Matchday 15: FC Sankt Pauli – MSV Duisburg 4-1!

Posted: November 26, 2012 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2012-13
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Cough, cough, vrooom, vrooom, vrooooooooommmm!!!

Mission accomplished! Squad may experienced a few injection problems during the first half but as soon as the machine started running in the second, match turned into a Horror Show for MSV Duisburg and into one of the coolest season FCSP afternoons for us 🙂


Once more up to the Nortern Melissia district (no fellow Scum comrade able to make it – we may have to move and rename ourselves to North End Scum in the end 🙂 ), but fortunately having a good number of FCSP Athens Club good old friends as company. Ideal conditions for the occasion, one of the last probably Sunny and not chilly afternoons of the year (unlike Hamburg – a rainy mess from a certain point and then!), was just up to the team to make it a perfect one.

Oh yes, this looks like a good one 🙂

Match on the way and, unlike our usual habit, opening minutes found FCSP slightly squashed in it’s half by our desperate for points guests, something that fortunately didn’t last for long. First notable occasion of the match (8′) was for FCSP, a Schachten header following a corner ended 1-2m over Müller’s left post. Second occasion was the tons of rain that started falling over Millerntor and the third one… guess what 🙂 Mess into the MSV Duisburg, something like a high cross from Bartels (kept the best from the second) and at the point where the ball seemed lost and out of bounds, Avevor caught up with the ball just in time and provided a direct perfect pass to Ginczeck who arrived first on the ball (just before Koch) and killed the entire MSV defense from close distance – Tor für FCSP!!! Our guests though were not about to give up without a fight – they tried to move forward and had their first opportunity on 25′ when Exslager got the ball from DaSilva and penetrated into the box from the left (hunted by Thorandt) but his weak finish was easily managed by Philipp. As the game was progressing, FCSP seemed to be in control of the game making more visits to the opponent end than our guests, and actually had another good chance with Ginczeck but his shot, just a little outside the left outer corner of the box, ended up 1m by Müller’s far post…and right at the point that we were about to start arranging our half-time peeing order, came the shock… Kern equalized with a deep cross from Hell (over 40m distance – left flank, right next to the bounds!) taking advantage of the absolute lack of communication between Tschauner (no “Philipp” now Greg???) and Kringe, into the first minute of injury time and sent the two squads tied to the locker rooms…

A message (to Dr. Stenger probably?) from the Sankt Pauli Mafia – don’t forget that today is AGM day! (source:

FCSP reentered the pitch far more determined and made our intentions known to our opponents already on 47′ when Ginczeck had a direct volley shot (into the box to the right) just over the opponent’s crossbar. 6′ later we had the first BIG chance of the 2nd half. Gyau direct shot, JUST outside the box facing directly the net, but Müller saved at the very last time, managing to keep track of the incoming ball despite the big crowd that was blocking his sight – exceptional! As the clock was ticking, FCSP was increasing the pressure more and more – finally pay-off came in 65′ and what a pay-off that was! Excellent FCSP combination, Ginczeck chest pass to Buchtmann from the left flank and direct sweet curvy cross to unguarded Air Bartels who adjusted position on the air for the classy finishing touch – 2-1 for FCSP! And, like all this wasn’t enough, MSV suffered another fatal blow on 67′ with the second Pamic yellow card, leaving them (unintentionally of course 🙂 ) with 10 men in the field… a somehow harsh ref decision, according to the Scum that probably had some consequences at their morale as well… at least, this is the only way to explain their walking-defense style 7 mins later (74′) when Bartels (again!), after an excellent left flank Gogia ball, penetrated and scored his 2nd of the day, Wednesday-morning-training-style! 3-1 for FCSP and this started seem like it couldn’t be lost anymore! Bartels lost a BIG opportunity for the hat-trick on 78′ and match ended somewhere there… The score probably would remain the same until the end but HUNGRY (entered the field on 82′) Mahir Saglik had a different opinion… 89′ into the game, another good combination, this time from the right, precise Daube cross to Saglik who took his time stopping the ball, aiming and finishing between the stumbling MSV defenders for the final 4-1 🙂

AIR Bartels 🙂 (source:

Are we happy? Of course we are! BIG win,  good football, especially during the 2nd half, along with 3 badly needed points which puts us (along with our friends, Union Berlin) into the vacuum between the “Never mind the bollocks” zone (places 5-10, pts 24-20) and the relegation one (bottom of the table, 14-10 pts). This may not be a big luxury but gives us time to catch a breath and face the forthcoming SUICIDAL mission (read below) without any serious stress 🙂

Next game is on Wednesday (yes, you read right, it’s a mid-week match-day) at… Braunschweig where local Eintracht is waiting for us with their kitchen equipment sharpened for the occasion 🙂 These guys have made an incredible season so far until this week where they lost big at Cottbus both the 3pts and the unbeatable record so far… This looks more like a good motive for them and, taking under consideration point differences and (mainly) both teams’ overall picture so far, this looks like a serious FCSP-butt-kicking candidate 🙂 It’s in the boys hands, to capitalize on our good morale, our constant improvement, and to the possibility of an “arrogant” match approach on behalf of them, and provide them with a useful lesson (for the next year in Bundesliga 🙂 ) that they will never forget!!!



Good lack to the boyz on Wednesday – FORZA FCSP!!!

Match goals:

1:0 Ginczek (18′, Right shot, Assist: Avevor)

1:1 B. Kern (45′ + 1, Right shot)

2:1 Bartels (65′, Right AIR shot, Assist: Buchtmann)

3:1 Bartels (74′, Right shot, Assist: Gogia)

4:1 Saglik (89′, Right shot, Assist: Daube)

Spectators: 21054

Sankt Pauli cards: Ginczek (5th – misses next match), Bartels, Thorandt

For full match coverage (in German) visit:


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