Matchday 33: FC Sankt Pauli – Eintracht Braunschweig 5-1!!!

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Now, we CAN wake up smiling on Wednesday morning but…

source:, (c) dpa

source:, (c) dpa

A furious FCSP dismantled a…not so furious Eintracht Braunschweig and secured the league without having to worry about the forthcoming game at Kaiserslautern, thanks to the defeats of both rivals, Dynamo Dresden and Erzgebirge Aue. Everything finally (as we all deserved after such a season) went better than our best expectations, pressure released, the “special” train next week will be one of pure joy and not agony and stress, everything should be PINK 🙂 The Scum feels rather Blue instead, having on lips (along with a Deja Vu feeling in the back of the head), at the same time, the bitter-sweet taste of  both a 5-1 win over Braunschweig and the last Millerntor game of two of our last Heroes, “Super” Marius Ebbers and Florian Bruns


Probably, the most anticipated personally game of the season…A match of massive importance for the future of the Club against an opponent with double our points and direct promotion not secured until kick-off (late edit: this is Kaiserslautern dummy!)…tension at unusually high levels at kick-off and, most of all, lots of doubts about if this squad can finally do the trick…and, guess what?

This bloody football-wise-insane bunch dressed in brown got us pinching ourselves to verify reality by performing the game of the season against a theoretically superior opponent right from the opening moments! Full pressure again a somehow numb opponent (arrogance or unconcern?), Millerntor on its feet and first BIG DOUBLE opportunity with Thy on 6′, first with a shot just outside the box facing the net, deflected by keeper Davari and then, after the rebound and the combination that followed,  shooting from within the box from the left and a quite tight angle, with Davari again saving the day! Not even enough time to say “WOW”, quick counter attack from the right, parallel to the goal, cross by Thy to Ginczek just in the box, shot by Ginczek and ball to Bartels who touched (or maybe didn’t 🙂 ) the ball (confusing Davari actually!) for the opening (credited to Ginczek finally) goal on 7′! Game on and, right at the moment thinking “what the fuck?”, the 2nd! Direct penetration of the literally trembling Braunschweig defense, ball to, all alone in front of DavariBartels who, in an perfect team-work display, instead of finishing, cut the ball to the left, where Ginczek had no trouble getting his 2nd of the night! 2-0 and only the recollection of matchday 28 maintains concentration 🙂 A pleasant shock for us, quite the opposite for our opponents who never really recovered during the 1st half. More balance into the game with FCSP clearly in control of the situation for the following minutes ubtil 36′ when (ACK!) FCSP almost touched the 3rd one! Ginczek, in position, preferred (wow!) serving to Daube who all alone aimed at Davari’s far corner but bloody ball ended up on the vertical post! Still only FCSP and ANOTHER BIG ONE on 42′ with Davari beating Bartels and saving a certain goal on 42′! Half time with an incredible (from both teams!) performance and a feeling (fed by the other match results), that this time is our turn for a change 🙂

DANKE EBBE & FLO...(source:

DANKE EBBE & FLO… (source:

Eintracht Braunschweig started showing obvious signs of life right from the beginning of the 2nd half and tried to press for the goal that would put them right back into the game but without any serious results. 10th yellow for beloved card specialist Markus along with a premature end of the season on 53′ and first (kind of) chance for the guests on 60′ with Ademi, after an Elabdellaoui ball, trying a shot into the box, slightly to the right, that deflected to a corner. A few minutes of pressure, nothing much actually and…3-0 on 68!!! Ball around outside Braunschweig’s box, ball to Bruns, setup with the head for Bartels and a 25m shot, outside the box to the left, passing between a lot of legs before ending up resting at the back of the net!!! FUCK ME! Seems like we made it here! And like this wasn’t enough, just 2′ later (70′) new FCSP counter attack, ball to Bruns into the box, Flo dancing into the box with the Eintracht defense, while the entire Millerntor shouts “BRUUUUUUUUUUNS”, before finishing with his own elegant style for the 4-0! We don’t even have enough time to fuck things up on our own!!! No holding back now!



No turning back now – it’s only pure relief and decompression! It can be felt, not only talking with fellow Scum, but (bloody technology!) with people from Spain to Scotland and from Brazil to Australia…and when Marius Ebbers Fußball Gott entered the field for the last time in Millerntor, feelings moved on to another level…and if someone can comprehend this, then he can easily understand the emotions on 86′ when he scored his last Millerntor goal on 86′ for the 5-0… Yeps, there were some minutes still left to play – Braunschweig even managed to score the consolation goal (Korte 89′, nice, 45 degree technical shot, left side into the box) and lose another one on 90′ (Tschauner took care) but all these were without any significance…

No number of puffy animals is enough for this guy... (source:

No number of puffy animals is enough for this guy… (source:

THE PINK STUFF: AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!! This was badly needed!!! Relegation adventures avoided and there’s no need wasting even more time here discussing the significance of the issue. The final game at Kaiserslautern has been transformed from a Suicidal mission to a “special train” experience (could be anyway!) not to forget for the lucky ones that will take the travel and from an afternoon of (filled with alcoholic madness) relegation obsession, to an ideal occasion to share a few rounds with the Scum crew (and maybe with the Athens Club guys) for the last time this season for the Scum admin 🙂 Body and mind relaxed!

THE BLUE STUFF: This was supposed to be the moment of redemption and truly is but (damn), wish I could really enjoy it. And it’s not because we have been tired saying goodbye to our “heroes” (the way an FCSP fan can comprehend the word), but because… we’ re almost out of them and this makes even harder the fact of having to say goodbye to two of them at the same day…

Ευχαριστούμε για όλα τα ωραία χρόνια μάγκες!(source:

Παιδιά, ΕΥΧΑΡΙΣΤΟΥΜΕ για όλα τα ωραία (εύκολα και δύσκολα) χρόνια! (image source:

I’m looking now at the back of my “Back from Hell / Rock Me 2 Liga” t-shirt with the Magic squad that made it back from the Hell for Liga 3. The only one (if Bene leaves as rumors say) left from this team next season will be Boller… Not because this time grew up and squad got renewed but because this squad was disassembled…There’s a lot to be discussed, not only on this, but on a lot of things that have happened regarding the Club during the past few years, but what the hell, there are not even 6 hours, since the game and season NOT over yet… Moaning has become a little of a habit this season, maybe I should shut the fuck up for a change and enjoy the moment 🙂

Off to slap happy week then and maybe do some (harmless) “damage” to Kaiserslautern next weekend!!!

Doesn’t need to explain the “Wednesday morning” on the post title, right?

Match goals:

1-0 Ginczek (7′, right-footed shot, Assist: Thy)

2-0 Ginczek (11′, right-footed shot, Assist: Bartels)

3-0 Bartels (68′, right-footed shot, Assist: Bruns)

4-0 Bruns (70′, left-footed shot, Assist: Bartels)

5:0 Ebbers (87′, header, Assist: Schachten)

5:1 Korte (89′, left-footed shot)

Spectators: 29063 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Bruns, Thorandt ( 🙂 🙂 🙂 ), Kringe

For full match coverage (in German) visit:


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