Matchday 19: FC Ingolstadt 04 – FC Sankt Pauli 0-0

Posted: December 16, 2012 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2012-13
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Deserved better, could be worse…

source:, (c) dpa / Stefan Puchner

source:, (c) dpa / Stefan Puchner

FCSP closed 2012 with an away clean sheet draw vs FC Ingolstadt 04. A game that could have turned either side along the way, a game without extreme quality football but with good opportunities for both teams… Overall, a game that won’t take a place (for good or bad) in the FCSP history books but a dignified way to finish 2012 (taking under consideration all things thah have taken place throughout the year), go home for the winter break and somehow regroup further in time for the remaining part of a season that, one way or another (relegation avoidance is hypothetically considered “secured”), hasn’t so much at stake, except good football…


…and a match report that came very close to never exist, since (almost, boner of the year – παρολίγον η μαλακία της χρονιάς!), for the entire week, the entire Scum crew was under the strange impression that the match was taking place…Sunday! Truth discovered accidentaly 3 hours before the match and the poor remains of the Scum squad (a total of 3 but with good support from the local (mainly elder) population during the game (“Hey, don’t say H$V in front of this guy!”) finally made it to the venue 🙂

Kick off with FCSP having a few initiatives on the game but real “Star” of the opening 15′ the assistant referee in charge of FC Ingolstadt 04 half: 8 mins in the game and Ginczeck stopped for a (controversial) offside and things became outrageous on 14′ when Buchtmann’s goal was called of (again for offside) but with the replay this time (the privileges of couch football 🙂 ) indicating that our guy was at least half a meter onside… Hosts, having already survived the worst, regained control and had their first chance on 21′ with Caiuby entering fast into the box from the left and trying a shot at the first post, turned away to a corner by well positioned Tschauner…and another one almost immediatelly with Caiuby again, winning Thorandt on the air following a left cross, for a fine header that if was ending up a few centimeters lower, it would have been for sure the opening goal… Our turn on 26′ with Schachten, confident about his feet, firing a long (30m to the left) POWERFUL shot – Özcan though was ready and gave the solution to a corner, intervening at the first post. Slightly balanced game for the following minutes with the hosts a little more in control, control that was increased towards the end of the first half. On 39′ they actually had their BIG chance with Schäfer  coming cleverly, all alone, from behind, getting the right flank ball that everybody missed, and shooting completely unbothered from 7m distance – Tschauner was AGAIN in place and kept his sheet clean, something that didn’t change ’til the half time whistle… last 1st half occasion, a third consecutive doubtful offside to Ginczeck



Game resumed, with both teams seem willing to go for the win but without wanting to take any unnecessary chances at the same time. As result of it, a relatively good pace, some semi situations for both teams but nothing much really. First good occurrence on 67′ for FCSP with Ginczeck, first tormenting the ball a little into the box, before moving slightly to the left and trying the shot – Özcan blocked.  Another good one on 69, when Bartels (welcome back!), following a siege-at-the-hosts-box situation got the ball, at 25m facing the net, and tried a shot that bounced just by  Özcan’s left post, followed by a long “AAAAAAAHHH” by the FCSP fans, installed just behind the net 🙂 The really big one though, happened on 76′ with Mohr missing all alone, after a right flank corner, sending the ball OUT from 3 fuckin’ meters, facing the middle of the net and some terrified defenders on the line!!! Last notable occasion of the game, this time for FC Ingolstadt with an Uludag shot, following a counter attack into the box to the left, again handled to corner by Tschauner. Of course, match ended 3-4 minutes before it was normally supposed to end, due to another strange decision, this time by the referee who regardless of the 6 substitutions, all in the 2nd half, blew the full time whistle without holding not even a second of added time…



2012 “game obligations” are over – now, almost 50 days of winter break (next match: 3/2/13 at home vs Energie Cottbus) lie ahead for all of us. Time for the squad to catch a breath, improve things and get more of a team in the field, time for us to reprogram our brains for 1,5 month and dedicate for a change our entire weekends to friends, loved ones and families instead of trying a way to fit them into our FCSP scuedule ( 🙂 ), time also for the Club administration to take a good look back at 2012 and maybe reevaluate some more all incidents happened during the year (in and out of the field) so that 2013 will be a better year for the club, not towards building a better team (this is Frontzeck’s job) but towards giving back to the Club it’s real Identity – an Identity that we have been endangered of losing at a certain level lately…

OK, innuendo perceived, now off to break! If anything comes around that requires us to get out of the holiday complacency state, we ‘ll be back – otherwise, in the meantime there will be some posts regarding newcomers in order to close a circle of brief presentations, before new ones arrive, something that this Lazy Bastard, St. John (Ακους Λευκοσίδηρε???) should do a lot of weeks ago 🙂 🙂 🙂

Happy holidays sick FCSP junkies around the globe!!!

Match goals:


Spectators: 6648

Sankt Pauli cards: Funk, Ginczeck

For full match coverage (in German) visit:


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