Matchday 4: VfL Bochum – FC Sankt Pauli 2-2

Posted: August 17, 2013 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2013-14
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The Duet from Hell!

Thanks to an incredible performance by this little devil Marc Rzatkowski (playing against the club that he belonged to until 47 days ago!), 2 goals by Dutch commando John Verhoek and 15 mins that reminded older and glorious seasons, FCSP escaped with a draw from Bochum, getting actually slightly more than we deserved vs local VfL (Booo!) 🙂


Ha! Maybe there was a feeling of impending disaster regarding the game, still everything else, quite cool. Venue (bright and shiny) reopened prematurely for the Scum, a few more (somehow darker due to the Summer Sun) faces, guest appearance by the Athens Club, a special USP guest appearance, even a super cute infant (Venue population) playing mascot at the back edge of the room, more or less all ingredients require to boost moral before a game that seemed anything but easy 😉

Intensive game, right from the start. First good FCSP moment on 2′ with the Bochum defence clearing a very dangerous Nehrig cross from the left and Bochum on an immediate left flank counter attack with Sukuta-Pasu (had a few moments of his own at Millerntor wearing the FCSP shirt, in the recent past) that resulted only at a Jungwirth header wide… Sukuta-Pasu tried again, on his own this time on 3′, but his 20m shot (slightly left outside the box) shot ended up…somewhere far beyond 🙂 Continuous up and down and a new Bochum opportunity on 8′ with Aydin shooting from the same distance but this time facing directly the net but Phil had no problem (this time…). Host squad getting dominant with time and a new chance on 14′ with Latza wasting his shot, from a good position to the right of the box (still with a quite tight angle), to the external side of our guarded post. An FCSP moment at 17′ with Rzatkowski crossing to nobody and again a Tschauner save (good reflex) at a Bulut shot (opposite position to Latza’s) towards the base of his guarded corner on the same minute. Unfortunately, no one showed any kind of reflex on the Fabian corner that immediately followed… Tschauner hesitated, nobody else jumped, Tasaka assist header on the 1st post, Butscher (on his 100th Liga 2 appearance) kill header on the 2nd with everybody watching… 1-0 for VfL with the hosts on the driver’s seat not only on the score and things suddenly not looking good… and then it happened! Brilliant Rzatkowski fast free kick execution (just after the center from our left flank) and a deep ball to Thy (Bravo!), to the left edge of the box who saw incoming Verhoek and passed on the empty space – Verhoek initially seemed like he had lost it but immeddiately finished with a fine external right foot kick for the equalizer! 1-1!!! FIRST PROPER GOAL OF THE SEASON and the neighborhood felt it for sure! Things started getting really interesting as game gone slightly wild with both teams seem quite decisive and every attack smelling a situation like Fabian’s header (29′) and another (becoming a habit this season…) Big Phil unforced error that Sukuta-Pasu couldn’t take advantage of (30′) for Bochum AND ALMOST the 2nd FCSP goal on 34′ with Thy, following a Bartels personal onslaught and assist, losing the 1-1 confrontation with Luthe, in front of the keeper’s box but to the left… Still the best was yet to come…35′ into the game, Thy header around the center to Rzatkowski for the PERFECT lob pass to Verhoek who finished with the same way over Luthe for the 1-2!!! GOAL!!! ANOTHER ONE and guess what? Even better than the other!!! This time the neighborhood must felt the goal for good, as neighbors living above (including even an ex-PAOK football player 🙂 ) entered the venue asking “who’s playing here?” 🙂 Game nervous from this point (even by the referee – awarded us 3 yellow in 3′, not all of them deserved) with VfL pressing for the equalizer and actually creating a few situations ’til the end of the half: on 37′ (Tschauner intervening in front of Latza), 38′ (Tasaka 25m free kick over the crossbar), 40′ (Tschauner save in front of Aydin some 6m in front of the goal), and 44′ (Tasaka 30m free kick wide off). A FULL first half, with FCSP ahead, leaving us with the question “now that we’re ahead, how we’re gonna handle it?”

The equalizerrr! (source:

The equalizerrr! (source:

2nd half on the way but this time with Bochum in almost full control of the game. Serious danger on 53′ with Sukuta-Pasu (Scum thinks that this guy has made some improvement since his FCSP days) getting the ball from Aydin (into the box, slightly to the right), neutralizing his opponent with a turn-around move, and firing a left shot that was in the end saved thanks to Tschauner’s (proven) high skills. Only minutes later (56′), another big chance, with Aydin, this time from the left, winning Tschauner at 1-1 but ball sliding JUST by the rear post while missed (only by inches!) by incoming Sukuta-Pasu!!! Still, VfL all around us and another big chance on 65′, with an Ilsö powerful 25+m shot being saved to a corner (with some difficulty) by Tschauner. Unfortunately, it was all just a matter of time… Latza corner kick from the right (69′), nobody to clear, BAD Tschauner exit, ball to Jungwirth who tried a reverse overhead shot that Rzatkowski (last guy guarding the empty post) tried but couldn’t save for the equalizer… Things could get really worse but Rzatkowski managed to do what couldn’t be done on 69′ and saved FCSP twice, being the last man on the line! First on 76′, saving a Sukuta-Pasu 12m shot with Tschauner not daring to exit and all the others in confusion (at our right post) AND AGAIN on 84′, saving a Eyjolfsson 5m header after a similar situation (at our left!). Hosts pressed until the very end, fortunately without causing any further damage. Full time, VfL 2 – FCSP 2, after a not so good 2nd half comparing to the 1st, but with almost only one team in the pitch, and Scum quite happy, having avoided another potential disaster 🙂

Jungwirth, moments after saving VfL from the upcoming fiasco :-) (image source:

Jungwirth, moments after saving VfL from the upcoming fiasco 🙂 (image source:

Are we happy? Of course we are BUT let’s not suck eachother’s dick quite yet 🙂 We had been left with a question at the end of the 1st half. The question was answered emphatically during the second half: “We didn’t…” How come? Simple: there was only VfL Bochum in the pitch – FCSP chose to sit behind and wait, playing a pathetic role, so unfit for the team especially when having a defence built out of anything but concrete… It’s kind of a miracle (figure of speech!) that we left Rewirpower-Stadion even with 1pt, after such a lousy 2nd half… and let’s not forget the usual 5 yellow cards…

If so, why the hell we are happy at all except the point??? Because of the potential that new faces finally showed, because of our gutsy reaction at the point we got left behind and (most of all) because of the 2 goals scored today, the one better than the other – THIS SQUAD CAN SCORE! Yeps, it’s far from ideal but still a good start 😉

Next week? AAAAAARRRGHHH!!! It’s Dynamo Dresden at home with Scum staff in Südkurve! Done once before – squad kicked their ass back then, that’s exactly what’s expected now. Tough opponent, good crowd, they don’t like us, we don’t like them, let’s play football! Will be back after the game with a match report slightly different than usual 😉






Match goals:

1-0′ Butscher (18′, header, Assist: Fabian)

1:1 Verhoek (23′, right-footed shot, Assist: Thy)

1:2 Verhoek (35′, right-footed shot, Assist: Rzatkowski)

2:2 Jungwirth (69′, right-footed shot, Assist: Latza)

Spectators: 23028

Sankt Pauli cards: Nehrig (2), Thy (2), Bartels (1), Nöthe (2), Verhoek (1)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:


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