Matchday 2: Karlsruher SC – FC Sankt Pauli 0-0

Posted: July 28, 2013 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2013-14
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Blues for the Red Sun…

A pleasant Summer afternoon for the Scum remains in Athens  (used to temperatures anyway), watching FCSP under the protective venue shade, a not so pleasant one probably (at least weather wise) for the fans occupying the Wildparkstadion terraces and a TORTURE for the players, for football and for every spectator’s vision (especially towards the end of the game). KSC 0 – FCSP 0 under Venus weather conditions (at least for Germany) and everybody (except maybe the host squad) must left the place pretty happy…


The omens didn’t look good here either 🙂 Already aware about the difficult conditions in Germany, arriving at the Venue and inspecting our usual spot in front of the BIG screen BUT visible to the outside Sun, considered for the first time (and did it actually) preferring a cooler inner (even if not that privileged) spot – Chicken Scum!!! A little mess due to an error to the official Pay TV programme (καραγκιόζηδες…) and finally connected just in time for the first occasion of the game (weren’t much of them) with a 17m shot from Hennings (YES, OUR Hennings, more on this below) unable to worry Phil though… Both squads, despite the harsh conditions, trying to play some football and things started looking more alive for a while. A corner (17′) for FCSP with ball directly from Thy to Rzatkowski outside the box for a direct volley JUST over the crossbar! Well worked stuff 😉 Quick counter attack by KSC from the opposite side with Pelitz serving a very dangerous cross right in the heart of our defense with Hennings, (fortunately) arriving too late for the ball… Another clever Rzatkowski (well done son 🙂 ) over the KSC crossbar on 22′ and…

24′: 1st fluid replenishment break (smart decision)

Karlsruher SC started escalating the pressure after the 2′ break and this almost paid up twice: TREMENDOUS chance on 33′ with Klingmann doing the IMPOSSIBLE and missing from 5m with Tschauni almost neutralized and another one by Hennings (40′) with an overhead reverse shot from the center of the box passing just over the crossbar! Another (unable to do harm 20m+ shot from Alimaz on injury time and half time whistle with the host having clearly earned impressions out of a poor game…


Henning’s chance on 40′ (source:

On to the 2nd half with the same motive. Both squads trying to play football, still hostile conditions… opening 5 minutes for FCSP with the hosts regaining control progressively and almost reaching the opening goal on 56′ with van der Biezen, after an excellent ball exchange with Alibaz, getting all alone in front of Tschauner before being stopped by the assistant referee due to offside decision – too close… Danger again on 59′ with a Krebs 22m shot but Tschauner was ready and cleared the situation. AND another one on 64′ with a van der Biezen shot (outside the box) just wide before the…

2nd fluid replenishment break on 67′

Back into the game with our first and last 2nd half occasion, a 25m free kick by Maier (entered the pitch 2′ earlier) that JUST missed Orlishausen’s (couldn’t do shit) right post junction and BOREDOM until the end of the game with the exception of a Micanski chance on 88′ (Tschauner cleared)… A clean sheet draw that should leave us overall quite happy…

OK, a game in such weather conditions and between squads that started their summer preparation camps about one month ago there’s no fertile ground for football comments. If someone should take something more out of this game, this one is certainly Karlsruher SC. They didn’t play much better football – they just pressed more and they deserved at least one goal out of the 3-4 opportunities they created. Radio silence for FCSP from the center and towards the front, signs of improvement for the defense, our big pain in the ass during late seasons. Expect more in the feature but there are some other businesses need to be taken care of in between…

To be more specific, there’s first round of DFB Pokal coming up next weekend and FCSP is heading towards Münster for an encounter against local Preußen Münster. The Brown / White bunch should be extremely careful… We’re for sure a better squad on the one hand but these guys certainly can bite on the other… If you add the absolute loss of our credibility regarding the Pokal during recent years, this smells trouble. Expecting from the squad not to be superb – expecting from the squad just to be serious and behave 🙂 A quick preview of our opponent, courtesy of St. John, can be found here.

Ah! Almost forgot! Guys, 10 yellow cards in the first 2 games of the season, doesn’t look like a good number…

Match goals:


Spectators: 17667

Sankt Pauli cards: Buchtmann (2), Gonther (2), Thorandt (1)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

The weather-proof part of the Club 🙂


PS: A few words about Rowen Hennings

Rowen_HenningsThe Scum needs to say a few words about this guy. A guy that gave 100% of himself during his 3,5 years with FCSP only to be thrown out of the club the worst possible way on December 2011 by an ignorant and insecure prick being in command (for known by now reasons) back then… Today, he played like a pro and maybe gave a few answers to some gentlemen who stood behind the guy that argued that Rowen is not good enough even for keeping warm the far edge of the bench in HIS FCSP… What’s done is done, life continues always in some way but we still feel that the Club still owes (in terms of Respect) something to this guy… As far as we’re concerned he’s (and will always be) a vital part of the modern FCSP history…

Y.N.W.A. man! Good luck to whatever you do 🙂



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