much, so in the end we’ll score in the counter attack and destroy them!” and so on and so forth… Hence, anyone can imagine the emphatic way that the hosts shut our mouths for good on 85′ with a…header by (64′ substitution) Sahar among 3-4 FCSP defenders… 1-0 for Hertha… Immediate transition from “despair” to “C’mon Boyz, WE CAN do it” like anyone was listening ( 🙂 ), and kick-off. FCSP directly full forward and chance on 89′ with Kraft (excellent performance as well), saving to a corner a deadly 18m corner shot by Kringe! Corner kick,  the equalizer Schachten header but ball was stopped somehow from Pekarik right on the line, before hits his right post and finally moves away – Torfabric (link removed 16/10/14 🙂 ), you fuckin’ Slut!!!!!! Nothing changed until full time, a few minutes later…

(bullshit cliche follows!) Contrast of feelings after Hertha’s winning goal (source:

A defeat yes, but a dignified defeat to a team that (at least at the moment – let’s hope that after the winter break, things will change) was proven better in all areas in the field. Squad fought, played (surprisingly, considering the list of absents) relatively solid defense (they were a lot of occurences but most of them didn’t happen due to unforced FCSP-style errors), tried a few times their luck forward and generally tried to get the best out of a very difficult, one way or another, game. If there’s one slight complain from the boys, is that they “respected” their enemy more than they actually should. Scum is talking about the 65′-85′ period when  Hertha Berlin seemed for a while like running out of steam – the team could try to be a little more aggressive instead of sticking backwards  and playing with the hosts against the clock. The Scum feels sad about the defeat but feels more or less quite satisfied with the squad, something that normally should apply to the more than 7000 FCSP fans, that for certain periods of the game, sounded louder like the entire Berlin crowd – well done boys and girls!

Next week back in the Viertel for a home game vs  MSV Duisburg. GUYS, THIS IS NOT AN EXERCISE!!! These guys are sitting right on the verge of the relegation zone but this means only 3pts below us and, taking under consideration OUR remaining 1st round schedule , if we don’t get the mandatory win, these balance could be easliy subject to change within a very short period of time… We have sweat our asses out to escape from the relegation zone, let’s not ruin it now. No points (and no hard feelings!) for Duisburg next week!!! Let’s get the job done and go (a bit more) relaxed home for Holidays!!!

Match goals:

1:0 Sahar (85′, Header, Assist: Pekarik)

Spectators: 39127

Sankt Pauli cards: Thy

For full match coverage (in German) visit:


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