Matchday 16: Eintracht Braunschweig – FC Sankt Pauli 1-0

Posted: November 29, 2012 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2012-13
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It’s Alright 🙂


When you’ re facing the best (so far) team of the league at their home, being butchered down to 10 men by an INDESCRIBABLE referee but still have the guts to play for the win, risking a total humiliation, you deserve respect. No misunderstandings here: a) referee wasn’t enemy – was just incompetent, b) we could steal the win in the end, but if weren’t Lady Luck, Tschauner and an incredible Braunschweig inability towards scoring, we could leave the pitch with a hard-to-believe score on our backs… STILL, behavior (not performance) of the team inside the field can be only considered as a classy one – it’s alright boys 🙂


The worst possible conditions for the Athens fans (both us and our Athens Club pals) – absolutely no coverage (even Sky signal scrambled at the Northern venue) and a bad match schedule on a working day, turned today’s game to an “everyone for himself) laptop project… At least, streaming was at a good quality level for the match, hence we avoided the summer friendly live ticker humiliating situations 🙂

Match kicked off in an awkward silence as result of the non-activities (no support for the first 12’12”) by both organized fan cores (and almost all organized fans over the country), in protest for the DFB/DFL “Sicheres Stadionerlebnis” WC quality initiative, an issue that everybody reading this blog, should be quite familiar by now… I don’t think that these are the stadiums that the vast majority of football fans wants in Germany or the kind of show that DFB/DFL/Sky/SPORT1 want to put on their selves as a selling good… Maybe, some of these gentlemen, should try considering such a PERMANENT situation before start talking loud again on 12/12…

Hosts’ contribution to the protest (source:

To the game: after the first not-so-easy Davari’s intervention to a Schindler (not 100% sure!) header on 2′, Eintacht Braunschweig installed properly themselves around our box. A few  situations for the hosts (Kruppke 9′, Kumbela 12′ – doubtful off-side), a good shot  by Boland deflected by Tschauner to a corner on 14′ and the and the punishment on 17′: Corner kick-from the left flank, classic messy situation, ball ended up to Kumbela just on the right edge of the penalty area and he finished with a poisonous shot, right in our opposite corner… 1-0 for the hosts and, like this wasn’t enough, the RIDICULOUS expulsion of Fin Bartels on 22′ deprived the team of almost any chance facing and play the opponent with equal terms… Surprisingly, Bartels’ send-off KILLED the entire game for the remaining first half. The hosts, very confident about themselves, got into maintenance mode while FCSP was struggling to balance the game under the new terms. NOTHING mentionable until the end of the first half…

Kumbela among happy teammates (source:

2nd half resumed the same boring way the 1st one concluded. First occasion of the game after…59′ when a Gianluca Korte (supposed to be) cross from the left deflected to the outer first post before going off bounds… From this point, Braunschweig started increasing the paste, regardless of the pace-stopping substitutions, and had their next major opportunity on 71′ when Ademi, stood on his feet instead of falling down (Scum says thumbs up for the guy!) for a 100% certain penalty, while being hanged, drawn and quartered by Thorandt, before wasting the chance to the sky… Two questions here: what was happening a) inside the referee’s and b) inside Thorandt’s head??? FCSP, regardless of the handicap in numbers, didn’t stay in a pathetic role. We had actually a Gyau goal (correctly – Avevor offensive foul on Davari) called off only 1min late, started gaining ground regardless the odds, to get for good into the game on 81′ when balance in numbers was restored after 2 yellow cards in 3 minutes for Kessel (Bravo!). In the closing stages, the game became fuckin wild! FCSP immediately started pressing – had an opportunity with a Schachten header just over the crossbar (82′) and for the remaining minutes moved forward with everything the boys had, leaving defense vulnerable to the appetites of the hosts. HUGE chance for Braunschweig on 88′ with Ademi, ALL ALONE in the surprise (?!?) counter attack being stopped by Tschauner before Vrancic misses the rebound shot! Ademi repeated the achievement on 93′, missing under similar conditions in front of well positioned Tschauner again. Nothing more for them, nothing more for us, final score 1-0…

Fin Bartels, unlucky figure of the match, leaving the field… (source:

A defeat, reminding a lot the Hertha game but under tougher circumstances. Tougher opponent and worst conditions thanks to the FIFA-joke-of-the-month referee made this, along the way, a game very difficult to get anything out of it… Still we got some… Squad’s attitude towards the game AFTER the opening nightmare turned out a cause for pride as well as a very promising sign for the future on the other – AS days are over for good! This squad doesn’t give up anymore 🙂 The big loss? Fin Bartels… of course the Club can still appeal the decision but…

Anyway, Wednesday’s gone, Saturday’s coming! 3rd out of the 3 promotion favorites, FC Kaiserslautern is coming to town at the closing of the first round. Tough game and too soon, but these guys seem a little LESS stable than their rivals as this week’s home draw vs Jahn Regensburg implies 🙂 This seems like a game where everything can happen. Scum hopes for 77’48” of FULL fan support and 90′ of hard FCSP effort in the pitch – with these 2 ingredients in place, we MAY have a well cooked FCK meal for Saturday!

Match goals:

1:0 Kumbela (17′, Right shot, Assist: Kruppke)

Spectators: 21400

Sankt Pauli cards: Bartels (RED – 1st of the season for FCSP), Schachten, Avevor

For full match coverage (in German) visit:


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