Matchday 27: FC Sankt Pauli – SC Paderborn 07 2-2!

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“Phi-lipp Tscha-uner Fuß-ball Gott!!!” (and some other kinky stuff from the Viertel!)

Being at Hamburg for FCSP always means excitement. But being at the Südkurve watching Tschauner scoring on 90′ to save the day for FCSP against SC Paderborn 07 and chilling out at the Jolly watching Bayern München EVAPORATING H$V in a single weekend is really more than the Scum bargained for 🙂


The game itself:

Warming up!

Warming up!

Südkurve after a lot of  time (November 2011) since during last visit (April 2012) preferred to take adavantage of the chance and pay for the first time our respects to the mighty Old GG… OK, MAGIC as usual, (at least from the point of view of a guy that lives the experience once a year – heard some USP pals after the match discussing about poor support performance 🙂 ), Hell’s bells, camera out to get the Anti-Homophobia choreo but shooting actually the banner over our heads ( 🙂 ) and game on!  Unfortunately, not much inside the field during the first 20′. First “incident” of the game, a 20m Brückner shot on 9′, just to complete Tschauner’s warm-up…First good opportunity for FCSP on 18′ with Gyau missing target from 16m (just by Kruse’s left post), following a panic inside the Paderborn box…and another one 2′ later with Kringe trying over the crossbar from within the box to the left. Balanced game, don’t really care at this point, having quality time on the terraces – attention back to the game around 32′ with Marius creating a situation in the opposite box but nothing much in the end…Chants, scarves, weed, beer, fun and ALMOST the shock on 45 with Brückner missing in front of our eyes, the goal that I wouldn’t miss 3 o’clock outside the Jolly!!! Heart back in place and half time 😉

Watch the tiny red banner!

Watch the tiny red banner!

2nd half, a completely different story! Just 3′ into the game, Ziegler screws up, Bartels steals the ball, enters alone in the box slightly from the left but Kruse deflecting the strike on the very last moment – close…game warming up, people warming up and on 53′, Chaos! Quick combination, ball to Schachten on the left flank outside the box at the level of the penalty spot, direct cross in the heart of the opponent defense to Super Marius coming all alone for the kill and GOAL!!! (101th!) 1-0 for FCSP and everything in the Kurve looks like a common mass!!! Hugging with people, shouting, screaming, trying to keep balance as friends jumping on you – joy at the maximum and FCSP ahead… Das Ganze Stadion (!) on it’s feet, game on and, before 3′ pass, the shocking equalizer on 56′ by Yilmaz after a succesful 1-2 ,just on the off-side edge (after all, we didn’t have the best possible viewing angle!), combination… A shock for everybody and for the game as well. FCSP really trying to regain control of the match, being not able to do so and on the same time Paderborn looking more and more dangerous but without have caused serious trouble so far. A good opportunity with Bruns getting his chance in front of Kruse on 79′ but wasting it somehow with a weak finish… Started looking at the clock on the big Scoreboard…82′ on the game and a 35m Meha free kick being saved to a corner by Tschauner. Draw started seeming like a quite acceptable option but the big dissapointment was yet to come in the form of the 2nd Paderborn goal (84′) scored by… Mahir Saglik (after a…Deniz Naki assist) just 5′ after his entrance on the pitch, a goal that he didn’t of course celebrated…

Scum note: both of these guys (Deniz Naki and Mahir Saglik, especially Naki) were in a quite awkward role yesterday, playing as opponents in the place that they were beloved and glorified. Both of them were warmly welcome but the Scum has a feeling that the flow of the game and the crazy twist of emotions, prevented the BIG applause that they both really deserved at the end… One way or another, YNWA guys 🙂

Back into gloomy reality with FCSP down, everybody looking at the clock, my Hamburg trip experience about to receive a serious blow and the only thing happenning in the pitch is substitutions…90′ on the scoreboard, corner for FCSP, ball right in the heart of the Paderborn defense, to completely unguarded Phillip “Van Basten in gloves” Tschauner, who equalized with a header and set up Millerntor in flames!!! (Not the ones coming from the dangerous sparkles!) MADNESS!!! ABSOLUTE MADNESS!!! Doesn’t need to go any further wasting words trying to describe things that cannot be described, at least by the untalented in literatule (but very talented in drinking) Scum 🙂 Injury time, extremely agonizing with two more opportunities, one for each team but don’t ask about details in this situation – I THINK another Tschauni and a dangerous FCSP counter attack (Bruns?). Full time whistle in general relief and a quite emotional atmosphere – this one certainly will be remembered!

Tschauner und TOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRR! (source:

Tschauner und TOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRR! (source:

Can’t really comment footballwise on I game so emotionally experienced. Kept just the party, agony, relief and joy shared with friends and more or less 28000 fellow FCSP supporters. Expert (?!?!?) Scum comment back next week which brings us to…

Dynamo Dresden! Travel to an anything-but-friendly place to face an anything-but-friendly squad, being already in a quite (sic!) difficult position! They know who we are, we know who THEY are, so it’s plain and simple: Let’s go there, win, bury their asses and send them down to Liga 3 to keep company to Hansa Rostock!!! (Scum is happy with a draw 🙂 )

Match goals:

1:0 Ebbers (53′, right-footed shot, Assist: Schachten)

1:1 Yilmaz (56′, right-footed shot, Assist: Vrancic)

1:2 Saglik (84′, left-footed shot, Assist: Naki)

2:2 Tschauner!!! (90′, header!!!, Assist: Daube)

Spectators: 28278

Sankt Pauli cards: GyauSchachten, Thorandt ( 🙂 ), Bartels

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

The other stuff:

Still at the Viertel while writing this, having still one evening available to share a few rounds with friends, but if this had to be summarized in a few words, these would be just about the beauty being back here even without doing anything. Just walking the Budapester at 5 in the morning, with temperatures below 0 and a slight snowfall during the opening night (Friday) was an experience as joyful as all the moments that I’ve shared with all old (and new) good friends here…


Highlights should be considered: Of course, Saturday afternoon watching Bayern abusing the H$V corpse, having as company an Oldtra friend, a LUNATIC Aalborg FCSP crew, a bunch of Athletic Bilbao guys and some “local population” was at least PRICELESS! The same could also be told about our “secret” later visit at a H$V bar in Talstraße, enjoying our drink and listening to conversations like “I don’t want to be a H$V fan today” and other similar sweet stuff 🙂

The Aalborg madmen banner at the Jolly :-)

The Aalborg madmen banner at the Jolly 🙂

Another good occasion, the “Diffidati Con Noi” support march, that takes place this season every matchday, after the match from Millerntor to the Fanladen. Never been before, more like a walk than a march this time, but with all the good elements, like destroying a “Sauna” Club advertisement on wheels outside the stadium (unfortunately camera had already decided to ran out of memory!), and walking in a very positive mood the local (and beloved) streets, singing the solidarity chants along with known hits like “Gehst du durchs Viertel“, etc 🙂

Pregame Jolly activities!

Pregame Jolly activities!

Other moments to keep (except of course meeting again old comrades) was having a beer for the first time with the guys from Yorkshire St. Pauli, just hope to get organized somehow better next time and make them a few more (and don’t forget to bring the banner this time 😉 ). An incidental meeting with some Bayern Schickeria guys, the Astra and Mexicaner rounds with the Aalborg guys, the usual Fanladen ticket/beer/say hello stop, burping quietly at the Kleine Pause, being completely humiliated on Kicker at the Jolly back room (!), etc, etc (Late PS: And of course, this crazy Fortuna Köln (!) guy!) – I suppose a quick stop by the Room tonight (if time allows) will complete the experience ‘-)



Well, that was this for this (poor in Scum attendance anyway) season. Next season, hope I’ll be back not only on my own but along with at least some of my Scum comrades and pals from the Athens Club that wanted but couldn’t make the trip this time… We’ll certainly return, to live again the magic experience, reunite with our brothers and sisters here and maybe have the chance to meet the new ones that weren’t able to meet this time (@bucanero1910). Hope that squad in the meantime will do the obvious and we will not have to return at the end of the season for resons we don’t even to think about ‘-)


Finally, some footage before damn camera memory quits on me 🙂

Squad entrance (screwed up!)

Hooligan sparklers!

End of match (in the middle the damn camera died)


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