Matchday 5: FC Sankt Pauli – Dynamo Dresden 2-1!!!

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THE BOYS IN BROWN blew away Dynamo Dresden on Monday evening thanks to a Sebastian Maier free kick killer, managed to get some 28000 people up on their bloody feet for sometime after the final whistle (hhhhmmm, maybe except the HT people, always in a hurry for some reason 🙂 ) and added some new pages to the Scum Golden FCSP Book Of Memories! Still, the way to victory was anything but easy but probably this was exactly what gave it such a sweet taste in the end 🙂


The game:

Monday evening at the Neighborhood with the place having already worn his party outfit already from 5 or something! Streets, corners, pubs full of people, beer, noise and positive vibes, the unique sense that drives you feeling more “at home” than home EVERY bloody time you set foot here 🙂 A quick stop at the Room (NOT the hotel room 😉 ) for some last minute work, then off to a full of people Fanladen, a quick stop to a partying Jolly and finally inside Südkurve, filled with colors, friendly faces and party noise, positioned right behind the goal posts, right by the drums (still somehow deaf) and waiting in excitement for a game considered (and proven in the end) anything but easy.

Game on, with FCSP more in control of the game and the action more on the far side of the pitch. As usual, the best way to party but NOT the best way to watch a game 🙂 All the stadium on its feet on 4′, shouting for a Schuppan penalty hand violation that was not awarded by the ref. A big “AAAAAHHH” on 10′ when Verhoek failed to further exploit Thy’s right cross, being not in the best position and closely guarded by Dynamo defense and another one on 22′ with Dresden defense deflecting a Buchtmann free kick just over the post AND AGAIN on the corner immediately afterwards with Kirsten finally blocking Verhoek’s 5m header! Not much action on our side, still Phil successfully handled the situation, the few times that were required (25′ Aoudia header, 36′ Menz long shot). Non stop singing action in the Südkurve, non stop FCSP supremacy in the field but no solutions actually against a quite well organized guest defense. Can’t recall any other chance except maybe a Rzatkowski long shot on 29′ (according to the Kicker match report 🙂 ) AND ANOTHER case of penalty (not sure about this) not awarded (Thy 33′). Half time whistle, 0-0 the score but everybody in positive mood after a 1st half that mostly belonged to us, even without colossal chances, expecting the action to move towards our side 😉

USP giving the finger to SPORT1 during entrance! (image source:

USP giving the finger to SPORT1 during entrance! (image source:

2nd half on the way with the action indeed moving in front of us, right from the beginning with a 20m something, slightly to the left, Halstenberg free kick ball slamming on Kirsten’s low far post before it moves out of danger on 48′ (AAAAAACKKKK!!!) but the second half was to be different… Dresden also entered the pitch in and ambitious mood and showed clearly signs of it on 55′ when a quick counter attack ended up with Dedic just in front of Tschauner but Thorandt saved the day on the very last moment with a heroic tackle. Game started progressively accelerating – the next minutes belonged to FCSP with a few good visits in the guest box like a Halstenberg cross from the left in the heart of the Dynamo box but with no one quick enough to reach it (59′) and a Verhoek header a little wide (64′). And right at the point that both team and crowd were boosting, the Shock on 71’…Fiel corner kick from the right and Aoudia first to the ball (actually, our 2 guys guarding him didn’t jump) for the killer header. 0-1… 10” frozen silence in Südkurve followed by the louder “SANKT PAULI” heard so far! Game on, with agony now reaching high levels… FCSP immediately forward pressing and a foul just by the left edge of the Dresden box. Clever, parallel to the posts execution from Buchtmann to Kringe into the box and GOOOOOOOOOAAAAALLLL!!!!!! 1-1 just 2′ after 0-1 and people everywhere go crazy!!! Game also going the same way with ball moving up and down until the new shock for FCSP in the form of a penalty (79′, correct this time) committed by Nehrig on Ouali… Heartbeat in the red while expecting the penalty to be shot, a few meters from Fiel, ball off and BIG PHIL SAVED THE FUCKING PENALTY, with his left hand, guessing right and falling on his left corner!!! MADNESS!!! By this time the entire stadium was shouting, pushing the the team forward and man, what a spectacle seeing and listening to the whole Gegengerade up on their feet, on my right 🙂 🙂 🙂 Everything gone wild, clock on 88′ and free kick for FCSP almost in the same dangerous position with the one executed by Halstenberg on 48′. At this point, Frontzeck made the foxy move and threw his last card on the table – he put Maier in the field. Maier went to the ball, took the free-kick and what happened after the ball shook Kirsten’s net, is just PRICELESS 🙂 2-1 for FCSP, a lunatic state for (almost) everybody in Millerntor, a big contrast the devastated (how did you like that???) Dresden fans at the guest block, no time for anything more! Final whistle in absolute relief and joy!

2-1!!! (source:

2-1!!! (source:

A hardly needed win, another unforgettable Millerntor experience, let’s hope only that this one created enough momentum to push the team all the way to the Saturday game vs the respected club of Union Berlin. Can’t really comment more on the game with all these moments still so alive 🙂 Ah, almost forgot: NO FCSP CARDS ON MONDAY!!!

Match goals:

0:1 Aoudia (71′, header, Assist: Fiel)

1:1 Kringe (73′, left foot shot, Assist: Buchtmann)

2:1 Maier (88′, right foot shot)

Spectators: 28587

Sankt Pauli cards: N/A (really!!!)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Squad entrance:


Post game I


Post game II


The rest:

Five days full of football, friends (new and old), new places, stories, experiences, etc, etc. Friday evening at Copenhagen was an extra this time, especially with the company and guidance of local friends. One evening is always short, still enough time though to: a) fall from a fucking bike, b) visit the St. Pauli Minibar (a quite cozy spot for the local FCSP fans!), buy some really good (non-skunk) weed from Christiania, c) visit lots of other quite interesting places, with top one the Bumzen (pics below) and d) meet (some of them not for the first time) lots of even more interesting people!!! A quite expensive but beautiful and lively city at the same time. Looking forward to a most extensive visit 🙂

Christiania exit: "You are now entering the EU"!!!

Christiania exit: “You are now entering the EU”!!!

Bumzen I

Bumzen I

Bumzen II

Bumzen II

Hamburg? Business as usual! Four days in the Neighborhood are never enough to see all the people and places you ‘d like to see. Highlights of general interest (except the game of course)?

  • Watching H$V losing at the Jolly (2nd straight – has become a habit) and the BSSP party at the Fanraume on Saturday (by the way, the new Fanladen and AFM offices are quite something 😉 )
  • Meeting for a quick round the YSP boys and girls and visiting the USP room on Sunday
  • Celebrating in various places around the area until sunrise on Monday 🙂
  • Eating pasta at the Fanladen on Tuesday!

Aside of the fancy stuff, every single moment of being at the neighborhood (just like every single time!) these four days has been a moment of joy, from singing along outside Jolly 5 o’ clock to just walking by the quietest corners of the neighborhood alone on Wednesday morning…Actually always the worst part of the trip is always the first day of being back from it…Fortunately, expecting a pay back visit from the neighborhood next week, so this time the FCSP effect will indirectly last a little longer. Then everything will turn back to normal (it’s not bad at all “Scuming” in Athens either!) but sooner or later the time will come to start counting the days and return back to St. Pauli 🙂 Until then, do us guys a favor and win (“don’t lose” will do just fine!) on Saturday!!!


One of the top Scum fetish objects in St. Pauli: The bloody Kleine Pause Veggie Burger

One of the top Scum fetish objects in St. Pauli: The bloody Kleine Pause Veggie Burger

Respect: Harald-Stender-Platz

Respect: Harald-Stender-Platz

The New Gegengerade "Fan Complex"

The New Gegengerade “Fan Complex”

Sunday: SC Hansa 11 destroying 3-1 a difficult-to-pronounce opponent :-)

Sunday: SC Hansa 11 destroying 3-1 a difficult-to-pronounce opponent 🙂

Smash hit! The new Jolly 1312 model!

Smash hit! The new Jolly 1312 model!

Police cavalry before the match (who actually managed to fill with horse shit the street in front of the Bunker)

Police cavalry before the match (who actually managed to fill with horse shit the street in front of the Bunker)

Monday afternoon: Fanraume

Monday afternoon: Fanraume

Monday night: Lights out :-)

Monday night: Lights out 🙂


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