Matchday 18: FC Sankt Pauli – Erzgebirge Aue 0-3!

Posted: December 9, 2012 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2012-13
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Free kick-ass lessons at home…



Big down-to-earth slap for FCSP… Our candidate “victim”, Erzgebirge Aue managed to spoil the celebrating atmosphere by kicking our asses in an emphatic way, in front of a home crowd that had a hard time believing what they were watching… Having done their homework really well, our guests deployed a very focused and organized squad, took control of the game in the 1st half and turned it into a turkey shoot during the 2nd, resulting in one of the most unpleasant surprises we had for sometime…


The usual absence of Sunday TV-coverage (at least, one more frequency available by the provider, hence finally a Liga 2 game on Sunday available – just not our turn this week) combined with a quite anti-football weather destroyed any attempt of gathering together as usual and the last 60′ before the game found the author (sic!) covering FAST the remaining distance between Larissa and Athens (360km – like an away game!) in order to reach the base early, setup the live streaming and award himself (arrogant asshole!) with a majestic “FCSP having fun with Aue” afternoon,  for the early wake up…

Arrived in time (and safe), all set up (including equipment, hot chocolate, weed, Xmas decoration, etc) and kick-off on a green playing ground, something made possible with the help of a lot of people that helped clear the ground from the snow, with FCSP looking dominating during the opening minutes. 5 mins into the game and a big “AAAAAAAHHH” penetrated the silent (due to the 12/12 protest) Millerntor wih Thy’s 6m shot, following a confusion into Aue’s penalty area, just outside the keeper’s box to the right, shaking for good Männel’s crossbar! Guests handled succesfully the opening minutes challenge, balanced the game and the end of silence found them installed around our penalty area. First test for Tschauner on 14′ with a deep left Hochscheidt cross deviating dangerously towards the net, handled succesfully. Nothing much until 32′ with a counter attack ending up to Buchtmann who (worrying about getting caught) tried from 20m a shot that was blocke by Männel. Last notable moment of the 1st half, again for FCSP with Kringe after a right cross deflecting to an Aue defender (?), wasting a shot (facing the net from 6-7m) just 1m by the first post. Half time 0-0 without high quality football (weather and pitch conditions weren’t much helpful anyway), FCSP slightly winning impressions and Erzgebirge Aue holding on so far…

Millerntor before volunteers respond to the club’s call ( and get to work! (source:

Game resumed in style in the 2nd half but we had very little to do with it… First warning on 48′ with Hochscheidt failing to finish the combination but there wasn’t another one… 49 mins into the game, perfect gift from Thorandt (after matchday 16 penalty that was never awarded – you should resume using your brain as well as your body at a certain point Markus…) to Hochscheidt who moved free for a few meters before stopping and executing Tschauner with a BRILLIANT curvy shot outside the box for the 0-1… FCSP after the initial shock started trying for the comeback, while the guests well positioned in the field were always ready for the counter attack kill – during the next 20′, game went wild! Buchtmann shot over the bar on 52′, a header by Ginczeck, blocked by Männel on 62′, Ginczeck missing the ball from 5m, ALL ALONE, on 67′ and a huge opportunity on 70′ with Schachten’s shot (all alone as well) being deflected to corner on the very last moment by Männel’s fingers! AAAAAAAACK!!! Aue having already identified our weaknesses backwards, responded immediately to our streak, by almost killing us with 2 occasions within the same minute (72′) – both times Tschauner saved the day! Almost the 2nd for them on the very next (after the 2nd) corner with Buchtmann saving right on the line an unidentified ( 🙂 ) Aue header. It was just a matter of time though…Left flank Aue counter attack on 76′ by Wiegel, ball to Sylvestr a few steps until the edge of the penalty area and the dry shot for the kill to Tschauner’s opposite corner… 0-2…this along with the cataclysmic rain that followed almost signaled the premature end of the match (except a few spasmodic FCSP attempts – like an Ebbers header on 86’…), Aue though wasn’t finished with us quite yet. 0-3 by Wiegel on 89′ – all the money are on Funk’s expression after been dribbled and outscored… Match ended in a gloomy rainy atmosphere, sweetened somehow by the sound of  “You’ll Never Walk Alone” echoing all over Millerntor…

...and after! (source:

…and after! (source:

Doesn’t require much to turn a supposedly easy victory to a destruction: some key figures (e.g. Bartels) missing, an unfocused defense, a certain inability towards scoring (others refer to it as a “bad day” and they might be right) by the offense and a well prepared opponent are more than enough. FCSP tried and, if things were going in a slightly different way during some occasions, we could get probably a lot more from the match, But “IF” is always hypothetical, and we ended up losing big to a very well prepared team… Unfortunately, this was the last Millerntor game for 2012 – the very last impression though, (YNWA chant) was the perfect way to end this – a message about what FCSP is all about, regardless of the good or bad days… so, no whining, no complains and…

…off to Ingolstadt!!! Still one game before the Winter break. Under different circumstances (a good result today) this could be a “Merry Xmas – we don’t fuckin’ care!” match – but after today’s outcome seems like a “must”: Aue reached us at 1pt distance after today’s result. It will be more than welcome (point and moral-wise) if we could do to FC Ingolstadt the exactly same thing and save for them the very same special treatment that Erzgebirge Aue reserved for us today – C’mon guys – the Scum wants it’s Xmas present!

Match goals:

0:1 Hochscheidt (49′, Right shot)

0:2 Sylvestr (76′, Left shot, Assist: Wiegel)

0:3 Wiegel (89′, Left shot, Assist: Könnecke)

 Spectators: 20740

Sankt Pauli cards: Buchtmann

For full match coverage (in German) visit:


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