Matchday 17: FC Sankt Pauli – FC Kaiserslautern 1-0!

Posted: December 2, 2012 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2012-13
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Cliche but still true: “This is Millerntor!!!” (If you have any better explanation, please provide 🙂 )



WHOAAAAH! This was sooo sweet and sooo bizarre at the same time! A willing, motivated and (above all) lucky FCSP, went through absolute Hell into the opening minutes of the game, to survive, recover, snatch the game and leave FC Kaiserslautern in the end wondering what the fuck did actually went wrong here…


Football Saturday with the Scum core, in front of the big venue screen, waiting for a game that could turn up into anything from a majestic win to a total disaster but slightly oriented (and actually happy with that) to the possibility of a precious (one way or another) draw. Kick-off in silence from the organized fans due to the known to everybody by now “12/12” protest. The issue has been discussed in the previous match report, so we better focus instead to FCK which didn’t seem to be affected by the absence of football atmosphere at all and during the opening minutes of the game cause scenes of Chaos and Mayhem inside our area 🙂 Asphyxiating pressure from the kick off and first slight opportunity on 4′ with Azaouagh aiming, under pressure and a from a tight angle within the box from the right, the outer right side of our net. The real stroke though, almost happened on 9′ with…Kalla (yeps, you read right!), instead of moving the ball away from the box after a cross, sending it directly to the left post of (completely stunned by the magic of the action!) Tschauner! Thing got even more spectacular on the very next minute, when after the known mess following a corner from the right, Borysiuk fired a 16m shot which ended up on the very same post but quite lower this time 🙂 Just 1 min after the second shot and another one for the guests with Idrissou’s header finding this time the outer side…of the opposite post…charming 🙂 FORTUNATELY the 12’12” passed, and the USP along with all the other allied forces installed in Südkurve (just behind Tschauner) got to work! According to the law of Millerntor and against the laws of Physics, seems that the sound waves produced had a negative impact to the FCK that kept on with their pressing tactics but unable to produce any serious outcome out of them. There were some minor situations (Jessen 23′, Idrissou 27′, Azaouagh 33′, Bunjaku 36′) but nothing close to the opening minutes Terror, and without having figured out how this was achieved, half time whistle found us still at 0-0 and happy 🙂

Is this possible? Of course, it is - ask the guy next to you :-) (source:

Is this possible? Of course, it is – ask the guy next to you 🙂 (source:

2nd half on the way with the guests in possession but this time FCSP a little more focused and confident in the field. As result of it, first chance of the 2nd half was our first chance of the game. After some good dribbling work, left cross by Gogia (decisive contribution overall) and header from Thy, on the edge of the keeper’s box, over the crossbar. FCK responded on the very next minute with a Borysiuk 20m shot successfully handled (corner) by Tschauner. FCSP, having already somehow balanced the game a little, had a new chance on 66′ with Ginczeck, after some good moves among the FCK defenders just into the box (top left), shooting the ball JUST outside Sippel’s opposite post… and on the very next minute, the SNATCH! Free kick just after the centre to the left with Buchtmann getting the ball, make a fast vertical move into the left side of the box overrunning everybody and passing the perfect assist to Ginczeck who ALL ALONE, 2m before the empty net, played accidentally the 1-2 (almost the blunter of the season!!!) with the right post before scoring!!! 1-0 FCSP – HELLLLLLLL!!! If staying even at half time after so many chances was shocking for the guests, this was the real thing! FCK started seeming somehow disoriented in the field. Two more good occasions with Buchtmann (73′, 75′) – everything in the field turned upside down 🙂 Entering the final quarter of the game though, guests somehow regrouped at a level, to try with everything they have to recover even the single point. Good move for Riedel on 83′  who managed to collect a very clever diagonal ball, into the box to the right, but his instant low poisonous shot, was deflected once again by Tschauner just by the opposite post. The remaining minutes? Corners, small panicking occasionally but nothing more – half time whistle with an incredible (conssidering the flow of the match) 1-0 for FCSP!

Ginczeck BITING instead of KISSING the ball - if this is NOT a love bite, we're taking about pure ingratitude here :-) (source:

Ginczeck BITING instead of KISSING the ball – if this is NOT a love bite, we’re taking about pure ungratefulness here 🙂 (source:

I think that there’s not much to be added about the game, the above lines seem quite self explanatory 🙂 These were 3 invaluable points! At the time this is written, matchday is almost completed and along with it the first round. FCSP is sitting “comfortably” on 12th place and 21 pts, something that may not sound like a big achievement but considering the horrible situation we were 2 months ago, it’s quite something! 21 points meaning 8 pts distance from the relegation zone and 11 from the promotion one. 2 games left until the Winter break: Erzgebirge Aue (4 pts below) at home next Sunday and a trip to Inglostadt (3 pts ahead) on 15/12. First one considered mandatory, second one more than nice to have 🙂 Let’s go, do our job and get the best we can out of these two and go to the Break with better odds – will help our Christmas spirit as well! Talking Christmas, the (basically Atheist) Scum is too embarrassed to tell but has already decided about the present that will ask from Santa 🙂 🙂 🙂

Match goals:

1:0 Ginczek (67′, Right shot, Assist: Right Vertical Post!)

Spectators: 21045

Sankt Pauli cards: Schachten, Buchtmann

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Seems that the Sky hounds have been improving lately. Hence no highlights for the past few matches (at least on youtube). Here’s a little post game action instead 🙂


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