DFB Pokal 2013-14: First stop… Münster

Posted: June 19, 2013 by St. John in 2013-14
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Although it’s summer here in Greece, scum is not enjoying Attica beaches but keeps an eye on our forthcoming opponents like Preußen Münster.

Münster City

Münster City


This club was founded in 1906 under the name of FC Preußen and a few years later, in 1921, they took on their current name. It was the first German football club that actually bought players in order to build a team on a time that Germany was committed, all the way, to the ideal of amateurism. This forced journalists back then to name the squad’s front line, consistent of Siegfried Rachuba, Adolf Preissler, Rudolf Schulz, Felix Gerritzen, and Josef Lammers, as the “Hundred-Thousand-Mark line”. This investment paid well as Preußen made it to the 1951 national final against FC Kaiserslautern but unfortunately (like I give a shit, anyway) they lost with a score of 1-2.


On this season, Preußen Münster finished 4th in the 3rd league running over our “friends” from Hansa (or maybe Hansuck??). There is not much of a history between Prussia and St. Pauli. Our last game took place back in 25/03/2006 (thanks zouz for the info) and fortunately we won with a score of 2-1. This time is our opponent for the 1st round of DFB Pokal that will take place on 02/08/2013 at their home.

We don’t know yet in which condition our squad will be at that particular time but we are hoping for the best. It is been 8 years since our last good course in Pokal. Maybe it is time to get serious and make it happen this year.

So, best of luck for the boys in brown and remember, and as for all the fascist bastards here in this shithole called Greece remember… the Scum is watching!



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