Matchday 29: FC Sankt Pauli – 1860 München 3-1!

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Job Done! Liga 2 secured! Happy Scummy People!



Fin Bartels, with a little help from Daniel “The Birthday Boy” Ginczek,  Dennis Daube (great game) and a few more (?!?) led the White & Brown gang to a relieving win over TSV 1860 München, after a game that could have been but wasn’t as easy as may seem by the final score. One way or another, job well done, even the slightest worries regarding a possible relegation risk seem vanished, all theoretically left is just play good football for the fans during the closing stage of the season!


Certainly a key game, the way things had turned so far in the league table… Relegation not completely avoided and a TOUGH schedule ahead… A superior, according to the numbers, opponent, our guys not in the best shape of the season but still the Hot Millerntor breeze along with an always present positive perspective, tightly bound with our identities as FCSP fans…In a few words, nobody sure about what’s about to happen in the venue and just trying to lighten up the fighting spirit with some traditional local alcohol products (even Kaiser beer is considered Greek, right?), along with some snacks (mainly consumed by the known Fat Hardcore Bastard), something that worked just fine as anytime 🙂 To the match!

Opening minutes, with FCSP looking decisive in the field and willing to press the guests, a supremacy  though, shown up in the form of a series of corners resulting to nothing better than a Kalla header (3′) that didn’t even worried Kiraly. 1860 recovered quickly enough and started showing their intentions (don’t forget, they needed the game probably more than us), and after 1-2 consecutive messy situations in our box, had their first opportunity with a Lauth shot, just by Tschauni’s right post. Game started taking life, with a good pace and the ball moving between both ends and on 16′ we were lucky enough to see the ball passing JUST by our left post after a Friend shot almost from the penalty spot – ouch! First real chance for FCSP on 22′ but a BIG one with Ginczek, all alone in the box about 8m from the post and slightly left, making a straight-forward direct shot that only he understood…there were some criticism on the venue regarding his (general) body balance but his birthday occasion didn’t allow the conversation to spread much further 🙂 Of course, this was also helped by the fact that during the following minutes FCSP started really making something into the game – lots of minor occurrences , all in the München half, things started looking like something’s gotta give here…and ALMOST the goal on 30′ with an Avevor (positioned at the first post, outside the keeper box) header, following a corner from the left, saved JUST over the crossbar by our favorite-Liga 2-non FCSP-keeper, Gabor Kiraly (Respect!). Still, pressure increasing and on 34’…GOAAAAL for FCSP! A wonderful team-work combination, with almost half the squad involved, ended up to the feet of unguarded Ginczek, almost at the penalty spot, who made himself the best possible gift for his birthday by beating Kiraly for the 1-0! FCSP ahead and actually continuing the pressure until the end of the half, even without further results. Half time with 1-0 for FCSP – everybody happy in the venue but tones still low – after all, nobody has forgotten last week’s Dresden nightmare

Happy Birthday Boy! (source:

Happy Birthday Boy! (source:

München’s comeback efforts during the opening of the 2nd half came as no surprise – 5′ into the game and BIG CHANCE (phew!) for them with a Vallori 7m header (as usually and as you probably already guessed, all alone facing the net)  ending JUST over the crossbar… New big chance for 1860 (56′) with Friend all alone missing from execution distance and ANOTHER ONE on 60′ with Tschauner saving with his legs a Friend shot, some 6m into the box from the right! Tsipouro raises body temperature one way or another, therefore sweat just start making his appearance in some foreheads 🙂 FCSP, having luckily survived the 15′ of Horror, almost doubled the score on 63′ with Kiraly intervening twice between us and the goal – first shot by Ginczek, second by Kringe – ACKKK! 5-6′ with substitutions and pace decrease and, what didn’t happen on 63′, happened on 70′! New good team-work from the left flank, Daube (initially from doubtful position – Onside, according to the Scum) left cross, outside the box, Kiraly blew up for good (now he’s even more favorite!) at the first post, ball out of his control and finally to Bartels who took no prisoners – 2-0 for FCSP!!! And before even having time to sit down and get focused back into the game (no relaxing here), corner for 1860 from the left, header, in the heart of the FCSP defense by Friend, and…2-1…Last week, suddenly comes back into the head…Kickoff, ball to the left flank, cross from Schachten and here you have again Mr Fin Bartels coming at the first post for a header at the opposite corner and the 3rd GOAL FOR FCSP!!! Bloody football! What a fuckin’ change of emotions from moment to moment – to Hell and back within minutes (Yes, you idiot – like you started watching football on January 🙂 🙂 🙂 ). Actually the third goal, caught my sorry ass…tweeting 2-1 for the bloody blog – seriously considering cutting off blog live update after this 🙂 Back in order, with our heads back together and from this point and then was just drinking, having fun and celebrating with friends. Nothing left in the 1860 reserve stocks, FCSP quite comfortable with the situation and a party atmosphere at Millerntor. It could be probably even more with a 4 vs 2 counter attack during injury time, wasted by our birthday scoring guy, but in the end and considering the flow of the game, a further score would seem a little like “injustice” 😉 3-1 Happy Ending for the Boys ib Brown!

FIn Bartels been awarded the proper honours! (source:

Fin Bartels been awarded the proper honors! (source:

OK, mission accomplished. Everything seems better now point wise and normally we will (hopefully) have no worries finishing the season. Of course, we shouldn’t forget certain facts like that the team was again lucky today – the known defending issues could cost even more today. On the other hand, the team from a creating point of view was at least satisfactory – all FCSP goals came out of team work and not as products of a free kick or an opponent defensive major screw up. Concluding last week’s match report, we were discussing the possibilities along with the two different faces of FCSP. Yesterday, seems that we watched the good version – hope only the brown/White guys have finally found their steps and we will continue watching good football until the end…

…starting with damn Bochum away on Friday! These guys, a few minutes ago, had an unexpected 0-1 win at Cottbus (well done Energie!), climbed over Dresden at the table and they are now the closest hunting rival, just…7 points below. Of course, playing like the FCSP we don’t wan’t to know, 7 points can easily become 4 and etc, etc, etc – if not, 39 pts, bye bye everybody! So guys, IT’S ONE MORE GAME!!! Go and beat Bochum for the Scum, go and beat Bochum for Mummy, go and beat Bochum for whoever you like but just go and beat Bochum, so we not only enjoy the rest of the season careless but having also the pleasure to see these guys fighting with Dresden until the very end for the privilege of keeping company to HRO next year!!!

Match goals:

1:0 Ginczek (34′, right-footed shot, Assist: Daube)

2:0 Bartels (70′, right-footed shot,  Assist: Daube)

2:1 Friend (73, header,  Assist: Stoppelkamp)

3:1 Bartels (74′, header,  Assist: Shachten)

Spectators: 28892

Sankt Pauli cards: Schachten

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Lucky to find this (didn’t noticed it on TV): Squad entrance – Nordkurve Choreo!

PS: Report foreword written a little before the Cottbus vs Bochum game. Reading it again (after the 0-2), seems a little stupid, but after screwing around with this thing for the past 3-4 hours, there’s NO WAY changing it. Squad, don’t make me look like a jackass next week!


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