21/6/2013: 2 years South End Scum!

Posted: June 21, 2013 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in All the rest...

Soccers - St Pauli

OK, last year everyone was too insane and busy with all things that were taking place at the time (things that we certainly want to forget), so nobody was giving a single fuck… This time, with things “quiet” and rolling in a good way so far for the Club with view to the next season, sitiuation is quite different. Happy birthday to ourselves for the 2 years of Scum, celebrated (verified after a careful look to the deep Scum mail archives)…today  🙂

What has been done during these 2 years?

  • Lots of nights together,  through thick and thin for the Club and us, some of them that will never been forgotten
  • A few equally unoforgetable trips in the Viertel
  • Lots of new friends, result of our web activity, from UK (Hail, Hail YSP!) or Spain to Sweden or Germany and from Brazil to Australia, friends that have been invaluable for the Scum, through their tips, suggestions, opinions and the rounds of drinks we shared (for those that we had actually the chance to meet in person) without never forgeting the old ones (our Athens Club coleagues!)
  • A something like a band project – will never turn in something REALLY worth hearing but the fun every second Friday (like tonight 😉 ) is the best possible payback!
  • TWO (yes, 2!) steady venues for watching FCSP

What has NOT been done?

  • MAYBE some further development… We didn’t quite grow in numbers within these 2 years, but only the addition of the Antichrist Couple (!!!) doubled the entire Scum firepower on its own! And there’s a more serious issue: after 2 years, we still haven’t decided (like Scum we are), if we want to further develop 🙂
  • DEFINITELY, a trip to the neighborhood with massive Scum represantation! Blame a little timing, blame also (that’s more fair) the crisis, the fact is that a trip with more than 3 Scum on board, hasn’t been possible so far – probably the first area that we will concentrate on improving!
  • Finish the fucking Kleine Pause video (does any lazy ass in Athens or Hamburg is listening?)

One way or the other, 2 bloody thrilling, funny, emotional, etc, etc years passed without even noticing. Feeling glad that we’re still here the way we are and we really hope that all of us will still be able to keep on doing it for the years to come. A huge thank you to all of you guys and gals, that contacted us via mail, blog (you are here!), Twitter or personally, offering opinions, asking for t-shirts or just saying “hi’. We all together are FCSP!

Sincerely Yours 🙂

The South End Scum Crew!

St Pauli south end scum II

  1. evoulino says:

    🙂 χρόνια μας πολλά, καλά, με πολύ μουσική, πολύ μπάλα και ακόμη περισσότερα ταξίδια

  2. Slime says:

    Χρονια Πολλα και απ’ εδω τσακαλια!

  3. Zouz says:

    Thanks Boy!!!

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