Matchday 8: FC Sankt Pauli – Fortuna Düsseldorf 1-1

Posted: September 24, 2013 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2013-14
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Pure entertainment…

Yeps, yesterday’s match wasn’t one of extra high quality but included all the ingredients required for a football entertaining evening. Passionate game, lots of upsets during the flow of the game, goals, red cards, even a Clown from Rostock dressed as Referee…  In the end, thanks to Kringe’s killing instict, we managed to get a draw out of the game but, if we wan’t to be really fair here, this is all that we deserved, especially judging by our performance during the 2nd half…


This seemed even before kickoff a game open to everything. Game at home and the opportunity to climb quite high at the table in case of victory on the one hand, a somehow “wounded” opponent but still capable of doing some serious damage like probably most of the teams coming from a higher league on the other. Game started in huge anticipation, pure result of our lately tiny tradition of scoring during the opening minutes – when actually the freekick was awarded during the opening minute there were penalty-like reactions in the venue 🙂 Of course nothing happened, contrarywise Fortuna had their first opportunity in the counter attack but Tschauner was well positioned for Bodzek’s 17m direct shot. Game reached some level of balance with FCSP more in control of the game and Fortuna waiting and responding occasionally with some really fast counter attack attempts. Good chance on 21′ when Bartels, after having already a good cooperation with Rzatkowski in the open space, tried from some 1-2m outside the box but Giefer stretched at his near post and deflected the ball to a corner.  A murmur sounded all around on 23′ when a 30m Bancé rocket flew just by Big Phil’s right junction but with our guy looking in control of things… Our turn on 27′ with Thy first providing some free dance lessons to the Düsseldorf defense (inside the box to the left) and then doing the basketball pivot move (?!?) and firing a shot which passed just by (some 1m) Giefer’s right post.  An even and tough game for the following minutes with FCSP on the first role and guests already ready for the damage forward. A BIG one for us on 39′ with Bartels bypassing even Giefer but getting too much on the right and losing the opportunity for the finish – a slight panic followed, with ball ending in Giefer’s grasp just before incoming Verhoek. Another direct Bartels onslaught, blocked by Fortuna defense in the box, was the last highlight of the 1st half. A first half with FCSP slightly dominating the pitch and (the most important) without being proned to the easy error in the back and a full football half for everybody watching 🙂

Foreword to the 2nd half... (image source:

Foreword to the 2nd half… (image source:

Congratulations, you decrypted the image above correctly! 2nd half initiated in the worse possible way… Goal from the dressing rooms for Fortuna on 47′ with Bancé receiving a BEAUTIFUL lob pass from Fink (reminding a lot Rzatkowski’s assist to Verhoek on matchday 4!), then having some fun with his personal guard and finally (upon reaching the box) making a poisonous precise shot, sending the ball into Tschauner’s left corner…Classy goal and 0-1…At this point, squad TEMPORARY DIED along with the game… NOTHING to mention for the next 30′ except maybe a Kenia 30m free kick just over our crossbar on 71’…FCSP trying hard (with loyal and not only fans being 100% behind and supporting) but being completely unable to penetrate in any way the opposite defense with Fortuna actually being far more dangerous (comparing to us) every time they were crossing the center… DOOM seemed like arriving on 81′ in the form of the INDESCRIBABLE Thorandt sent off by the “Referee” (he is indeed from Rostock!). Markus’ tendency to silly actions sometimes in the pitch, has not only been discussed here before but has even became subject for jokes once or twice… MAYBE then a yellow card by a strict referee but this was a red card that normally wouldn’t be awarded even by the Suptras’ Capo!!! 0-1, 9′ to go, team down to 10 men – impending Hell… Well, Florian Kringe (having entered the match on 79′ – Frontzeck you lucky…) had a different opinion and, with a 25m volley killer (right on the rebound after a Fink clearance), left Giefer standing while watching the ball ending up on his right corner! GOAL and BLOODY HELL inside the (already warm by the 81′ decision) sold out Millerntor cauldron!!! Second consecutive major upset in the game and, after the initial numb for the guests, last minutes of the game were all about holding the so unpredictably grabbed draw. Fortunately, Benschop’s killer shot on 92′ (Phil, not in the best position, couldn’t do anything here!) passed just a few centimeters by Tschauner’s first (and unguarded) post junction and game ended without further unpleasant surprises.

Back fro the Dead :-) (image source:

Back from the Dead 🙂 (image source:

We are supposed to be happy here 🙂 Draw came against the flow of a game, towards the end of a 2nd half in which we had created so far absolutely nothing and at a point that odds were almost completely against us. If this squad is capable of even better things is something for the experts and the “experts” to discuss – the first word that would come out of my mouth, if some guy dressed in white was asking me to describe yesterday’s match in a single word, would be “GUTS!”. But this is something that we already aware of – I was personally lucky enough to witness it on my own vs Dynamo Dresden on matchday 5 🙂 What we’ re still missing and is visible to the average eye is stability. A little confused about yesterday (maybe there was a little the booze to blame) but have been left with the impression that while most (not all) of the defensive weaknesses were improved, some creative and offensive virtues that we have (occasionally) shown during past games where nowhere to be found…Whatever, what’s done is done (after all we ‘re not playing alone in the field – there’s also an opponent 🙂 ), time to deal with the future and the future holds…

…a trip to Ingolstadt for the game vs local FC Ingolstadt 04. These guys are not in the best possible shape… To be a little more direct, they’re looking like the No1 relegation candidate. Of course, this is not a reason for complacency, complacency will get us in the end fucked up 😉 Still, if squad enters the pitch free of stress, we have good odds on winning this, even if not in our best possible day. <OK, HERE COMES THE USUAL UPLIFTING CLICHE>. Let’s get inside the pitch, be FCSP and win one for the Scum! We CAN and we WILL do it!!! COME ON YOU BOYS IN BROWN, COME ON YOU BOYS IN BROWN, COME ON YOU BOYS, COME ON YOU BOYS IN BROWN!!!

Match goals:

0:1 Bancé (47′, left-foot shot, Assist: Fink)

1:1 Kringe (82′, right-foot shot)

Spectators: 29063 (the magic sold-out number)

Sankt Pauli cards (deep breath first): Thorandt (RED – already talked about this, only card in a actually quite tough game…)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

PS: There’s also an old friend playing in FC Ingolstadt 04Ralph Gunesch (a.k.a. @felgenralle). Ralph is not in the starting eleven during recent games and there’s ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to break the habit on this Sunday – we sincerely wish to our Hero a prosperous as possible season there but we’re sure that he can start making one from matchday 10 just fine 🙂 We ‘re also absolutely sure that Herr Kurz is reading this and has already got the message 🙂

Match goals:

  1. evoulino says:

    τουλάχιστον ήταν γκολάρα 😀

  2. Zouz says:

    Photos from the match posted on the USP blog, including some of specific interest to the Greek fans – photos from banners regarding deceased Pavlos Fyssas…

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