Matchday 20: FC Sankt Pauli – Energie Cottbus 0-0

Posted: February 4, 2013 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2012-13
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Bollocks football after the break (AND BOLLOCKS TO OTE TV!) but…LOOK AT THIS!!!


source: FCSP on Facebook

This is the new Gegengerade in all its magnificence… yes, we know, it doesn’t have the beauty or the sentimental links (yet), but hey, the final result looks more than decent! Considering the fact that (unfortunately) times are changing and metal gets rusty, this seems like a worthy successor of the Old Legendary GG 🙂 To the match, not much (something expected at a level one way or another, right after the Winter break) in terms of spectacle. Still though, eventhough the guest had the best chances in the game, taking under consideration the strength of the opponent (Energie Cottbus is at the moment well in the promotion battle), we could say that we had the passion and the will to win, tried for it,  and YES, we are happy 🙂


Sunny January (later edit: IT’S FEBRUARY YOU FUCKIN’ WEEDHEAD!) Sunday and back to the venue, almost 2 months since the last time – omens were looking good. Position in front of the big screen BUT, for a strange reason, broadcasting began with  a few seconds delay after the kickoff (missed of course the GG YNWA) and picture making a few freezes before completely disappearing after 1 minute – that was it! For the next 25′, the Scum provided excellent lessons of anger management, talking funny, communicating with other venues in the other side of Athens having the same problem and cursing on the phone together, listening to german live commentary from an Android phone and performing extensive consumption of tsipouro – finally, redemption around 30′, right on the point we were discussing finishing drinks and get our asses to the nearest Scum appartment and gather around a laptop for the 2nd half’ – everything suddenly back to normal 🙂

Things we only heard about:

However, the reconnection with Millerntor coincided with the first BIG FCSP chance in the match (27′). Right cross by Bartels into the heart of the box and fine rotating move from Ginczek before the final shot that required all Kirschbaum’s skills (EXCELLENT low dive at his left corner) in order to be JUST saved to a corner (maybe the vertical post also slightly involved!). Growing fancy atmosphere in the venue, violently disrupted by the 39′ huge Energie opportunity when Fomitschow treated the ball more like a goat instead of a footballer and his header (all alone from close range) ended up somewhere after bouncing almost in front of him. Another shot from Ginczek following a corner and that was all – half time whistle after 20′ for the Scum 🙂


MORE Gegengerade (source:

Game resumed almost in the same motive until 54′ when a Cottbus goal (Banovic header) was called off by the assistant referee due to offside… very marginal decision, maybe an “injustice” towards the guests, but Scum can’t be sure… the guy seems in a valid position but too close to his coleague (hence, affecting the “scene”) who is just offside – whatever… nothing much again (except a Gogia shot wide on 57′, following a Ginczek counter attack) until 72′ when Tschauner (YES!) saved to a corner, at the very last moment, a deep lucky cross (out of the blue)  before it ends up in his far upper right corner – phew…. Corner kick, classic FCSP defense panic, ball to Fomitschow, a well aimed shot passing between everybody… except Tschauner (HELL FUCKING YES!) who saved the day again deflecting the ball to a new corner!

(PROACTIVE Scum announcement towards the (businesswise) Club Mgmt ( 🙂 🙂 🙂 ): Gentlemen of the board and Herr Sports Director, Philipp “The Millerntor Leopard” Tschauner is NOT for sale! Of course nobody has told (or thought!) anything about selling him yet but we have seen already enough and, as Scum, we believe in preventing instead of having to solve issues 🙂 )

After the obvious (and seriously threatening) implications towards the administration ( 🙂 🙂 ), back to the game –  74′: Looong free kick from Tschauner, ball at the other box, good cooperation on the front line, ball to Bartels outside the box, good shot for the kill but  that guy Kirschbaum (thumbs up!) repeated what he had already done back at 27′ – ACKKKK!!!!  Last noteable occasion, was a penalty requested by the guests and not awarded by the referee on 80′ regarding a Thorandt tackle to Mosquera – no penalty at all and nothing more until the end of a game that probably found us a little more satisfied comparing to our guests 🙂

source: (our link to reality during the first horrible 25' :-) _

source: (our link to reality during the first horrible 25′ 🙂 )

A good result out of a not so good (for both sides match). What we will keep from yesterday will be the opening of the new GG, something highly expected from a BIG number of FCSP fans, if we judge by the empty HT seats, that we initially confused with the usual phenomenon of some HT “spectators” that return to their seats around 55′ after finishing whatever they consuming but seems that there were real vacancies, probably due to a move from many people to the other side 🙂 We will also keep the first 25′ of the game for reasons already explained above, but let’s not get over this again… ‘-)

Next week, same day, same time but this time away from home for a game vs a desperate for points SV Sandhausen. This is not a joke – these guys are in a hunt for the win that will get them (even temporarily) out of the direct-relegation asphyxiating zone. If we manage to do the job  right, we will let them searching someone else to do the trick (sorry Fabio :-)). If not… hmmm… means trouble along with  some chopping on the safety distance from the bottom that we have managed to build towards towards the end of the first round… Whatever, instead of making negative thoughts for the game that will come, we prefer waiting the Athens Club pals back home and hear some stories from yesterday’s one 🙂

Match goals:


Spectators: 26578 – new Millerntor record!!!

Sankt Pauli cards: Bartels (5th – next match out)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

USP choreo 20130203

The USP asking for the goal that hopefuly will come next week 🙂 (source: what else?


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