Matchday 34: FC Kaiserslautern – FC Sankt Pauli 1-2 :-)

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The consolation gift


People (drinking pals and other sources of wisdom) say that sometimes the last impression is all that remains of a situation. Of course, this is anything but true as a rule but under certain circumstances (like a season that we really DON’T want to remember) can be quite consolating 🙂 From this point of view, the Boys in Brown gave the best possible present to all of us (and especially the “special” train heroes 🙂 ) for a really LOUSY season by defeating (already busy thinking the 23/5 Hoffenheim affair) FC Kaiserslautern and leaving Fritz-Walter-Stadion victorious for the first time in modern history 🙂 …


After all stress suffered during the past weeks, this was intented to be a different matchday that the others. Relegation adventures already avoided hence nobody giving a fuck about points and also last game of the season so probably the last season visit to our Northern venue. Premature Summer weather (bloody 35 celsius outside the outdoor umbrellas!) gave an additional relaxing tone in the atmosphere, somehow like last day at school (if anyone in the fuckin’ Scum can remember the feeling 🙂 ) recalling it the day after, everything in place for a proper football afternoon!

Squad, with SUPER Marius Ebbers for the last time as a Captain and Robin Himmelmann for the first time under the goal posts, started the match showing intentions for good football but the first BIG opportunity was for the guests on 9′ – Weiser, got the ball into the box (to the right but with a quite clear view) and tried for the opening goal but Himmelmann passed his first test with A+ and saved FCSP from a goal that could probably turn the flow of the game towards a completely different direction… Our turn on 15′ but this time everything was done right – incredible pass from Ginczek (?!?) to free-as-a-bird Schindler on the right flank, onslaught by Schindler parallel to the line and low precise cross at the right moment to incoming Daube, right in the heart of the box, who stretched succesfully for the opening goal tackle! 0-1 for FCSP!! Kick-off and a new opportunity for FCK with Baumjohann on 17′, into the top left corner of the box, trying his luck but ball ending up just 1m from the first (guarded by Himmelmann anyway) post. Somewhere at this point, a warm welcome to  the delayed Scum, arriving and looking, first the outdoor screen on the wall and then us, with a mixed happiness/WTF? face, pure result of the score 🙂 FCK progressively started moving the lines forward in order to achieve more pressure, something that they were punished for on 33′! Ball gained by Ginczek, just below the center, quick 1-2 with Super Marius, and Ginczek all alone on the run, chased by the wheezy FCK defense, dribbling keeper Sippel and finishing from 1-2m to the left for the 2nd FCSP goal! Scum on Heaven and FCK a little messed up, trying to find answers with jerky moves and almost the last nail to the coffin by Ebbers (upper right area of the box) on 45′ but ball ending up just by Sippel’s far corner. Half time with FCSP 2 goals ahead and our bunch in total complacency result of a) squad performance, b) beer (not only for some), c) food and d) the hard-to-believe Summer heat 😉

Daume has just opened account for FCSP (image source:

Daube has just opened account for FCSP (image source:

Scenes of real beauty mast have occured in the FCK dressing rooms during half time . This is the easiest way to explain the fact that the hosts entered the 2nd half far more serious in comparison with their tragic first half. Ball and field control for them but nothing fancy during the opening quarter of the 2nd half. Hoffer’s entrance on 55′ gave them some fresh air and he was actually responsible for their first opportunity on 60′ with his half-cross/half-shot attempt ending wide, an effort that signaled the start of their effort to get something out of this game… New chance for FCK on 65′ with Baumjohann taking the shot outside the box, slightly to the left, but Himmelmann grasped the ball safely. AND AGAIN on 67′, with Fortounis just outside the box this time, and Himmelmann stretching this time all the way to his bottom right corner in order to save the ball!

Robin Himmelmann, Rookie of the (laat) day! (image source: )

Robin Himmelmann, Rookie of the (last) day! (image source: )

Regardless of our luck, it started looking obvious that, with game going on this way, Kaiserslautern’s efforts sooner or later would pay up, something that happened on 71′ with Hoffer all alone, after a well played 1-2 with Köhler (BIG PASS!), executing Himmelmann from 8m for the 2-1. With the hosts all around us, all along the 2nd half and our guys barricaded within 40m distance from our posts, things started looking somehow worrying but yesterday was a different day and, instead of the known Scum Stress symptoms, FCK goal fired a lot of , at least funny, reactions, most of them based on a “never mind our bollocks” point of view, with the exception of Athen Klub comrade Bill, something quite rational since he was the only one haven’t consumed any alcohol at all among the bunch 😉 The only thing sure is that this kind of approach helped avoiding a lot of unneccesary stress since there was some kind of a pressure but not the Living Hell normally expected. Actually, after the first 5′ of panic and until the end, the most notable moments of the match belong to FCSP. A quite good chance on 78′ with Ebbers (Ooooh Marius…) providing the perfect heel assist to Gyau who managed, while facing only Sippel, to waste the chance with a weak 16m shot, ending up comfortably into the arms of the FCK keeper… Last chance of the game, again for FCSP, a powerful 17m Ginczek direct shot, following a free-kick outside the box, with the same conclusion on 85′. Some minutes of pressure for the hosts, just to keep Bill on his feet ( 🙂 ) but nothing more until the full time whistle. Full time with FCSP saying “bye” to 2012-13 with the most unpredicted win of a completely fucked up season and finally ending up in…10th (YESSS, 10th!!!) place 🙂

Daniel Ginczek's last goal of the season. Remains to be seen if it will be the last ever (image source:

Daniel Ginczek’s 18th and last goal of the season. Remains to be seen if it will be the last ever (image source:

The best possible ending for a pathetic season… A season with an outcome that can easily be explained by just taking a closer look at what happened during the last Summer break BUT, instead of repeating for the n-th time things that have already been told this season, seems at the time better to just sit and relax for a change, enjoying moments of peace, something very rare during the past months. Maybe there will be a season wrap-up somewhere along the way and before Summer preparation kick-off. In the mean time indications about what’s it gonna be for the next season seem somehow encouraging, comparing to last season, but still too early to tell anything especially when dealing with a Club management that you don’t really trust (Ooops, I said it finally 🙂 ). Body and mind (yeah, right!) relaxed for the moment, just to enjoy the Luxury of Liga 2 safety (!!!) and back when duty calls or circumstances demand it. In the mean time, start enjoying summer everybody 🙂

Match goals:

0:1 Daube (15′, left-footed shot, Assist: Schindler)

0:2 Ginczek (33′, right-footed shot, Assist: Ebbers)

1:2 Hoffer (71′, left-footed shot, Assist: Köhler)

Spectators: 46460

Sankt Pauli cards: Daube

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Highlights in style!!!


PS: Various personal obligations (family, children, work, etc, etc) of people involved in the Scum (we’ re not so many after all) turned this site, especially towards the 2nd half of the season, to something like an one-man-show, something that was a result of pure need instead of our will… Our honest intensions are to try next season in order to have more of our guys/gals involved (even by inventing workarounds to shorten the personal time required for everybody). In this way, we’re aiming at a more “massive” participation that will make a) this blog far more interesting and b) the signer’s life far more easier 🙂 🙂 🙂

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