Matchday 1: FC Sankt Pauli – 1860 München 1-0

Posted: July 20, 2013 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2013-14
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Victorious  (still tough) season kick-off!

Required 80′ of something like football, a shot by Lennart Thy and a screw-up by our favorite opponent keeper Gabor Kiraly in order to grab the win yesterday night, right at the point that everything was pointing towards a solid clean sheet draw. Holidays are over, welcome back to the magic world of FC Sankt Pauli 🙂


Back to the sweet weekend FCSP “routine” and back to the local venue with the almost dissolved for the past 2 months Scum bunch reassembled. Happy faces for the Scum, happy faces for the regular pensioner-FCSP-allied local regular customer base, and a wave of extreme optimism (my ass to blame, carried away at first place by some outrageous 4-0 pre-game YSP statements!) regarding an opponent that always gives as some hard time but has never managed escaping with a win from Millerntor during the past…12 years.

Game started in a quite energetic way, amplifying our initial belief built somehow last weekend. FCSP, right from kick-off and for the opening 10′, squeezed 1860 München towards Nordkurve with constant ball control within the guest half, lots of traffic around the guest box and an almost (ACKKK!) goal on 11′, with Nöthe’s (welcome to FCSP boy!) header passing JUST by Kiraly’s left vertical post. We had actually some kind of disorder inside the field on 13′ when following a rude Friend tackle to Nehrig (welcome as well!), Big Bad Phil left his posts and rushed at the incident demanding some explanations 🙂 Some testosterone scenes, a few yellow cards and play on but not much of play from this point and until the first half hour – a lot of physical contact and strong close encounters around the center instead… FCSP started regaining possession and control towards the closing stages of the half and created some minor situations (Rzatkowski 32′, 41′, Bartels 36′, Boll 43′) but the most dangerous situation of the half took place in our defense with Rzatkowski , right on the line, saving to a corner an unidentified to the Scum shot, product of a post-corner mess inside our box…Phew! Half time 0-0 after some bollocks football but with the Scum (at least the ones still in the city) having quite a time, after some 2 months scattered all around and before splitting for good during August 🙂

Scum bunch enjoying bullshit football ;-)

Scum bunch enjoying bullshit football 😉

What happened during the early 1st half, happened in the 2nd as well but this time with roles inverted… 1860 occupied the place and this time were our backs touching Nordkurve but, with the exception of a Stark 20m shot (47′) saved by a Thorandt intervention,  no scenes of horror took place inside our box and progressively the boys started rebalancing the game (a good Bartels chance, stopped by ex-Paulianer Moritz Volz on 59′). A fly-away Kringe shot  on 70′ and, entering the closing quarter, the game had completely regained it’s 1st half bollocks identity… Substitutions, not much happening, discussions on making a banner and…GOAL on 80′!!! Thy, following a personal left flank onslaught, all the way to the box, cutting slightly to the right, saw the chance and tried a shot aimed to Kiraly’s near post. The Pyjama Man was there as always but this time unexpectedly fucked things up with ball passing under his grasp, 1-0 for FCSP!!! That was it, game turned upside down and poor Gabor save his team twice (stopped Verhoek on 84′ and Bartels on 89′) while the Lions were throwing everything they had in front, trying to regain their share of the game… Nothing they could do though and even the last notable occasion of the game was for a FCSP with a Boller 18m shot deflected somewhere… Final whistle, with an out-of-the blue opening win for FCSP 🙂

Decompression for Herr Frontzeck as well :-) (source:, (c) dpa)

Decompression for Herr Frontzeck as well 🙂 (source:, (c) dpa)

Mission accomplished! The fact that FCSP didn’t play football up to the level expected is something that the Scum currently does not give a single shit about it…  We’ re still in the middle of July, having, especially from the center and forth, almost a brand new squad to deal with. Signs so far are quite encouraging, squad still needs time to refine further their playing style. So, as long as Herr Frontzeck continues to build (for the first time here) his own squad, better football can wait for a while 🙂 The same applies for any kind of possible criticism to come in the near future… Last OctoberFrontzeck returned from the state of unemployment, took FCSP almost in the verge of collapse and, one way or another, managed to keep us in Liga 2, finishing actually in comfortable (?!?) 10th place. This year, it’s his turn, his chance and his right to prove himself… Scum, very interested, standing by… In the meantime, better for now to just stick to the magic of FCSP being back 🙂


Next week? It’s the opponent X! Karlsruher SC, coming with momentum from the Hell of Liga 3, but an absolute stranger at the same time, since no one (among us or our Scummy connections) has watched them yet playing – they’re playing matchday 1 tomorrow, away to Frankfurt. Seems like a relatively “easy” task but nothing is easy in Liga 2, especially on July… nothing more on the issue, Scum switching temporarily back to Summer mode 😉

Match goals:

1:0 Thy (80′, right-footed shot)

Spectators: 27818

Sankt Pauli cards: Tschauner (1), Gonther (1), Nöthe (1), Rzatkowski (1), Buchtmann (1)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Lennart Thy’s matchday 1 big trick:


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