Matchday 24: VfR Aalen – FC Sankt Pauli 0-1

Posted: March 3, 2013 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2012-13
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BIG Tschauner, BAD ref and the Luck we’ve been missing 🙂

source:, (c) picture alliance

source:, (c) picture alliance

FCSP escaped with the 3 pts from Aalen after a game that the best we could get out of it, under normal circumstances would be a draw but (Hell Yes!) it’s not so bad to see Lady Luck turning by your side for once in a while… 🙂


A windy and rainy Sunday, no Greek pay TV coverage, hence the only possible way was towards our remote Northern venue that haven’t visited for a while. There was the first good surprise of the afternoon waiting, in the form of a specially accommodated private place (usually serving as the warehouse), in order to provide us a) weather protection and b) PRIVACY (highly appreciated!). The second one was the presence of a few Athen Klub pals (some of them haven’t been seen for a while) which along with 1-2 Hamburg guests (and our Excellancies of course!) composed probably the most charming bunch of the season  ( 🙂 ) To the game:

An overall BORING game during the opening 30 minutes, fortunately with boredom being perfectly balanced by the good mood in the place. We will keep the semi-chance of 7′ for Vfr Aalen with Lechleiter trying a finish while lying down,  causing no worries to Tschauner along with two somehow chaotic moments inside Aalen’s box, following free-kicks on 21′ and 28′. Some life brought into  the game during the closing quarter: A Valentini shot on 30′ blocked easily by Tschauner, a good counter attack opportunity on 36′ with Ginczek pasding even the keeper but sliding to much to the right with the ball finally getting out of bounds before the finish and the top moment of the first half on 39′ with Fejzic responding perfectly to a 15m Gogia challenge. During this period, the hosts complained for two penalties – one occasion on 34′ (Kalla to Valentini) – indeed a foul BUT not within the box according to the humble Scum opinion and another one claimed by Hofmann on 41′ – lucky he got only yellow for cheating 🙂 One way or another, half time whistle  found everybody satisfied, including the small, happy, drinking bunch in the “warehouse” 🙂

Half time stretching in the stock room :-)

Half time stretching in the stock room 🙂

Second half proved a slightly different story: Vfr Aalen got into the pitch slightly more decisive and had their first serious chance on 48′ with Tschauner preventing with his left leg a Lechleiter finish, following a messy situation similar to the ones taken place at their box during the first half. New classy Tschauner save on 52′ after an Abe well weighted shot just outside the box, facing the net. Pitch starting to bend towards our side – BIG chance for VfR Aalen on 66′  with Valentini stretching his leg from 5m following a cross from the left, in complete absence of our defence, but GIANT Tschauner stretching as well beyond expectation to block the ball right on the line! Hosts increasing the pressure but without being able to penetrate further, game moving towards the end and the entire room looking the clock, expecting the full time whistle along with the badly needed 1 pt – all this until 90′: A quick gutsy personal counter attack by Ginczek, penetrating into the box from the left – a (probable) contact with Barth but Daniel still standing, blocked shot immediately following, our guy falling down, holding his leg in pain and agony (?!?) and…a penalty awarded by the ref (!!!). Ginczek cured, stood on his feet and successfully executed Fejzic for the winner! 0-1 for a FCSP but a goal celebrated half hearted by the room… Sudden death for the hosts, no time for reaction left and full time whistle within a feeling of big relief floating around 🙂

Escape on 90' (source:

Escape on 90′ (source:

A victory so much anticipated, hence a deep breath just at the point where needed but, to be fair, we DIDN’T deserved this… Vfr Aalen, especially during the 2nd half, was clearly the best team in the field. Fortunately Tschauner, our luck and a poor referee decision turned things again the logical flow and, in the end, we got everything out of nothing 🙂 No problem with this – we’ve been at the downside, due to referee decisions, numerous times and never complained in this blog not even once – additionally, after all these times only losing games in the end, during the last seasons (last victory this way, happened (I THINK) on 22/8/11 – Scum was there!), this was something “deserved”. If there was something that left a bitter taste, was seeing Ginczek, screaming “in pain” and holding his leg like he has been shot at during the awarded penalty. This guy, is probably the brightest future hope for FCSP (if he stays at the club, of course), but somebody must explain him that this is NOT the way to success, at least not in the way we FCSP fans (who like to consider ourselves “different” in terms of football culture) understand football…

Enough Scum moaning, especially after such a good day – overall balance is positive and next week seems like the perfect opportunity to make another step towards securing the season! Candidate victim is Jahn Regensburg, alone at the bottom of the league and away from home BUT before getting carried away, please take a look here… OK, message received, let’s get focused, capitalize on our theoretical supremacy, take advantage of their stress that is far bigger than ours and do this properly. If things are done the right way, the 32 pts already from match day 25 will be more than a solid foundation towards a carefree Spring ‘-)

Match goals:

0:1 Ginczek (90′, fake penalty)

Spectators: 11185

Sankt Pauli cards: Funk, Boll (well done Markus 🙂 )

For full match coverage (in German) visit:


 No decent video found on Sunday night, so here are some press conference highlights (grrrrrrrrrr…)


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