Matchday 26: 1. FC Union Berlin – FC Sankt Pauli 4-2

Posted: March 16, 2013 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2012-13
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Lucky streak ended in Berlin – still happy though 😉

Normally, writing a post following a defeat  should be considered the worst possible way to start a 3 day working break but right now things don’t look so shitty. Yes, we clearly lost to Union Berlin but we did it in style: returning twice in the game and playing for all as far as possible. Yes again, defense couldn’t stand its ground even for 10 minutes after each of our goals, but (hey!) we are all aware of what kind of team we’re supporting, right? So, it’s not so fucked up after all, let’s slip into the details 😉


The usual cozy atmosphere at the venue and a slightly relaxing approach towards a game that seemed tough and we could “afford” losing at the same time – all this of course, before kick-off. Game on with Union in control of the game, FCSP waiting patiently below the half but not much happening actually. First opportunity (hmmm…), for FCSP on 11′ with a 25m Boll shot ending quite far to be considered as a threat. This probably served as a wake up call for the hosts, who started showing some initiative – danger on 15′ with Tschauner clearing a dangerous cross before Terodde and even worse in the very next minute with Tschauner saving to a corner a Terodde shot from the center of the box, following a combination that made these guys look like FC Barcelona against our disoriented defense… Unfortunately, Tschauni  couldn’t make the three-peat on 20′ when he was finally beaten by Terodde (initially from offside position but within bounds in the course of things) for the opening goal… 1-0 for Union and ALMOST the equalizer within 60” after a bizarre situation with Super Marius blocking a careless shot by Union keeper Haas, ball taking an insane orbit and ending to a duel with Ebbers winning clearly in the air only to send the ball to the crossbar from 1m!!! Muthafucka!!!! Magic didn’t happen, back to normal with the game initially balancing and FCSP gaining possession and ground with time.

A little surprise for Marius today '-) (source: @fcstpauli_live on Twitter)

A little surprise for Marius at the training camp 🙂 (source: @fcstpauli_live on Twitter)

Finally, a double “situation” on 31′ with Kringe trying a shot deflected to corner first and a quite messy situation inside the box following which ended with an offensive foul blow. FCSP going strong and GOAL for FCSP on 36′!!! Deep Kringe cross from the right to Ebbers, unguarded in the 5m killing zone, who almost screwed everything up but his lousy header turned to a perfect control and, in the end, he gave no choice to Haas by killing him from 1m for the equalizer and…his 100th Zweite Liga goal!!! Superb moments for Super Marius towards (unfortunately) the sunset of his SUPERB FCSP career… we’ll have the chance to deal more with this in the future…1-1 for FCSP, still no problem for our hosts who just switched on the engine and got their 2nd goal on 42′ with Mattuschka all alone finishing a beautiful combination with FCSP defense simply unable to catch up with things…and things could be even worse if wasn’t Tschauner (AGAIN THE BIG GUY!) to save a Jopek venomous shot during the closing stages of the half that found FCSP 2-1 behind and us somehow facing slightly scared the 2nd half perspective… 🙂

100!!! (source:

100!!! (source:

Game on for the 2nd half with Union in control for the opening 10′ (more fuzz than work actually) and FCSP slowly increasing the pace – by 60′ nothing much had happened but the overall picture in the field somehow reversed – by 65′ game was fully back to life! A good chance for the hosts on 65′ with Terodde (again!) wasting the opportunity with a bad ball control and an even bigger for FSCP on 67′ with Ebbers being stopped (to a corner) at the very last moment before trying the shot in front (and slightly to the left) of Haas! Corner executed, Avevor header and Kohlmann clearance right on the line by his left post (GRMF!!!) – mess inside the Union box, ball to Kringe (in the box, to the left) and shot to the left post!!! HELL!!! Hosts successfully overcame the 5′ of terror and the upcoming substitutions slowed down the pace to safer (for them) levels. And right at the point that things were looking, somehow in control for them, a 20m Schachten rocket on 76′ turned everything upside down! 2-2 for FCSP and the Berlin squad suddenly running to claim back a win than seems getting out of grasp! Didn’t had to do much of running though… before 7 minutes pass, everything was settled out… Nemec on 81′ (this time almost certainly from offside position) after an 1-2 combination with Mattuschka on the far left of the box and (guess who?) Terodde on 83′ (some 7m facing the net, having already nullified his opponent with a 180 degree turn move) after a Jopek direct cross from the left did the job… Nothing left for in the game for the Boys in Brown who had in the end to settle only with the appreciation coming from the fans that made the trip along to support OUR squad. Scum suspects that these guys (the fans) on their turn didn’t leave Stadion An der Alten Försterei (damn good football ground – even from TV – have to visit this sometime!) disappointed 😉

Seems that wasn't our turn yesterday :-) (source:

Seems that wasn’t our turn yesterday 🙂 (source:

If summarizing this game in a few words is possible, the approach is this: Fair and square defeat after a game that both teams played football. Union was a better team in all aspects when it comes to details but FCSP stood on the field competitive, did not quit the match (hmmm, at least NOT until 83′ 😉 ), created chances, scored goals and gave any reason to the supporters being proud of their team. Eight matches left for the season, the 6-9 points required to secure the season, the way things are looking now, will be gathered one way or another, promotion ambitions do not exist, so if any goal remains to be set for the rest of the season, is to play good and enjoyable football as possible. Looking things from this view, we didn’t to so bad yesterday! Scum wise (?!?), it was not the best way to start the weekend but directly after the game, went to the studio, practiced a little on our new smash hit “Bomb Rostock!” (out on Summer) and, after a while everything, was well forgotten 🙂

Next match? Well, well 🙂 It’s SC Paderborn 07 coming to Millerntor on 1/4! A quite interesting game, a good opportunity to get 3 of the points discussed earlier, the return of our friends Deniz Naki & Mahir Saglik but most of all a game of huge personal interest, since my sorry ass will make it back to the Viertel after one year or so 🙂 Time to see again old friends (and maybe meet some new ones), try some of this Omonoia G9 distillate that rumors say (!) that there’s a new load of it in the USP room and nobody dares to touch ( 🙂 ), visit beloved places, spent HALF a day getting memorabilia for the Scum pals that wanted but couldn’t make the trip along, and most of all, get in the bloody Millerntor and scream and shout for FCSP!!!


Match goals:

1:0 Terodde (20′, left-footed shot, Assist: Mattuschka)

1:1 Ebbers (37′, right-footed shot, Assist: Kringe)

2:1 Mattuschka (42′, right-footed shot, Assist: Ozbek)

2:2 Shachten (76′, right-footed shot)

3:2 Nemec  (81′, left-footed shot, Assist: Mattuschka)

4:2 Terodde (83′, left-footed shot, Assist: Jopek)

 Spectators: 21410

Sankt Pauli cards: Thorandt ((welcome back!)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:


Squad entrance:


Schachten 2-2 rocket:


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