DFB Pokal, Round 1: Preußen Münster 1 – FC Sankt Pauli 0…

Posted: August 5, 2013 by Zouz in 2013-14
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(Bollocks) Business as usual…

BIG DFB Pokal day yesterday and following the recent season’s trend (which is just about to turn into a Club tradition) the boys in brown (no capital Bs today – they separate boys from grown up men…) managed to lose big-time-fair-and-sqaure to Matthew Taylor and his crew (a.k.a. Preußen Münster), get out from the Pokal once again from Summer and probably sent the Pokal shirt at the discount shelves 🙂 In the end, you end up with the same blue feeliing, saying to yourself “what the Hell, don’t get frustrated, nothing new here”. This probably works but the most difficult part is still ahead: stop thinking yourself as a fool just because this year you expected more…


Everything set up, a little mess with the Sky channels due to earlier matches going overtime, and online at the exact kick-off time for a quite promising (that was yesterday) game… Initially, squad seemed ready to fullfil our expecations, by gaining almost absolute control of the game during the opening 10 mins and transferring play in the host half with Münster defending and trying only with long balls from behind. First big FCSP opportunity on 4′ with Masuch stopping Thy on an 1-1 confrontation at the left edge of his small box. Crowd gathered inside the host penalty area and this almost resulted in a goal on 9′ with the ball after a long Buchtmann right flank free kick passing in front of and between everybody but Masuch again reacted well and saved to a corner. And just at the point that Scum started feeling happy and assuming that the goal was just a matter of time, Münster, having already survived the early pressure, decided to start participating more actively in the game. Balanced and paced game between 10′ and 20′ with minor incidents on both ends and then hosts started gaining control and becoming dangerous… Tschauner had to stretch all the way down to his left low corner to prevent a venomous Piossek shot on 23′ and witnessed the ball passing wide by his left junction after a Grote volley right afterwards. Another Taylor 13m shot just over the bar on 26′ and PUNISHMENT on 31′: Following a Nehrig Oscar-deserving screw up, Grote got the ball and started closing in from the left – PANIC in the FCSP defense resulting to Taylor being left ALL ALONE in  the heart of the box – he had absolutely no problem executing Tschauner from 5m for the decisive goal… Game up and down for the following minutes. A good Nöthe opportunity on 33′ (try from the left – clearly over the crossbar), good Masuch reaction on a Buchtmann 14m shot on 36′, an 18m Kara shot just by Tschauner’s left post (but with Phil in full control of the situation) on 37′ and (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!) ALMOST the equalizer on 43′ with Nöthe getting the ball, bypassing Masuch, getting too wide at the right and then touching the ball with the perfect angle (almost suffered stroke on the replay!) before Schmidt interferes with a header (saved to a corner) on the very last moment!!! @*#_(_”:?<!+}}}?!!! Nothing more for the 1st half (a quite entertaining in terms of football one) which left a slightly bitter taste (yeah, the heavy plate was yet to come) along with a somehow optimistic (we can fuckin’ do it!) view at the same time 🙂

Judgement... (image source: www.schwaebische.de)

Judgement… (image source: http://www.schwaebische.de)

The beginning of the 2nd half would certainly signal the end of our 2013/14 Pokal expectation, if Tschauner wasn’t ready and hadn’t blocked Taylor’s clear view shot (46′), tried in-between a bunch of dizzy FCSP defenders…Sudden Death survived but FCSP didn’t seem to have solutions against the quite comfortable, up to the moment, Münster squad. On 59′ game came very close to turn upside down out from nowhere when a 20m Thy low shot was stopped by Masuch’s base right post – NO! 3-4 mins of pressure towards the hosts followed due to the temporary momentum that Thy’s chance created, with 2 Maier shots (60′, 62′, 1st one off the bar, 2nd one cleared by Masuch), but that was about all… From this point and then was just countdown to disaster, with FCSP getting nervous as result of the lack of solutions and hosts getting more and more confident as time was passing by… 2 major Tschauner fuck-ups (Oooh Phil 😦 ) within 10′ (63′, 73′ – they were fortunately corrected by the big guy himself) were the most remarkable moments until around 75′ when FCSP decided to play all in at the front. The closing quarter seemed like a nightmare with the squad being massively on the front but having absolutely no way to even worry the Münster defense while the hosts (superior in moral, physical condition (!), and discipline) were spreading terror at every counter attack… at least 4 good to BIG chances for them: Tschauner last moment interference in front of Krohne (78′), Krohne missed shot from killing distance (79′), Krohne (not bad for a guy entered the pitch on 71′) 10m header saved by our crossbar (82′) and a big save by Big Phil who stopped Piossek (85′). Our contribution to the game during the closing stages? Some deep high balls supposed to fire panic with absolutely no results… Full time 1-0, a result that we should actually be happy (????) with… If Münster offensive players were a little more commited towards the end of the game, we could end up with a result to remember in the years to come…

1 picture, 1000 words... (mage source: www.fcstpauli.com

1 picture, 1000 words… (image source: http://www.fcstpauli.com

Maybe naive, still shocked…wasn’t expecting this…Of course, defeat was considered a possibility all along (what the hell, we don’t exactly make it to 2nd round every year) put this disheartening spectacle of the FCSP squad being a toy in the hands of the Preußen Münster guys (really well done) during the closing stages of the game, still feels 24 hours later like a good punch in the stomach… Just hoping that the squad have realised the importance of the blow and something will change until Sunday where we are facing Arminia Bielefeld at home. A game that wasn’t considered easy by anyone anyway but now it’s becoming the first real stress test for Herr Frontzeck’s brand new squad…

Match goals:

1:0 Taylor (31′, Left shot, Assist: Grote)

Spectators: 15000 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Buchtmann (1), Thy (1), Kalla (1), Boll (1) (cards keep coming the way goals should be…)

For full match coverage (in German) visit: http://www.kicker.de/news/fussball/dfbpokal/spielrunde/dfb-pokal/2013-14/1/1888123/spielbericht_preussen-muenster-104_fc-st-pauli-18.html

And if all this was too pessimistic, here are some glorious DFB Pokal memories to lighten up 😉


PS: A few local pricks managed to smash the team bus during the night before the game… Yes, we are alternative, yes, we don’t encourage or even approve violence, yes, football is celebration and not war for us, hence we don’t use to wait for our guests with baseball bats and batons at the local train stations, still though (almost according to Physics 🙂 ) everything has a limit… Those hillbily-trying-to-be-hooligans-when-they-grow-up Bozos better keep this in mind…

When you keep fucking around, sooner or later, you’ll get fucked up… (Scum 3:16 🙂 🙂 🙂 )


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