Matchday 32: MSV Duisburg – FC Sankt Pauli 0-0…

Posted: May 6, 2013 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2012-13
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Prepare the torches….REALLY Black clouds ahead…

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FC Sankt Pauli “survived” with a clean sheet draw at Duisburg, after a much better game than the final score suggests. It could be worse, of course – judging strictly by what happened in the pitch, draw is a result that we should be at least happy with it (such misery). Unfortunately, the way things have turned out in the league table after the late “resurrection” of Bochum and Dresden, we’re not happy… This draw may mean a lot but in the end but it can turn out not worth much either… One thing is sure…Thanks to our choices (as a Club, not as fans!) almost one year ago (birthday coming up by the way) and what followed until the summer preparation kick-off, we’re heading for a spectacular season finale, even if slightly different from what we have imagined – fasten your seat belts, Hell is coming for breakfast!


Easter here in Greece but not welcome at all by the Scum since German Bierhaus Sky Bundesliga venue closed for the occasion. No Greek Cable TV broadcast either, so off to (emergency) plan C. Fortunately, the 1 Mbps speed (YESSS ONE, the best any provider can offer in this area – congratulations to the Greek National Telecommunication provider – and these bastards actually advertise 50 Mbps fiber optics technology on TV!!!) was proven adequate – stream secured, laptop on the screen, weed and beer preparations – everything finally in place!

Game on, with first notable moment for FCSP on 4′ with a Ginczek, into the right edge of the box and with some tight angle, shooting directly but Wiedwald was waiting on his guarded corner and blocked without problems. Hosts responded on 9′ with Wolze (unattended of course) trying a 20m shot, saved to a corner by Air-Tschauner…and they did it again on 13′ with Perthel crossing from the left to Sukalo (unattended of course) whose bouncing 6m header passed JUST by our left post…brrrrrr… 1st quarter with hosts more in control of the game but on 17′ we had our big opportunity to score but Ginczek, entering the box all alone BUT to the left, was beaten at the one-to-one duel with Wiedwald… Game on, with a good pace (probably a game to watch and enjoy if not a demented FCSP fan 🙂 ), with us creating from time to time messy situations a) on our expense, like the 23′ occasion when a complete system failure in the defense led to a Bomheuer bicycle kick, handled (phew!) successfully by Tschauner and b) against the opponent as Ginczek did on 25′, without finishing unfortunately, thanks to the last MSV Duisburg defender Bajic who successfully tackled him out before getting again 121 with Wiedwald… 2nd quarter to FCSP but our, not so desperate for the result, hosts came back with a good chance on 33′ when Wolze, receptor of a long ball into the left edge of the box, closed in and tried the shot but Tschauner (MVP of the year, regardless what happens in the closing stages!) saved again to a corner…A slight decrease of the pace from this moment with last good (double) opportunity for FCSP on 41′ with Wiedwald first stopping Ginczek from close range after a Thy cross and then successfully handling a 16m shot by Thy (like “Tea” and not “Tü” dear Sky commentators 🙂 ) Half time 0-0, things, under normal circumstances, should be quite relaxing and funky now but, for some strange reason, they ain’t…

That was close... (image source:

That was close… (image source:

Back into the game, with Bartels (46′) receiving the ball by Daube just in the box from the left and trying a shot from a very difficult position without any effect (wide). “Balanced” game, with FCSP trying unsuccessfully to create threats and hosts waiting patiently their opportunity, for the following minutes and…almost disaster on 57′ with Wolze crossing deep into the heart of the box and Sukalo coming with a big momentum, jumping over two unsuspected FCSP defenders for a POWER header that ended up just over the crossbar! Still the same motive and another opportunity wasted for Duisburg on 68′ with Gjasula final recipient of the ball after a good team-work attack, wasting the chance shooting from the edge of the box and facing directly the net right into the arms of Tschauner in the center…game fading as approaching towards the closing stages – FCSP can’t do and MSV not quite interested, considering probably the one point enough (40 are enough) to stay away from any further trouble. We could break the routine on 78′ but Schachten didn’t make the proper ball control into the heart of the MSV defense after a Kringe corner – in the evolution of the phase, Thy beaten by Wiedwald from 1m but with the assistant referee flag already raised for offside…A Schachten shot from the left edge of the box unstably handled by Wiedwald but without further consequences on 87′ was the last chance for both teams in the game. Full time 0-0 with the singing FCSP fans at the guest block, having already won the “contest” against the superior in numbers local crowd already from the middle of the 2nd half, being the only real winners…

Bochum post was used as template. Seemed a good idea to leave the same picture here. Thought that, even with the scarves in the background being red, nobody would notice the difference – a typical late FCSP view at full time…(image source:

<Personal Outburst>

No, we’re not fucking happy. And it’s not about winning or losing here. Almost one year ago, when we lost the promotion play-offs on goal average, we were complaining again…about anything except the loss of a promotion that we didn’t deserve – it’s all written here… The real problem is not playing in Liga 3 – the problem is what’s at stake with a possible relegation… The VIP residents and the sponsors will leave and they can go to hell. But THIS club, at THIS phase of development (obligations from GG reconstruction, etc, etc) simply can’t afford leaving Liga 2 at this time. This would mean a complete financial breakdown and could had disastrous consequences on the “Social”  side of the club as well… Even if AFM, season tickets and the 10% of the Fanshop money (FUCK Upsolut Merchandising!) were enough to support the football club itself, they are certainly not enough (according to our knowledge at least) to support all the other activities (youth, handicapped, etc, etc) related with FCSP. That’s why FCSP CAN’T AND WON’T GO LIGA 3! (Note at the bottom) All gentlemen directly or indirectly involved with the squad at the moment, please try to keep this in mind, especially in the following weeks to come…

</Personal Outburst>

Back to hard facts 🙂 6 squads involved, 3 of them directly. It’s us, Aue and Dresden. Our direct opponents have one match each against the already relegated squads. This means, according to a rough Scum Murphy’s Law scenario, 37 points for both, just as much as we have now… Aue has also Ingolstadt (39) at home (RALPH HEEELP!) and Dresden have VfR Aalen away. This means they both can end up anywhere between 37 and 40. This means that we need at least 3 pts to consider ourselves “safe” – who do we have to beat to get them? Eintracht Braunschweig next  week at home (doesn’t mean much lately) and FCK away… FCK, still hasn’t secured promotion playoffs 100%, doesn’t look a good idea – so the easiest of victims is…Eintracht Braunschweig only 2nd in the league and only 27pts ahead 🙂 We’re not sure that this is going to be fun but we’re quite sure that it’s going to be intense! Let’s all together give a push and drive this lame but still BELOVED squad to safety!!!

Match goals:


Spectators: 18239

Sankt Pauli cards: Funk

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

The Champions!!!


Note at the bottom: here there was supposed to be some uplifting bullshit regarding the strength of  candidate opponents like Preußen Münster or FC Heidenheim but, looking at the table again, suddenly recalled a Saturday afternoon at the couch, 2-3 years ago, watching this…FC Heidenheim kicking out Werder Bremen out of the DFB Pokal…then looked again 1 place and 17pts below to find…fuckin’ Chemnitzer FC… Seems that all what we have to put here is our constant optimism, result of being FCSP Scum 🙂

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