News: Athens Antifa League!

Posted: January 7, 2013 by Zouz in News
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Antifa League

This is the first post of the year (wishes for world peace, freedom, end of hunger, etc, etc for 2013 – Scum always positive 🙂 ) and slightly premature (haven’t reached even the middle of the winter break yet!) but we got out of our winter-break-state-of-complacency for a very good reason 🙂 …

There’s a new initiative around the neighborhood. The name is Athens Antifa League and the aim (as you will have the chance to check for yourselves) is the organization of the first long term (as oppossed to the already existing RFU festival weekend tournament – cheers guys!) alternative 5×5 tournament! The guys have already setup their own blog when you can find a few details on the issue in both Greek/English as well as contact information ( and a brochure in both languages for download and print.

Scum, as described in the “About Us” section is a not so big in numbers bunch, consisted mainly (with a few exceptions) from elder men and women without hands-on experience in football. Therefore, any serious opportunistic coalition propositions are welcome for discussion (living dangerously here – haven’t asked the others yet!). In the meantime, the rest of you (the healthy alternative football youth) can start preparing your 5×5 squads 🙂

Good luck guys! Hope, we’ll be here in a few weeks/months covering matchday 1 of the league!



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