Matchday 21: SV Sandhausen – FC Sankt Pauli 4-1…

Posted: February 10, 2013 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2012-13
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A lamentable squad in the field, a humiliating defeat, a horrifying perspective and some CLASSY fans…

“If we manage to do the job  right, we will let them searching someone else to do the trick (sorry Fabio :-) ). If not… hmmm… means trouble along with  some chopping on the safety distance from the bottom that we have managed to build towards towards the end of the first round…”

Bollocks! If you are a frequent stopper, you can probably recognize the “wisdom” expressed above… It’s some usual optimistic Scum bullshit coming from last week’s post…seemed rational a week back, considering a marginal out-of-schedule defeat as the worst case scenario… Still though, I don’t think that there was anybody last week able to predict the fiasco we all witnessed today…


Absence of TV coverage along with a few gathered coincidences, turned this to a private laptop-to-LCD mission (the Jolly Celtic way!). Cool streaming conditions, even coolest in-house conditions ( 🙂 ), the USP making the usual noise behind the net about to host Tschauni and SV Sandhausen looking like a first-class opportunity for points and moral… Got the warning sign right after kick-off when Wooten on 1′ got too easy at firing position before missing, almost forgot thanks to a complete Sandhausen defense  fuck up avoided at the very last second on 2′ and a Ginczek header right afterwards BUT remember it at the very next minute (3′) when I received the first COLD shower along with the opening SV Sandhausen goal: right flank Schauerte high cross to Löning (completely unattended) who took all his time before aiming and “hanging” Tschauner with an impossible to save header… 1-0, with FCSP trying to build some pressure (2 slight opportunities with Thy, 12′ & 16′) but the hosts looking like they can do whatever they like whenever they want to, hence their second serious attempt (20′) almost almost ended up in a goal… Ball, following a complete mess inside our penalty box, ended up at Mäkelä’s legs – he failed finishing, ball thrown away in panic, only to reach Wooten who fired a 20+ meter shot, forcing Tschauner to a stretching save… more signs of pressure (interrupted by an erroneous off-side called of to Ginczek on 25′) and of the forthcoming doom, which finally arrived on 28’… Wooten had some fun with Schachten inside the penalty area from their right, before forcing him to a penalty that no one doubted and Ulm had no problem converting to a goal, one minute later (29′). 2-0 for the hosts but everything could have a chance of turning upside down if Buchtmann’s shot on 31′ (following a personal onslaught) was ending up just a bit to the left – instead, it ended up deflecting on stunned Ischdonat’s left post before returning back in the field… and like all these wasn’t enough, game finished in 42′ in a “tragic” way… An INCREDIBLE fuck up by Tschauner (still “The Millerntor Leopard” for the Scum though 🙂 ), who missed a 30m harmless shot out of his grasp… Löning seized the opportunity for the 3-0 – total KO… nothing more until the half time who found us in a state of shock and confusion…

Squad hit the dressing-rooms, listened to Herr Frontzeck’s (everything OK, coach?) instructions and…returned in the field even worse! Lost chance Sandhausen by Wooten on 46′, new BIG ONE on 47′ with Tschauner saving this time a certain goal in front of Mäkelä and OF COURSE, the 4th goal on 49: counter attack, Wooten cross from the right to Mäkelä and just like downtown, 4-0 with a sad to watch, pathetic Brown & White squad literally trembling in the field… The rest of the game can’t stand serious discussion… Hosts put the foot on the break, showed some respect towards FCSP and patiently waited for us to do something… Hmmm… a shot from Buchtmann on 59′ blocked by Ischdonat and 2 shots from distance (Funk 60′, Ginczek 64′) ending up wide…finally the consolation goal was achieved on 74′ (Kringe) after a penalty committed by… Fabio Morena (entered the pitch on 66′ while been cheered by the entire stadium – CAPTAIN, YNWA!!!) on Florian Bruns (entered the pitch together with the captain). For the remaining time until full time whistle (with the exception of a Mäkelä chance on injury time) the only thing really deserving attention, were the chants of the USP and the rest of the FCSP allied fan forces, unstoppably supporting their trembling squad even while the first of the triumphant local fans were already heading for the exits… This is the only picture that the Scum would actually like to keep from today…

This was a complete fuckin’ disaster… Disaster not because only of the defeat, not because only of the score, not even because of the fact of losing big to a team considered (so far) with the one foot already in Liga 3… All these can (?) happen and we can live with this even if it’s NOT funny being “spared” by Sandhausen and finishing the game having collected only 4 instead of 7 or 8… The most painful is the following questions: How the hell a team playing like this, against opponents (until now) at the very bottom of the table, can save the league? Can today’s chaos (in pitch and bench) can be only a result of a lot of things going shit all together at the same time? My sorry ass would like to believe that the question to the second answer is positive otherwise… forget it for now 🙂

…and a big pity for the wonderful people made the trip today only to watch this…read somewhere that there was somehow relatively silent on the return train today…

…and don’t forget – next week’s, Stani’s (YNWA but this doesn’t mean that we will give you the points for free!) FC Köln (b-a-a-a-a-a-a-a!, the usual Scum bullshit joke) is coming… Things are anything but funny though after the course they have taken – fans are ready – it remains to the squad to regroup…

Match goals:

1:0 Löning (3′,Header, Assist: Schauerte)

2:0 Ulm (29′, Penalty, Assist: Wooten)

3:0 Löning (39′, Right shot, Assist: Schauerte)

4:0 Mäkelä (49′, Right shot, Assist: Wooten)

4:1 Kringe (74′, Penalty)

Spectators: 7600

Sankt Pauli cards: Funk

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

…and here’s the consolation goal as watched by the local fans (Ischdonat! Ischdonat!) 🙂


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