Matchday 22: FC Sankt Pauli – 1. FC Köln 0-1…

Posted: February 19, 2013 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2012-13
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Passion, will, fighting spirit and no brains at all…

A game so badly needed and such a painful loss… For 90 minutes, the Boys in Brown, already behind from the beginning and outnumbered in the field, gave everything they had and made the opponent looking like a small team at the pitch towards the end of the game but the only one we have to “blame” for the defeat is ourselves…


The known great atmosphere being even better by the warm “welcome home” to Stani at his first official visit under different colors (after his first unofficial some 13 months ago) before the game, Scum moaning to the local betting junkies, having already bet to an FCSP victory, that for us realistically a draw is just fine, nice atmosphere more or less…that was spoiled after only 3 minutes with the opening goal for FC Köln scored by Clemens with an elaborate free kick (Tschauni could probably do a little better here), following a Thorandt foul (first yellow card)… Took seconds to the FCSP crowd to resume supporting and start pushing the team towards the guest posts. Good occasions in the following minutes with Schachten on 6′ (20m shot blocked by Horn) and Ginczek on 10′ (shot from the right inside the box gone wide). Guest, still looking for something more, came quite close to get it after a corner on 13′ but Tschauner this time was just in place to prevent Clemens from scoring the 2nd. Game slowed down a little after the initial fire start, keeping a good pace still with minor incidents for both sides. New kind-of-chance for FCSP with a not so good Bruns header following a long run from the right and a precise cross by Kringe. Pace further down and nothing much until 35′ with a 16m Kalla shot, result of good counter attack play, handled without serious trouble by Horn. New FCSP opportunity for FCSP on 37′ (Ginczek into the box from the left) and new good goalkeeping by Horn. And right at the point that FCSP was pressing, game went completely to Hell on 42′ when Thorandt (not so clever Markus), playing his first game after been absent due to cards, commited a silly foul on a guest counter attack, collected his second card of the  evening and left for the showers, having that “what did I do?” look… FCSP down to 10 men and almost the end into injury time but Tschauner again saved the day deflecting a Köln (unidentified!) header to a corner. Half time with both squads heading for the dressing rooms and the Scum crew (the ones that MADE IT to the venue 🙂 ) making now-we-are-fucked thoughts…

Two of the various banners lift as sign of appreciation towards a man that is on his own a big part of the modern FCSP history and a guy that the Scum hopes that someday will return, maybe under different circumstances, to the place he belongs…

2nd half on the way with things looking bleak but moral at a quite satisfactory (even if “we are fucked”!) level, thanks to good company and cheap whisky 🙂 and FCSP progressively trying to gain some ground at the expense of defensive integrity (what???) and giving space for counter attacks by the guests. Such a counter attack almost led to the 2nd on 56′ but Ujah, right in the heart of the box, in a majestic screw-up exhibition, aimed directly for the Stratosphere – phew… Lots of minor occurences for both teams in a game that was getting more and more interesting in terms of pace and suspense while time was passing by… the two Frontzeck substitutions on 65′ (Boll, Ebbers) gave the signal for the FCSP all out attack and a wild closing half-hour of football. FCSP outnumbered in the field trying to attack with everything they have and FC Köln launching mass counter attacks in the vast open space of the FCSP defense whenever they can… with  top moment the INCREDIBLE FUCK-UP on 77′ when FOUR of them versus ONE (and Tschauner) managed to screw the counter attack that couldn’t be screwed and lose the goal in the end!!! And then we are considered “offensive” with our “B-a-a-a-a-a-a-a”  Köln silly jokes… 🙂 Anyway, back to the game with FCSP pressing desperately, something that could lead to the equalizer on 86′ if Ginczek’s aim, almost from the penalty spot but with a big crowd in front of him, was oriented a little more to the right…2nd FCSP player out on 91′ (Mohr – 2nd yellow), as result of a poor referee decision and FCSP with 9 vs 11 in the field, pressing for the goal that never came – FC Köln could score the 2nd at the very last moment, when TOP GOAT (B-a-a-a-a-a-a!!!) and one of the four musketeers involved in the 77′ incident, Maierhofer stole the ball from “finished” in terms of strength (and reflex) Kringe, got face to face with Tschauner and scored Bullseye (“center” of Tschauner)! Little good still, as the very next thing that happened was the full time whistle…


Coaches congratulating eachother after full time… (source:

These are the worst kinds of defeat… seems “unfair” (while it isn’t) and at the same time there’s nowhere and noone to put the burden on except ourselves… Defeat came as result of our mistakes and nobody elses, mistakes that probably wouldn’t be “tolerated” by other fans, probably because we’re talking about ongoing mistakes that are not allowed at this professional level… but we’re neither consumers nor regular fans, we support FCSP through thick and thin and that includes the squad. The only solution is positive attitude and the only resort is humor – speaking about humor, somebody should tell Markus that the game is just football without the “American” in front (BRRRRRRRRR 🙂 ). Still (there are also positives in a defeat sometimes), generally THIS WAS the FCSP we like to watch in terms of attitude in the pitch – passionate, willing, decisive – we could do a lot more being concentrated and “commited” but, what the hell, you can’t have it all sometimes 🙂

What’s done is done – better lift the chin up and get a little more serious (if possible!!!) because in 4 days from now, FSV Frankfurt is coming to town…. Pointless to ruminate the usual stuff about the crticality of the match – the fire that has started burning below us in the league  table and threats to turn our asses into roast, speaks for itself, PLUS the fact that these guys are having probably their best season for some years. Defeat is not an option (like yesterday 🙂 ), but the Scum has no problem to compromise with it, ONLY in case that we’re going to be gladly surprised in the end 🙂 Heads up, regroup and pay back!

C’moooooooon (finally!!!) FCSP!!!

Match goals: 

0:1 Clemens (3′, Left free-kick)

Spectators: 29063 (a NEW Millerntor record – until the next!)

Sankt Pauli cards: Thorandt  (2 yellows make 1 RED), Mohr (one of the same)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Can’t close this without a mention to the incredible (as usual) support – an ordinary evening at Millerntor 🙂


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