Matchday 28: Dynamo Dresden – FC Sankt Pauli 3-2…

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Dynamo Dresden vs the DOM Defense…


It’s not about the defeat… last month we collected four at Berlin and everything was OK – squad tried it’s best, just couldn’t make it and everybody somehow satisfied… but, having the chance to sink Dynamo Dresden into the Abyss of Liga 3, being 2 goals ahead and then just throw everything in the bucket, it’s a completely different story… This was sooo fucked up…


Of course, this was expected to be a very tough one but there was a lot of optimism in the venue prior to the kick off, maybe due to the nature of the opponent – one way or another, we could get at least a draw (1 out of the 2 pts required to secure the league – 35 is the Scum safety limit!) and leave Damned Dynamo drifting in the relegation play-off zone! A specially  good mood for everybody also due to the presence of a few Athens Club colleagues, haven’t been seen for a while, stories to share about last week’s Hamburg trip, tsipouro, beer and snacks, all the ingredients well mixed, only waiting for the Boys in Brown to do their part…

The opening minutes actually were more than encouraging! FCSP strong into the game and first opportunity within 2′ with Ginczek getting fast into the opponent box from the left just to hit Kirsten’s outer net. Another 25m Ginczek shot on 3′, no problem for the keeper. Dynamo starting responding to the challenge hence a balanced but quite intense game for the following minutes. And after 14′ the first BIG for FCSP! An attack initially began from the outside left with ball travelling low and ending via Bartels to Gyau at the other side of the box who, all alone, fired a shot that deflected to Dynamo’s left post junction! ARGH! Hosts responded emphatically 5′ later – almost the goal for them with a Fort header, following a Trojan deep kick, hitting on the crossbar and bouncing just in front of the line before ending in the grasp of the (stunned) Tschauner! And another one for them with Koch shooting just outside the box and Tschauner stretching all the way to prevent the shot to a corner. A game well balanced for the rest of the half with a quit good pace and Dynamo somehow having the first role. Incidents to both ends bot not big chances except Solga’s shot for Dynamo on 38′ hitting Tschauni’s right outer net. Half time 0-0 but after an anything but boring game. Everybody happy in the venue, new tsipouro rounds, a really lovely atmosphere actually ( 🙂 ) and the feeling of potential for the second half to come!

The 9-hour-night-train-trip heroes! (source:

The 9-hour-night-train-trip heroes! (source:

And what a way to get into the 2nd half!!! Left flank free kick from Bartels, header from Mohr among lots of people and GOAL for FCSP! 0-1 on 50′ and EVERYBODY UP! Game on and within 2′, 0-2!!! Impressive onslaught by Gyau carrying the ball half the field before cutting, just in the right time’ to the right for Ginczek who didn’t miss and sent the ball to Kirsten’s far corner! 0-2 on 52′ and NOW we have the correct atmosphere in the venue! And somewhere here, and within a state of total complacency (both in venue and IN THE FIELD unfortunately), the nightmare begins…Dresden simply refused to give up the game even being 2 goals down, something that our guys figured out after disaster has already happened… A goal, real football beauty, for them on 62′, with a reverse Trojan kick after some excellent combinations between the black/yellow squad, beginning from the outer left flank and ending in front of our 5m box…and within 4′ (66′) the equalizer in the same shocking manner we did some minutes earlier! 40m right flank free kick by Fiel and ball to Losilla who jumped for the header undisturbed having 4 (YES, FOUR!) FCSP defenders around him! Excellent dive and initial save by Tschauner but the rebound AGAIN to Losilla who nailed the ball from 3m for the equalizer…Good mood still present at the venue but this doesn’t look like a party anymore… For the following minutes, wasn’t only the shock of the upset but the feeling as well, while watching the game, that the squad not only can’t strike back but it doesn’t even seem able to hold the draw and the worst is yet to come…Poisonous free kick for Dynamo, some 17m inside right, by Fiel deflected by Tschauner on the crossbar – the absolute-panic reactions of our defense from this moment and for the following few seconds before the ball enters Tschauner’s net, after the Schuppan shot deflected on  Avevor for the 3-2, speak for themselves… Dresden in the lead but the spirit that our opponents showed wasn’t anywhere to be found within our reserves…even on 88′ when the COMPLETE-FUCK-UP Jungwirth pass got Ginczek, all alone in front of Kirsten, for the equalizer.  Chance wasted, along with any possibility to get anything out of a match that we didn’t deserve any the way it turned… Final whistle, 3-2, a really deep breath for Dynamo Dresden, jumping one step over the dead zone, heads down for the Boys in Brown…

Trojan on 62' scoring maybe on the most critical goals in late Dresden history - to be seen... (source:

Trojan on 62′ scoring maybe on the most critical goals in late Dresden history – to be seen… (source:

A painful defeat, after a disheartening performance…not technically speaking of course, but in terms of will, soul, focus, strength and all the other cozy clichés 🙂 Watched our hosts, being in a desperate position (THUMBS UP for this, no matter, how we dislike them!) and behaving like the dominant squad in the field… This only happened because we allowed them to keep having hopes, we allowed them back in to the game and from this point on, with this FCSP on the field, there was no way back… Such a wasted opportunity to completely secure the league. Maybe somebody could think that “hey, 6 matchdays are enough to get not only 2 but far more than the 2-3 points needed”. Better take a look at the remaining schedule first:


6 matches, 3 of them against the 3 top teams of the league…The “good version” of FCSP squad, we have watched this year, could get (according to the, expert in booze consumption but not really in football, Scum!) up to 12 pts and finish the season in style… About “yesterday’s version”? Hmmm… the weakest theoretically opponents are Vfl Bochum and MSV Duisburg, both of them away and actually Vfl Bochum is the exact position Dresden was some 24 hrs ago, before we resurrect them back from the dead… The remaining ones are squads that THIS FCSP could get something out of them only when in state of total unconcern, something not quite used in German football… This makes next week’s home match vs 1860 München (just scored against Cottbus by the way) one of extreme significance… Heads up (done before this season), and let’s give these guys of a taste of what FCSP is really about!

Fortunately for the Scum crew, last night’s defeat was mitigated thanks to the visit of our Athens Club pals at the venue. A lot of discussion, also after the match for sometime, about things that we could probably do together in the future, some more short term plans ( 🙂 ), asking and being asked about how mutual friends are doing, and whatever you could possibly hear in a company of semi-drunk Greek FCSP fans, varying from the Greek CULT Karate Master, John Alexiou (!!! by the way Cottbus just equalized 🙂 ) to…Voyager mission and Carl Sagan (R.I.P.). Scum more than willing to repeat this even on Saturday 😉

Match goals:

0:1 Mohr (50′, header, Assist: Bartels)

0:2 Ginczek (53′, right-footed shot, Assist:  Gyau)

1:2 Trojan (62′, left-footed shot, Assist: Müller)

2:2 Losilla (66′, left-footed shot, Assist:  Fiel)

3:2 Schuppan (77′, left-footed shot)

Spectators: 29193

Sankt Pauli cards: Thorandt (just copy/paste here!)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:


Match highlights:


Schuppan’s goal (3-2)

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