Interview: Meet St Pauli D-Beat Diehards Göteborg!!!

Posted: January 8, 2013 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in Interviews
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FFFuckkk Yeah!!! The Winter/Summer-break “Meet <a foreign FCSP Fan Club>” series is back with a Kick Ass Hit!!! The Scum “met” St Pauli D-Beat Diehards, an indescribable drinking mob from Sweden, for an interview that exceeded all expectations 🙂 A club sooo…SCUM (!!!) and a bunch of guys that we’re REALLY looking forward to meet (as well as our YSP web comrades 🙂 ) in one of our (hopefully!) next trips in 2013! This was really fun doing! Greek readers, play special attention to the very last words of the interview 🙂


Read the “About us” section on the blog but since we don’t trust our Swedish 100% ( 🙂 ), can you give us a few details on the story so far?

A bunch of drunk losers talked about starting a St Pauli supporter club of our own since St Pauli Sweden at the time seemed to be put on ice and wasn’t contactable. A few months later the worst lowlifes of the group decided to really go ahead and do it. Then there was a period of drunken meetings at bars before we formally manage to form D-beat Diehards.


Even though a relatively new club (founded 2010 – older than us still!), D-Beat Diehards seem quite organized. A standard venue for watching the games, a strong and consistent presence on the web and an “organized” membership system. Seems like people working behind the scenes. How is this organized? Is a matter of a few core people dealing with the everyday club issues or there’s a “higher” level of organization?

Since we are bunch of drunken retards there are not many board members who actually do anything anymore. At the beginning almost all of the board members were committed but nowadays there’s a different story.. Just a higher level of Kir consumption.

Except the ones described above (and of course, traveling to the Viertel for FCSP), are there any additional activities that you’re guys into as a club?

Swedish D-beat(of course), football and Kir. And we have plans to get a meeting place of our own but to make that happen we need a great deal of luck.

A few details on membership: which are the activities supported by the membership fees collected?

Almost all the membership fees goes to the running of the homepage. All the profit that we don’t need goes to the Ingen Människa Illegal network who supports paperless refugees.


Are there any other FCSP organized fan cores in Sweden? If yes, is there some kind of “organized” communication?

Yes there a few of them. There’s one in the neighboring town Borås and two in Stockholm but we only have sporadic contact with the Borås gang. But that’s a great idea. We really should organize something nationwide. That mean that we could meet up and get drunk together.

A “typical” FCSP match day for the Diehards in Goeteborg?

Waking up, do the raggar shower and try to arrive at Plain Kitchen before the match begins. On the way there you try organize everything practical via your cell phone.

Of course, a lot of your members already involved in local football fan scene in Sweden Does this affect the club in anyway? And, to go a little further, are D-Beat Diehards a club of FCSP sympathizers, a hardcore FC Sankt Pauli club (FCSP above all!) or a little of both?

Since most of us who started d-beats diehard are longtime friends we all support the same team in Gothenburg the other teams supporters seems reluctant to join us even if though we official try to be independent.

Don’t know a lot about every life in Sweden but from here seems like a country in a far “cooler” state, comparing to the rest of Europe, in terms of tension. Better than the average education and welfare system, good conditions in general and, except probably a few occasional racism issues, no serious problems from Sweden seem to reach the 8 o’clock news here…and the same applies to football…actually can’t recall a single issue of football violence. Two questions here: a) Is “football youth” in general in Sweden politically and socially involved? b) Is there (even minor) football violence in Sweden and, if yes, is related to social issues?

First of all Europe like to think that Sweden is some kind of Pippi Long stocking country with no social issues. The truth is that the current right wing government has systematically teared down the social welfare system for a couple of years now. The have caused that the social friction to escalate and a more or less paved the way for a openly racist party in the parliament. Who currently are the third biggest party in Sweden. So: a) Officially most football fans in Sweden try to avoid the subject and that leads to a greyzone where racist and rightwing elements are tolerated. So no, most football fans are not politically active and are frowned upon to speak up against other football fans with racist and rightwing views. Thus the racists can do whatever they like but we can’t speak up against them because then we rock the boat and create a bad vibe for everybody else. b) Like in the most countries there is some violence related to football, the biggest team have “firms” that fight each others, mostly in some parking lots somewhere faraway from the game itself. The fighting are more about rivalry between cities and clubs than politics.


A few thoughts on how 2012 went for FCSP both in and out of the field? Do you feel that the Club is walking on the right path?

Unfortunately we lost too many points in the beginning of the season but since Schubert left and Frontzeck took over the team seems more stable. The dream of Bundesliga this season is sadly gone to hell but on the bright side we don’t think relegation is a threat. If the club are on the right path are hard to say, a little concern are that so many of the planers who we think has been the best so far are loans.

Any new plans for the Diehards regarding 2013?

Hopefully we will find some kind of clubhouse to gather in. We are also planning to contact and visit the St Pauli clubs in Scandinavia (Oslo and Copenhagen), we have planned this for a couple of years know but it always ends in Kir and Hell. A new t-shirt and a sticker are on their way.

Last but not least: WHY FC Sankt Pauli?

Pauli is one of the coolest clubs in Europe and one of the few with a real social pathos. You don’t choose St Pauli, St Pauli chooses you.

Free section: Add anything we forgot or you like ‘-)

First of all, we would like to thank the South End Scum Crew for good work, Satan for the misery we call life and fuck IMF, bankers, Nazis and Angela Merkel. Loukanikos R.I.P




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