Matchday 6: Union Berlin – FC Sankt Pauli 3-2

Posted: September 1, 2013 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2013-14
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When 2 goals and a spectacular Phil are not enough…

As expected, the Boys In Brown stormed inside Stadion An der Alten Försterei pushed by the Monday momentum. The only problem is that this Monday momentum lasted only about 10′. From this point and until the end of the match, FCSP turned to the perfect snack for the hungry jaws of Union Berlin and if Big Phil had not been in such a tremendous shape, the score could climb at embarrassing levels. Losing a game on 86′ and feeling like you are watching a game lost some half an hour ago is indeed a weird emotion…


Back in the venue – friendly Scum faces, stories from the Dresden weekend, distribution of stickers and Jolly lighters (Ace!), some local tsipouro and beer, all together creating a quite optimistic atmosphere, obviously for reasons not directly to the upcoming game and despite facts that were clearly indicating a tough game. Still, nobody over his head and no “turkey shoot” predictions 🙂

Squad (well known for surprising the fans occasionally, one way or another) almost drove everybody crazy in the opening minutes! Steal by Bartels, quickly closing in the box from the left, parallel pass to Verhoek at the right time (with Union keeper Haas already neutralized) and 0-1 for FCSP in 27 bloody seconds! Ony 5′ later Fin Bartels found himself in the same initial spot but with the Union defense more organized – he used again the exact some path, opening way with dribbling and this time, just in the box, slightly to the left, EXECUTED Haas with a superb finish right under his far post junction! 0-2 for FCSP on 6′!!! Pure bliss all around like the match was already over until someone recalled last April’s fiasco in Dresden and more specifically  the moment around 55′ when the Antichrist (don’t jump in wrong conclusions, good Scum fella!) quite sure about victory, took off to take care of some business wishing everybody to enjoy the rest of the show…This proved quite helpful along the progress of the match yesterday, in terms of helping us deal with the situation – we weren’t caught sleeping 😉 Meanwhile Union, despite the 0-2 early shock, got quickly reorganized and directly regained control of the game. They had their first big opportunity on 10′ when Brandy closed in the box half right, tried something between shot and cross and Thorandt’s intervention (going in!) was saved by (lucky here) Tschauner. By the time clock hit the 20′ mark, hosts had already taken control of the game, squashed FCSP back, and they had another big chance on 26′ when Köhler bypassed Nehrig like he wasn’t at the top edge of the box at all, closed in from the left but was beaten in the end by Tschauner. Phil told once more “No”, this time to Nemec from 7m with his legs on 31′. But the form of the match was such, that the equalizer was seeming like a matter of time – and it didn’t take long actually… Penalty for the hosts (Thorandt to Brandy) on 36′. No fuzz or protest from nobody, Mattushcka directly put the ball on the spot and successfully executed for the 1-2 leaving no chance to Big Phil this time… Hell…game balance already turned upside down and TREMENDOUS chance for Union (40′) with Tschauner saving twice! First, 14m Kreilach shot with the legs and an 11m Nemec thunder on the rebound with his right hand (last one was from another planet!). Nothing worse fortunately in the remaining minutes of the half, and half time whistle with still some good news for the late arrivals just appeared at the venue door 🙂

Into the 2nd half with the expectation that, with some adjustments during half time, we could balance the game some how but already by 55′ seemed obvious that things are not going good. With a defensive line somehow weak even when organized sometimes and such a constant pressure from the hosts, the worse seemed like just a matter of time… Another incredible Tschauner save on 56′ beating all alone Köhler from 10m distance and…the equalizer on 59′ with Nemec beating Phil this time (he almost did it!) with a 6m header loosely guarded by FCSP defense (our favorite way getting screwed up – corner kicks!). Things now, really bad…Kick-off, ball almost directly to Union, new deep ball, 2 Union players alone, Brandy hitting from a tight angle Tschauner’s far vertical post and I can recall myself today, feeling for some very few seconds, the very same tiny but still annoying “claustrophobic-while-awaiting-the-impending-end” emotion that haven’t felt since watching “Der Untergang” some years ago 🙂 Nothing further happened immediately afterwards and in the minutes that followed, pace slightly decreased. For a while, it looked to us like Union is somehow satisfied with the draw after such effort in order to turn the game after being back 0-2 into a draw. Guess what, we actually made our first serious visit on their side (78′) with a 20m (slightly to the left) Thy shot just by Haas’ far post 😉 A dangerous moment on 80′ with Tschauner having hard time with a Mattuschka far deep cross and…DOOM on 86’… Organized Union attack from the left, fine played 1-2 between Köhler and Kohlmann and precise cross to the first post for incoming Terrode who got first to the ball and killed FCSP with a header…3-2 for Union, Maier’s trick (86′) could not save the day this time, nothing is given for free, game over…

It’s a kind of tempting to start talking “arm chair tactics” here, stuff about the distances between lines, the very slow speed that our defense is moving at but personally, as Scum I am, I would rather save all the big football secrets we possess for the time that one of us will be called by the Club to drive FCSP to Glory ( 🙂 🙂 🙂 ). In the meantime, let’s stick to the basics: either squad has moral issues or Union Berlin yesterday was a team, at least 2 levels up (kinda hard). No other way to explain the fact that FCSP even being 2 goals up after 6′, just succumbed to the host superiority as soon as they started moving. Almost nothing for 80′ or more, no effort to get the opponent at the ropes, just pathetically waiting in the back and depositing hopes to Tschauner, luck and home squad fatigue… Probably squad not fresh enough, having already put some extra effort on Monday evening…but still…OK, maybe these Union guys are indeed 2 levels up 🙂

Now what? Now, break 😦 National team weekend the next one, hence no FCSP action. Still a good chance to recover somehow for the past intensive week and focus on the upcoming visit of FSV Frankfurt to the neighborhood, on 14/9. These guys are on the same table position as we are (the way Union was yesterday!)  and their recent results are looking really good… Still, this is our neighborhood and our field, we have 2 weeks to prepare to prove it! Scum predicts victory – don’t think that this will help especially the squad, but to begin with, makes us feeling better – On we go! VORAN FCSP!!!

Match goals:

0:1 Verhoek (1′, right-foot shot, Assist: Bartels)

0:2 Bartels (6′, right-foot shot)

1:2 Mattuschka (36′, penalty, right-foot shot)

2:2 Nemec (59′, header, Assist: Mattuschka)

3:2 Terodde (86′, header, Assist: Kohlmann)

Spectators: 21717 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Thorandt (3), Boll (2)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Goals and highlights:


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