Matchday 25: FC Sankt Pauli – Jahn Regensburg 3-2!

Posted: March 9, 2013 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2012-13
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To Hell and back in 2 minutes!

Well, well,well 🙂 Second straight at 90′, this time at home – FCSP prevailed over Jahn Regensburg after a staggering, towards the end, game and already feels quite comfortable, 8 pts over the relegation play-outs zone. Thinking that yesterday’s win was one of the rare times that after the final whistle blows, you feel the need to bow in front of the undisputed magic of the sport called football equally strong as the need to scream and shout for your victorious colors…but then again I think “Bullshit – if you were at the downside of the story, instead of talking crap about magic and stuff probably by now, you would have already cursed enough to make even the “holy” portraits at your nearby church (some 1km from here) fall from the walls”…but, let’s take things from the beginning 🙂


Friday afternoon, comfortably set in front of the screen, after having escaped like a thief from work around 6 pm and waiting (as usual 🙂 ) for the rest. People coming, chat with the locals predicting a pleasant afternoon this time (the usual Scum Wisdom), finally kick-off (AND clock synchronization since the bloody Pay TV provider NEVER puts a timer at any corner of the screen!) and almost the first goal with less than 20” on the clock! Deep ball from the defense, a forward header to Daube inside the box on the right edge and a very powerful shot just by the post junction. Not much for the following minutes, except maybe a 30m shot by Funk on 8′ that maybe would made a perfect goal at a Rugby game but yesterday just hit ON top of the “safety” Südkurve net 🙂 Fortunately, good news arrived at 18′: A good cooperation on the attack and ball to Gogia in the upper left corner of the box who tried a curvy shot – ball slightly changed course, deflecting a little to Hein or Nachreiner (Luck for sure WASN’T by their side yesterday) and changed course one more after Ochs’ attempt to block it before ending up sadistically below the line! TOR FCSP! 1-0! The happy atmosphere though, wasn’t to last for long… Regensburg warned on 20′ (Machado) and hit back on 23′ with… (very well known to the Greeks) Sergio Koke after a very elegant move having back to the post and being guarded by Thorandt – Tschauni didn’t see this coming either… 1-1 and back to zero… Things weren’t getting any better while time was passing… not only our guys did not respond to the wake up call but Regensburg (playing one of their last cards towards saving the league), very passionate in the field, imposed their game and reached very close to the 2nd one on 42′ when Nachreiner’s diagonal curvy shot from within the upper right of our box was saved by the crossbar. Finally, one good opportunity for FCSP on 43′ with Daube, finishing a quick left flank counter just by Ochs’ opposite corner. Half time 1-1 with things looking not to good but with an arrogant leisurely atmosphere, product of the alcohol flow ‘-)

Koke (gained some weight!) after the equalizer (source:

Koke (gained some weight!) after the equalizer (source:

Game resumed with the guests more in control of the game and FCSP for some reason (?!?) into a somehow passive role. Slight field supremacy for Regensburg and new BIG opportunityon 57′ with Kamavuaka receiving all alone the ball, after a free kick coming from very far, at the right corner of Tschauner’s 5m box who managed in cooperation with his left vertical manage to save the goal and our asses! And, right at the point where things had started looking pretty bleak, game tuned upside down – 66 mins in the game, quick, well organized counter-attack which ended up to Gogia who, after dribbling two opponents at once in the right side of the box, SHOT Ochs IN THE FACE!!! (with the ball 🙂 ) – ball ended up to Ginczek who finished Gogia’s work and EXECUTED poor Ochs (already back on his feet) from 16m! 2-1 FCSP!!! This goal changed the route of the game – Jahn Regensburg being behind and having nothing to lose, moved forward leaving defensive gaps behind. Chances for the counter-attack occurred and one of them almost led to the 3rd but Fabian Boll’s finish, from inside the box to the right, was deflected successfully by Ochs. And here the real fun started: On 86′ Ginczek protested for a penalty not awarded by the referee. Probably a foul but, if yes, outside the box. 2′ later, Ginczek sent off (!) after a harsh referee decision (yellow for sure, but red seems a little too far)… and like all these wasn’t enough, the shock equalizer on 89′ – Hein undisturbed deep cross from the left right to the head of Kamavuaka who took no prisoners and left no options to Tschauner…2-2, almost certain KO…but this was still far from over – kick-off again and a deep ball seeming lost, saved just in time by Boll, outside right to Gogia – immediate cross inside for the incoming Bruns (scheduled along with Marius to be released in Summer…) who didn’t miss his only challenge and shot the ball directly into Ochs’ guarded corner!!! GOAL!!! GOAL!!! GOAL!!! No reaction time for the guests – full time whistle with a huge contrast of feelings inside the pitch and an FCSP madness all around it!




Action as experienced according to our Twitter feed 🙂

This was really something!!! It wasn’t about FCSP only – was pure thrill!!! FCSP was not so good in the pitch yesterday against a Regensburg team that, despite their desperate position played passionate, had the best chances and kept trying until the very end (“caught” actually myself feeling some kind of sympathy for these guys). But then again, you have an FCSP squad that gets screwed up out of nothing in 2′ and still has the guts to lift the head up, move quick and strike immediately back when supposedly everything seems over! Maybe we even had a little bit of Luck to help but still this one feels MUCH sweeter comparing to last week! Well done then, good luck to Jahn Regensburg – they will certainly need some along the way.

Next Friday (shit!), the boys are travelling to Berlin for a game vs Union. Nice place, cool fans, friendly environment and a very hard team to beat! Theoretically, there are still in the promotion race ( 5 pts behind Kaiserslautern, and Stani’s  Köln) – this looks like a very strong motive and possible could mean bad news. The bet? Get there, do the best we can and leave having at least played a decent game  – Scum thinks we can do a lot more but when Scum talks, sometimes bad things happen, so let’s forget the issue and go have some fun outside – after all, it’s a winning weekend!

Match goals:

1:0 Gogia (18′, Right shot, Assist: Kringe)

1:1 Koke (23′, Right shot, Assist: Machado)

 2:1 Ginczek (66′, Right shot, Assist: Kringe)

 2:2 Kamavuaka (89′, Header, Assist: Hein)

 3:2 Bruns (90′, Right shot, Assist: Gogia)

Spectators: 27074

Sankt Pauli cards: Daube, Kalla, Avevor

For full match coverage (in German) visit:


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