Matchday 9: FC Ingolstadt 04 – FC Sankt Pauli 1-2

Posted: September 30, 2013 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2013-14
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A job somehow done, nothing more…


source:, Stefan Krause

The lucky streak continued with the first away win of the season, a 1-2 win over FC Ingolstadt 04. A very important victory point-wise and a priceless gift to the heroic FCSP followers, present at Audi Sportpark yesterday. The USP, the allied travelling forces and probably all the FCSP crowd worldwide have every right and probably a good reason to be happy. Still, the constantly moaning during Ages Of Euphoria, Scum (or maybe better,  the guy filling this lines – no meeting yesterday – hasn’t been really discussed) doesn’t feel very happy here…


Local Bundesliga Pay TV provider and a few circustances made sure that there would be no Scum meeting yesterday, so let’s skip the introductory Scum bullshit and get directly to the game:

Game begun in the worst possible way… Serious Boller injury during the opening minute (more on this towards the end). Game practically started after 5′ and the boys didn’t waste much time. First good opportunity on 10′, with Thy (entered the pitch for Boll) getting the ball after a smart Verhoek heel assist (following a venomous Bartels right flank cross) and firing the 15m shot that ended up slightly by Özcan’s left post. FCSP dominant but without being very creative until 29′. BIG ONE for us with a 35m Buchtmann free kick right in the heart of the Ingolstadt defense, header by Gonther and a spectacular Özcan save. Corner immediately afterwards from the left, 7m Verhoek header and a new save (ball went towards him this time) by Özcan! Crisis period for the hosts and an incredible fuck up by Gunesch (YNWA) on 30′, resulting to an 1-1 situation between Verhoek and Özcan with the Ingolstadt keeper winning the duel! First deadly visit for the hosts (there have been a few exploratory ones earlier) with 39′ on the clock – a situation similar to our first 29′ chance with Buchner filling into the box for Hofmann who jumped (as usual in our box 🙂 ) higher than everybody for a header that ended up deflecting on Tschauner’s left post – a second (unidentified!) Ingolstadt header, on the rebound, ended up over Big Phil’s crossbar. An Ingolstadt goal on 40′ (Hofmann) called off correctly due to offside. Some additional activity by them during the closing stages of the half but RESPONSE BY AND REWARD FOR FCSP on injury time! COLOSSAL(if intentional!) 50-60m Gonther lob forward pass, WORLD CLASS ball control and finish for Fin Bartels over (helpless here) Özcan!  0-1 and halftime with the Boys in Brown having already shown a clear superiority inside the pitch – couldn’t enter half time in a more positive manner 😉

0-1!!! (source:

0-1!!! (source:

2nd half on the way with lots of expectations about a strong start that will secure the game. Strong start my ass… FCSP unterestimated the last-on-the-table team of the league in an unacceptable way and, with the exception of a half chance (Thy header following a Bartels sweet left flank high cross) on 67′, didn’t make the Ingolstadt defense worry not even once until the wake up call with a preformance reminding a lot the closing 30′ vs Fortuna but facing a much weaker squad… Wake up call (should be punishment) arrived on 80′ following the standard procedure: right flank corner by Groß, ball in the heart of the FCSP defense where Matip won his personal opponent and equalized with (what else?) a header… Luckily, damaged was repaired a little afterwards with a penalty awarded to FCSP (Danilo on Maier – Frontzeck’s substitution streak holds well) on 85′, a penalty that even today watching it again on the replay, does not seem like a decent penalty to me… Kringe set the ball on the spot, hesitated on execution, sent the ball on Özcan (who left his goal line prematurely) but got lucky and took advantage of his second chance and scored on the rebound. 1-2 again for FCSP on 86′ and actually it could be another one if Maier wasn’t wasting an excellent Rzatkowski take-it-and-score assist on Özcan’s crossbar 🙂 No time for anything for the hosts, except a tight angle Danilo shot handled by Tschauner on 90′ – fill time, Ingolstadt 0 – FCSP 2…

Kringe has just "solved the problem" (image source:

Kringe has just “solved the problem” (image source:

Leaving aside the result that always counts, this was anything but encouraging… Squad’s 2nd half performance was simply unacceptable not because they didn’t play  well but (always, according to my humble opinion) because at a certain point of the game the thought that they already have played enough. Of course, as mentioned on last match report, “after all we ‘re not playing alone in the field”. This could be a good excuse if we weren’t facing probably the weakest by far team of the league (sad by the way, we have a friend there…). FCSP spectacle against a team that just coulnd’t do it, especially from the middle and going forward, was just disheartening. I will happy to see somebody arguing on this and really put me back to my place (as Scum 🙂 ), but this time seems to me obvious that squad, during the 2nd half, just didn’t try enough…

Fabian Boll:

Maybe the conclusion above is just in my messed up head but Boller’s injury is anything but fictional. Captain suffered – a “medial knee ligament” according to  a first diagnosis published on the Official Web Site… As Scum, we unfortunately have no doctor among the crew but we know enough (thanks to the Sport TV magazines!) to fully comprehend that this could be bloody serious, always depending upon the level of injury… All the best and a quick recovery to the Coptain for 2 reasons: a) because he is our Boller and we need no further arguments here and b) because, considering the current situation, his absence could play a vital role towards ending our lucky (so far) series of magical but not quite comprehensible results 🙂 GET WELL BOSS!!!

Next week:

Next week (Friday, 18:30 Millerntor time) is SC Paderborn 07 at home. These guys suffered during the weekend a majestic 0-3 at home from Union Berlin and they are ocuppying the relegation-play-off zone at the moment. Still, if anyone thinks that (especially after today’s performance) that these guys will be ready to be served as menu (meaning that he (she) has a small football allocated memory  space 🙂 ), better should take a look here  – if there’s not enough time for reading, a look below would probably help:

OK, I think we have a mutual understanding here (if not, please quit reading 🙂 ). On the one hand, this just smells trouble… On the other (seeing the glass half full in other words), taking a look at matchday 10 schedule, reveals the opportunity of climbing even higher in the table and start having (even prematurely!) wet relegation dreams! Of course, doing that requires something completely different comparing to yesterday’s perforrmace…


Match goals:

0:1 Bartels (45+2′, left-foot shot, Assist: Gonther)

1:1 Matip (80′, header, Assist: P. Groß)

1:2 Kringe (86′, right-foot shot)

Spectators: 7688

Sankt Pauli cards: N/A Bravo! (for real 🙂 )

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Kringe’s relieveing goal


Extensive FCSP Fan Coverage!


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