Friendly: FC Sankt Pauli – Beşiktaş JK 1-0!

Posted: July 13, 2013 by Zouz in 2013
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VERY VERY promising FCSP!

Inside a colorful Millerntor (with the exception of Haupttribüne of course, whose majority of the regular seat owners probably preferred a summer boat ride in the canals, at the other side of town or a multiplex cinema maybe), FCSP passed the test of the last pre-season friendly with impressive grades by prevailing over our Turkish friends Beşiktaş JK with 1-0, thanks to a goal by Captain Boll!


This was highly expected here for a variety of reasons. TWO MONTHS WITHOUT FCSP at all (even on TV) is just NOT normal! There was also certain curiosity around, after having a) a lot of newcomers, with the vast majority of them (with the exception of Gregoritsch) NOT on loan, on board (take a look here), b) a summer camp period, full of quite impressive to the ear results but most of them against squads that the Scum has never heard before and c) the word on the “street” (sites and SM) that something, different than last year’s tasteless recipe, is cooking…

Well, seems like this worth the wait. FCSP, against an apparently superior (in numbers and facts) opponent, not only played as equal during the first part but dominated field and game during the second. Of course, no one should forget the preliminary preparation level of our guests (the beginning of their obligations is located somewhere towards the end of August), still there are a lot of quite positive elements to keep, pure result of the way our guys played yesterday. Boller’s  goal (41′) was a result of excellent teamwork, and this was just one of the similar occasions, certain signs of intensive work at the training ground. Likewise, if we physically dominated a team like Beşiktaş (even if in such a premature state of preparation) inside the field during the 2nd half, this seems at least good news regarding squads physical condition with view on next Friday’s home debut vs 1860 München.

Boll, after scoring the winner (source:

Boll, after scoring the winner (source:

We will not get into a detailed description on the game as we don’t have an 100% picture of what really happened yesterday. 1st half was mostly spent between, watching (?), trying to refresh the stream, trying to find an alternative stream and cursing German TV media for NOT broadcasting the game. Goal was verified on Twitter and actually watched during half time highlights. 2nd half was a quite different story (we ended up with streaming quality beyond expectation) but the time to start keeping notes had already passed and gone 🙂

Remarkable things inside the pitch, quite a football atmosphere on the terraces, especially for a friendly. About 18.000 people were yesterday at Millerntor and with the exception (here, we go again!) of Haupttribüne (the sad thing is not observing it half empty during the game but seeing it almost completely evacuated with the full time whistle…) this was looking like a peak season derby. Fans from both squads (A LOT of Beşiktaş lads inside – didn’t expect something different in Hamburg 🙂 ) composed an intensive atmosphere and game turned quite entertaining both in and out of the pitch…until the 60th minute when the referees decided to temporary stop the game due to the use of flares (lots of them actually) at the Beşiktaş block (Nordkurve)… A few minutes in the entrance tunnel for the players, some booing for the refs by the vast majority of the crowd and game back to normal… Heard something about some minor injuries due to the use of crackers but couldn’t confirm it today and seems that this was mostly about the usual DFB hysteria towards similar fan activities… Overall, a quite fancy situation with intense beat from both sides along with a good mood (with the exception of a few minor, still unidentified, trouble in Nordkurve) combined with a solidarity spirit, as seen below 🙂 What more should anybody want from a Summer friendly?

source: Çarşı on Facebook

source: Çarşı on Facebook

Conclusion: a quite successful test, both in and out of the field. Squad seems ready, situation seems quite different inside the football department, remains to see the hard work paid back in the field, staring next Friday at home. 1860 München seems a challenging opponent to begin with – we will have the chance to find out, if we’re really ready or our Beşiktaş fellow opponents were yesterday still at the beach 🙂


Top 3 game highlights:

The flare incident:

Trouble in Nordkurve:

  1. Zouz says:

    According to latest info, seems that the last video captures an “internal affair” between Beşiktaş and Fenerbahce fans…

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