Matchday 30: VfL Bochum – FC Sankt Pauli 3-0…

Posted: April 20, 2013 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2012-13
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The return of the DOM Defense…

(The saga continues!)

Another quite spicy title for the report could be “having fun with the Jackass Scum Admin” since the above words of wisdom are coming straight from the conclusion of last week’s match report titled: Job Done! Liga 2 secured! Happy Scummy People!” (Yes!!!). The, usually wiser than the Scum, reader could easily say “Fuck off lads, squad has better things to do than performing group therapies, reading your weekly match reports!”. Fair enough, the only problem is that some of these guys didn’t miss only the Scum report but they failed to take a quick look to the Liga 2 table or even listening when coach Frontzeck was talking (was he?) about their next opponent… It’s the only way to explain the fact that this young, talented and promising squad (talented not only in the field but, some of them proven, more than once during this season, extremely skilled in the use of social media as well), went and collected 3 goals from a squad that had scored before yesterday’s game only at 11 out of 29 league games and have every (sick like us!) FCSP fan nailed tomorrow in front of a TV, radio or computer, hoping that Energie Cottbus will do against Dynamo Dresden what they failed to do last week against VfL Bochum… Welcome to the magic of the (new) FC Sankt Pauli…


Game opened with pressure being exercised by the hosts (having a very good momentum with Peter Neururer, squad veteran at the edge of the bench) even from the opening minutes with ball played mainly in our own half. First dangerous incident after 3′ into the game with a Rzatkowski deep 35m+ free kick from the right, changing course after Kramer’s head intervention and forcing Tschauner to a last moment save. New good chance for Bochum on 8′ with Acquistapace’s header, following a right flank corner kick, ending (with a double effort) in Tschauner’s grasp. FCSP trying to push a little but Bochum still in control and they actually have complains for a penalty case on 18′ with ball after  a Dedic right flank cross deflecting to Thorandt’s left “arm” before ending up corner – today’s replay says that they were probably right… New Bochum opportunity with a Goretzka,25m+ slightly to the right, powerful shot just over our far corner… Our first break on 21′ with Schachten’s beautiful personal effort being stopped by Luthe with ball ending up JUST by their far post – ACKKK! Expectations raised were immediately killed at birth  3′ later… Clear penalty by Markus “The Brain” Thorandt  to his personal opponent Dedic on 24′ who had no problem converting it to the opening goal, one minute later. 1-0 on 25’… like being magically awaken, FCSP moved immediately forward and almost touched the equalizer on 27′ with Thorandt’s (5m facing the net) bouncing header, after a Daube corner kick, being stopped by lucky (in the exact right place!) as well as capable, Luthe! Another 20m shot wide by Ginczek on 28′ and things started looking like FCSP is back into the game again, something that unfortunately lasted only until 37′ when a major screw up in the center led the ball to (guess who?) Dedic all alone just below the centre – his free sprint facing Tschauner ended the way it was supposed to… 2-0 for Bochum… FCSP last real chance to get back into the game even from the first half (this could be a turning point) on 45′! Daube corner again from the left, wrong Luthe exit this time, Thy header for the exact same spot as Thorandt on 27′ and ball being stopped just before the line by some Bochum leg!!! Oh man, this could really make a difference…half time 2-0 and not one of the best of days so far…

Dedic after 2-0: the loneliness of the long distance runner :-) (source:

Dedic after 2-0: the loneliness of the long distance runner 🙂 (source:

Back into the 2nd half…not much expected and not much happened (at least, comparing with the first half). FCSP having more initiative after being 2-0 down and more space in the field, mainly due to the hosts’ desire to play a more conservative game  – a good 20m shot by Thy on 54′, good reaction (to a corner) again by  Luthe…and a 10m shot wide by Ginczek on 62′, that could certainly end up somehow better, following a Bartels serve on 62′. The, half finished anyway, game almost ended on 63′ with Tasaka making a clown out of the entire FCSP defense before his 5m shot for the kill being stopped by Tschauner’s (lucky this time) legs! Not only goal avoided but 2′ later FCSP could also make the 2-1, if wasn’t Luthe again to stop Kringe (excellent onslaught from the left) with the exact same way – the actual epilogue of the game was written on 70′ with Tasaka beating Tschauner (he could do better but, what the Hell, we’re talking about Phil here 🙂 ) with a technical shot outside the box, ending up to our right bottom corner… no game from this point until the full time whistle… 3-0, a normal outcome, the way things happened in the field…

Once more with heads down after an away game - 3rd worse team in the league when considering away matches (image source:

Once more with heads down after an away game – 3rd worse team in the league when considering away matches (image source:

After a match lost this way, the temptation to speak about football (and probably boo a few) is huge, but as repeatedly been written in this blog, if we were coaches, we were probably working Sunday evening instead of writing whisky flavored impressions of a bitter defeat, so we’ll skip and stick to supporting and save criticism for issues that are related to being FCSP outside of the pitch…so the situation goes like this:

This is our remaining (Hell) schedule (36 pts):

FCSP Schedule

Erzgebirge Aue (32)

AUE Schedule

VfL Bochum (32)

Bochum schedule

Dynamo Dresden (Relegation play-outs zone 28)

Dresden schedule

A quick look at the tables above leads to a quick conclusion: tomorrow’s game between Dresden and Cottbus is one of BIG significance. Below, you can see a summary of Cottbus previous results:

Cottbus results

Not quite impressive, right? Add the fact that Angela Merkel’s favorite team has no “personal interests”  in the game (these guys actually go for nothing – yes, here’s Liga 2 and everything goes but look at their results again) and you have a first chance for Dresden to climb to 31 pts… With a gap of only 5pts between our ass and the relegation zone, the momentum of the rivals and our schedule for the remaining 4 match days, things are looking quite worrying. For now, keep fingers crossed and wish that the Cottbus squad will suddenly wake up, fight for the pride they never had ( 🙂 ), get at least a draw and give a deep breath to everybody between 32 and 36…

This (along with supporting the Club with all our strength in any occasion) is what we can do – what can the squad do? Can our crew, so confused on their defending duties (remember, defense is an 11 people thing), stand their ground and get something against Hertha “coming with full momentum” BSC before going for the “final” (last theoretically good chance) vs MSV Duisburg? This remains to be seen…

One step at the time, FULL support, let’s secure the season, and there will be plenty of time to discuss all the rest along the way 🙂

C’MON (at last!) FCSP!!!

Match goals:

1-0 Dedic (25′, penalty, right-footed shot, Assist: Kramer)

2-0 Dedic (37′, right-footed shot, Assist: Goretzka)

3-0 Tasaka (70′, left-footed shot)

Spectators: 26072

Sankt Pauli cards: Ginczek

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

The ones that did everything right…


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