Matchday 31: FC Sankt Pauli – Hertha BSC 2-3…

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No DOM joke this time…it’s not funny even to us anymore…

Having fun in Millerntor... (source:

Having fun in Millerntor… (source:

What a waste…our criminally insane defensive behavior deprived us once more from the chance getting the invaluable, towards the race against relegation, points and securing the, supposed to already be secured, league… 2 goals in the closing 5 minutes and there goes another game, a game that we didn’t deserved actually something more than a draw out of it…Another bitter (even if it was considered more than possible before the match) loss, and here’s the 1000$ question: when you’re ahead at home, 5′ before full time and, in the end, you can’t even get a draw at of the game, in what exactly do you base your belief of staying alive except the incompetence of others?


The first real Spring Sunday of the year, seeming actually more like summer, and a good 50%-50% mixed bunch of Scum and Athens Club guys (no photo this time, just to break the habbit!), gathered all together under the BIG umbrellas. Some faces haven’t seen for a lot of time (Hey GreenCeltic!) and a warm atmosphere, making things even warmer, being chilled out by  good quantities of Strong German beer – a bloody promising situation, diffusing some serious optimism in the air…an excellent atmosphere in the stadium (by the way, why the riot police in front of the Hertha fans?) and FCSP wearing the special charity competition winner t-shirt to boost moral a little further…all setup!

Not an equally promising start in the game though, with Hertha BSC looking anything but a squad that came for “tourism” and celebration (they were actually somehow overaggressive during the evolution of the match) – pressure in our own half and first good chance on 4′ with Tschauner saving to a corner an 18m Ronny (what a player!) shot. Nothing big until the middle of the half but a continuous Hertha presence outside the box, something that paid up (with valuable help from our defense, of course) with Ramos stealing the ball from Avevor (who probably thought that he is Gilberto Silva) at the bottom left corner of the box and passing to incoming Allagui who had no problem scoring the opening goal…0-1 for Hertha but no consequences at the mood of the local bunch since the majority was seeing it already coming…”toasts to FCSP, big noise from the glasses, and let’s enoy football” attitude. On the one hand, this wasn’t a scheduled 3ptr and we’re quite used to our defensive screw ups, on the other…game continued in favor of the guests until the first half hour of the game, when FCSP tentatively started moving a little forward…A  20m foul awarded to FCSP after a messy situation with Hertha keeper being outside his penalty area, led to Kraft’s first good save of the game. FCSP progressively pushed  the gear more and, with  39′ into the game, Super Marius, only one minute after his entrance in the game, lost our first big one missing from slightly left to the penalty spot, replacing the civilized chit chat sounds with screams! The White & Brown bunch escalated pressure even more and towards the end of the half put Hertha in the ropes for good! 45′: Ginczek all alone before Kraft beaten by his opponent and Ebbers coming for the rebound got the header (which ednded slightly over the post) while simultaneously got KOed by a Ndjeng high kick, coming directly from “Enter the Dragon”! A fuckin’ penalty mister!!! No vision from the referee though and a corner decision. Corner executed and a Colossal oportunity with Ginczek failing to push the ball into the net well inside Kraft’s 5m area!!! Half time with an impressive closing FCSP crescendo getting the venue up to its feet!

Super Marious has just felt the force of Ndjeng's martial arts skills! (source:

Super Marious has just felt the force of Ndjeng’s martial arts skills! (source:

A very tense, from it’s opening 2nd half with Hertha (best squad of the season one way or another) out to secure the game and FCSP out to claim our chances. Strong pace, physical game and the first big one for the hosts on 60′ with Ben-Hatira getting easily rid of Thorandt on the bottom right corner of the keeper’s box before trying a very tricky shot from a quite awkward position – ball got a very dangerous orbit but, thankfully, Tschauner’s hand interfered, changing the ball course, which bounced on the crossbar before deflecting away…another ball on the crossbar after a skillful Ronny free kick some 35m to the right line of bounds – brrrrrrrrr…. Some moments of high tension, a few yellow cards and back to the game…for the equalizer!!! Good counter attack by FCSP, return in time for the Hertha defense, some good teamwork at the edge of the box anf finally ball to Thy, who finished, passing the ball between Kraft’s legs, for his 1st goal of the season! 1-1 on 66′ and we can’t fuckin’ believe it! A game gone wild…suddenly FCSP with a momentum out of nowehere and almost the 2nd on 70′ with Ginczek getting in fast from the right but his final cross just one step in fron of Ebbers! ACKKK! Again, almost immediately, Thy in front of Kraft, at killing position but not an effective finish this time – ball blocked – BIG ACKKK! Entering the final quarter at a crazy pace with ball moving back and forth and almost every effort from both teams smelling trouble! Huge chance for FCSP on 82′, with Ginczek having back on the net (around the penalty spot), before changes leg, makes the reverse move and finally fires a missile stopped only by Kraft’s right post junction!!! AAAAAAHHHHH!!! Mess at the tables and before cooling down, penalty for FCSP this time after a Kraft direct punch to (poor) Ebbers, while both going for the ball! Ball on the spot by Ginczek who had absolutely no problem scoring for the 2-1! MADNESS both in Millerntor and venue with the 3pts almost at grasp!

Really wish that the bloody report would end somewhere here…unfortunately SUDDEN DEATH was sneaking around the corner…first in the form of (Top Class we repeat) Ronny (88′) who turned everything upside down with a World Class 18m shot aiming where even Tschauner couldn’t reach, and then (right at the point where we all discussing that draw is a quite fair result and we SHOULD be happy) in the form of Wagner who “technically” executed Tschauner from 8m with the entire FCSP defence watching the course of the ball on its way to him, like children watching the orbit of the planets in some city Planetarium…from triumph to annihilation in less than 3 minutes…

The perfect contrast... (source:

The perfect contrast… (source:

We were discussing after full time (sunk our grief in beer for another couple of hours) what would be better? a) Losing the game with some comfortable 0-2 and enjoy our Sunday afternoon without any serious thrill or b) visiting Hell with a short stop at Heaven first like we actually did… like good and honest football fans we should answer B but unfortuantely today the answer is different… not because the drama had an unfortunate ending but because yesterday’s game outcome led to a disheartening conclusion… these guys can’t do it – period…Scum is not talking about the ability to play good football or score but about the ability to focus and hold on to a target with will and seriousness – maybe it’s a fuckin’ mental thing, who knows, but when you’re wasting chances like yesterday, you are not justified expecting anything in the end…

So, what’s next? Keep fingers crossed, keep supporting and hope that:

Seems like a lot to ask, doesn’t it? So, Instead of waiting for all these to happen, we could solve the issue ourselves just by playing a good game against MSV Duisburg but we were supposed to do the same yesterday, right?


Match goals:

0:1 Allagui (23′, left-footed shot, Assist: Ramos)

1:1 Thy (66′, left-footed shot, Assist: Bartels)

2:1 Ginczek (85′, penalty, right-footed shot, Assist: Ebbers)

2:2 Ronny (88′, left-footed shot, Assist: Ramos)

2:3 Wagner (90′, left-footed shot, Assist: Kobiashvili)

Spectators: 29063 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Schachten, Boll, Bartels

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Match highlights:

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