Matchday 7: FC Sankt Pauli – FSV Frankfurt 2-1

Posted: September 16, 2013 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2013-14
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Two goals, Tschauner (again) and a manificent coreo…

Hmmm…something ain’t right here…2-1 victory over FSV Frankfurt  and squad is currently positioned in the top 6 of the league table after a lot of time, hence everything should be roses… The reason that things don’t look so bright (at least at the neighborhood here) is the fact that for once more, what we kept from the game in the end was the 2 goals (actually only one of them but we’ll get to this later), some Tschauner saves and the feeling of anxiety while squad was trying to hold on and keep a result that was shaped in contrast to the overall game flow. Fortunately, this weekend there was an impressive classic coreo as well 🙂


A “disastrous” weekend Scumwise (?!?). No match coverage from the local Pay TV that owns the bloody rights (hence NO Venue), a damaged decoder to the North End venue that supposed to be the alternative and a completely screwed up communication between us resulting to tragicomic incidents like people ending up to the North side of the city and probably losing most of the game while others were cursing the Sacred over some laptops into apartments on the South 🙂 Enough with the Scum internal screw ups, this is about FCSP, let’s see how we did 😉

Stream established (actually almost perfect during the first half!) and directly the (usual lately) uplifting wake up call! Big diagonal ball from Buchtmann to Schindler at the right flank who closed into the box before serving the assist to incoming Big John for the finish at the first post! GOAL!!! 1-0 for FCSP after only 3′ into the game with Big John “stabbing” his former club, nevertheless nobody over his head since we have seen the play again…and actually there was not long before FSV reorganizes and starts “pushing”. First BIG one for them with Tschauner saving in front of all alone Leckie on 7′ and another one on 10′ with Big Phil again, finally securing the ball with a second attempt after a quite dangerous Epstein (yes, the “Greek” one!) cross from the left and a mess in front of the keeper’s box between Leckie and Halstenberg. Our response to the pressure of the guests was slowing the game somehow and pressing sometimes even from their own half – there was also an opprtunity on 20′ with Thy, getting to ball after some poor defending on the right flank, closing towards the box and firing a 16m shot which ended 1-2m by Klandt’s near post. Chaos in our box on 22′! Corner from the left, 6m Oumari header first BIG save by Big Phil, Apocalypse scenes in front of our posts, ball somehow out of the box, 25m shot by Konrad and NEW BIG ONE by Big Phil!!! Not much for the following minutes until 34′ and a triple chance (one of our very few actually) with shots by Buchtmann and Rzatkowski deflecting on the mob before a third attempt by Captain Boll flies wide over the post. Balanced game ’til the end of the half with the guests slightly on the first role. 1-0 for FCSP and the feeling that, despite the lead, this is not looking very good..


1-0!!! (source:

2nd half resumed but NOT for the attendants… Stream fucked up and for the following 12′ (or something) situation was not very pleasant inside Scum Living Room A…What we missed (and “recovered” via FC St. Pauli TV):

…back online (with something like 175kbps streaming!) and right at the point that we have already verified that the scorecard on the upper right of the screen is indeed writing 2-0 and have just cross-checked it with the social media, 2-1 (63′)… Powerful onslaught from the left and close in to the box by Epstein (DEADLY from the left yesterday), cross right into the killing zone when after a “clash” between Kapllani, Tschauner and Halstenberg, ball deflected on poor Marcel’s back and ended up resting in our net… a little difference actually since, even if the ball wouldn’t go towards the net after deflecting, Görlitz was coming right behind to make sure that the ball will end in… 2-1 with half an hour left and with the guests looking determined to fight for something more in the game. Surprisingly, substitutions made by the FSV coach in order to make his squad more offensive, didn’t work resulting to FSV, while having superiority in space in the field, being far less dangerous for us comparing to the first half. Of course, some could say that our solid defense should be credited for this but come on now… 🙂 One way or another, this tactic worked this time. Not much for FSV, a good shot by Maier a little wide over the crossbar following a counter attack on ’81 and game more or less ended on ’89 with Teixeira being expelled (2nd yellow) while trying to stop Maier in another counter attack… Final score FCSP 2- FSV 1 with the Scum happy even if not amazed 🙂

2-0! (source:

2-0! (source:

Hmmm…another game without much football, yet again another 3ptr…Somebody could argue using the known cliche “winning games without playing quality football but by just taking good advantage of the few chances that you will create is a virtue of big teams”…Yes, but wait a minute here…This is only half true because it also requires a SOLID defensive to built on. Our results so far seem (at least to me) more as result of fortune and big Tschauner performances instead of solid defending… In fact the last 30′ of Saturday’s game was maybe the first time that FCSP chose to stay in the back and was awarded for it without being lucky. If this was a coincidence or something new in Frontzeck’s notebook, remains to be seen next Monday, again at home, playing Fortuna Düsseldorf. These guys seem like they haven’t recovered yet from last year’s relegation shock (they were feeling rather comfortable at end of March with 5 pts distance from the relagation play-out zone) but still they are not an opponent to fuck easily with. The significance of the game is obvious as this weekend’s results mixed up the table a lot to our advantage – is just up to the squad to take things to the next level 🙂

Talking about tables, late results in Bundesliga, with latest the magic 6-2 from Borussia Dortmund have already started resurging a “forgotten” scenario – the one about crossing paths with city enemy H$V! Some super optimistic guys like Charlie Bhoy even say:

Promotion chat

YES!!! This is the ideal approach but it requires some two things:

  1. H$V continuing to be themselves for the rest of the season – feasible 😉
  2. Us playing some (much) better football and do our own part – CAN WE DO IT?

Even if not, still a noble enough cause to fight for – C’MON YOU BOYS IN BROWN!!!

Match goals:

1-0 Verhoek (3′, left-foot shot, Assist: Schindler)

2-0 Rzatkowski (58′, left-foot shot, Assist: Bartels)

2:1 Halstenberg (63, Own goal, back)

Spectators: 27863

Sankt Pauli cards: N/A (Yes, for real! Check yourselves!)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

No special effort finding videos today. This time Yorkshire St. Pauli were really FAST and have already done the hard work for the “community”. Both videos are taken from their Twitter Account 🙂

Match highlights


USP in all their splendor 🙂


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